I'll be a TWiT at 5:00 MDT today

By Phil Plait | September 23, 2010 2:43 pm

At 17:00 Mountain time (which I think is 23:00 GMT; check your local time zone) TODAY I will be on This Week in Tech TV with my old pal Kirsten Sanford, aka Dr. Kiki. This is a live video stream, so tune and in soak in the silliness. We’ll be talking about some newish astronomy news, as well as poking fun at Geocentrists and conspiracy theorists. Gently, of course.

I’ll note that I won’t be wearing a shirt/tie/jacket for this. Maybe just a tie. OK, more likely an SMBC shirt. Tune in and find out!

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Comments (11)

  1. Tribeca Mike

    Thank goodness I grew up an Air Force brat or I wouldn’t have any idea when this was being broadcast. Converting meters into feet is enough to get my yard stick unstuck. The mention of Tech TV, though, almost brings tears to my eyes remembering the pre-G4 days, before that channel became a T&A sleaze fest.

  2. Gatton

    Looking forward to this! Everyone get in the TWiT chat room and we’ll make fun of Phil’s t-shirt. Incidentally just the other night someone in the chat room mentioned the movie The Core. Of course I linked to the review at Bad Astronomy and that person’s reaction was “Phil Plait is a god.” Is that irony? I don’t care. I just agreed with him.

  3. Mario

    Great, now I’ve got a really good excuse to stay up late tonight haHA! I’ll be watching you, from Spain.

  4. Bob_In_Wales

    I hate to be a pedant … actually that is a lie, I love being a pedant … but if you’re converting to 24 hour clock you drop the am/pm suffix as it is redundant.

    Next thing you know we’ll be getting 2010AD!

    It is this kind of inattention to detail which stops you from seeing that the moon landings were a conspiracy by Prince Phillip. Wait, I’m getting things mixed up.

  5. chris

    on now!
    (i just watched for an hour thinking GMT 23:00 meant 11pm since i’m in the uk – nope, we’re on GMT +1 :facepalm:)

  6. Bob_in_wales: Oops! That was left over from an earlier draft. I’ll fix it now, thanks!

  7. Ross

    I laughed so hard when you said “Planet X”. Good show so far! :)

  8. Um, there is no This Week In Tech TV. Don’t you mean you’ll be on Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour on the TWiT network? Or This Week In Tech (without the TV) with Leo LaPorte?

  9. killyosaur

    GAHHH!! I missed this! aw well. I’ll catch the audio version when it shows up in my twit podcast feed.

  10. CaptTu

    Dr. Kiki’s science hour page… http://www.twit.tv/dksh65

    Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour 65: It’s Bad, It’s Bad… Astronomy

    Host: Dr. Kiki

    Some newish astronomy news, and a look at silly Geocentrists and conspiracy theorists.

    Guest: Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer


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