WANT Part XI: To boldly slice

By Phil Plait | September 23, 2010 1:17 pm

thinkgeek_bige_pizzaIf you think I wouldn’t want a starship Enterprise pizza cutter from Think Geek, then I have no clue why you’re even reading this blog.

Because I covet this very much.

Still… wouldn’t the replicator just make pizza pre-sliced? Hello?! I smell a retcon. Or is that anchovies…?

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Comments (31)


    Dr. Zoidberg

    Somebody mention anchovies…?

  2. DrFlimmer

    I smell lasagne! Where is Garfield when he’s needed?

    (Just to make sure: The way I went from anchovies to lasagne was: anchovies, pizza -> no anchovies on pizza -> Jon forgot them -> Garfield ate the entire pizza alone -> Garfield has a nightmare (I cannot find the episode on Youtube any more, too bad!) -> Garfield -> lasagne)

    Btw: I had lasagne for lunch today. Coincidence? 😉

  3. Nathan

    (Commencing nitpicking geekout…)
    The cutter appears to be from the pre-refit original Enterprise, which didn’t have replicators yet (most likely). Somebody had to make the food, even if it’s a machine, so I’m sure the kitchen keeps one of those in the tool drawer.
    (Ending nitpicking geekout)

    In any case, must have!

  4. Tribeca Mike

    Thanks for the info! I just ordered two.

    If they just could get William Shatner and George Takei to do an infomercial for this ingenious device, they’d make enough latinum to buy the Ferengi Alliance and have some left over.

  5. Charlie Young

    Jeri Ryan tweeted that yesterday ( yes, 7 of 9).

  6. Sweet Zombie Jebuz! That is pure genius. That’s going on my Newton Day wish list for sure!

  7. Becca Stareyes

    I think that TNG had uncut replicated cake. Or was that just in Data’s creepy dreams in that one episode…?

  8. JoeSmithCA

    Sorry, my pizza cutter obliterated the pizza when it accidently launched photon torpedoes.

  9. Bill

    The needs of the sausage outweighs the needs of the anchovy.
    Or the onion.

    *ducking and running…

  10. Tribeca Mike

    JoeSmithCA — LOL, but you might want to set it on Autolyse Mode, which helps increase the extensibility of the dough due to the action of protease enzymes in the flour to break down the gluten slightly. Stun Mode is a definite no-no, as it only conflates the dilithium crystals and confuses the heck out of Scotty. I ordered the Gates McFadden model, since I know it’ll be perfect in every way. Finisci di mangiare!

  11. This would be for when the show took a multicultural look at Italians and we got to see some stereotypical Italian woman tell Picard that “replicators can’t cook with love,” I believe they were planning that for the season after Wesley joined the Space Native Americans.

  12. aporeticus
  13. Messier Tidy Upper

    Mmmmm … aaaannnnchoviesss. :-)

    To boldly order the garg extra supreme? :-)

    @1.IVAN3MAN_AT_LARGE : LOL. :-)

    & #12. Rhacodactylus too. :-)

  14. 3. Nathan Says: “The cutter appears to be from the pre-refit original Enterprise, which didn’t have replicators yet (most likely). Somebody had to make the food”

    If you had true geek cred, you would have cited the early first season episode “Charlie-X” where we see Kirk talking to the chief culinary officer (or whatever the head cook is called on a Federation ship). We come in partway through the conversation with Kirk saying, “…see what you can do. If the crew has to eat synthetic protein for Thanksgiving, at least try to make it look like turkey.”

    Of course later the cook calls Kirk on the intercom and says, “Sir, I put the synthetics into the oven, but now there’re real turkeys in there!”

    That established that the Enterprize had, at least in the beginning, a galley with ovens.

    – Jack

  15. Grand Lunar

    Set pizza slicers to stun!

  16. Messier Tidy Upper

    To boldly order the gagh extra supreme? 😉

    Served with Romulan ale of course. Preferably have the ale first! But save some to wash the gagh down. 😉

  17. Autumn

    Very cool, but the lack of a blade guard makes me think it wise to use this piece for decor/conversation only.

  18. ggremlin

    Admit it, secretly you want act out the role of the god Apollo from “Who Mourns for Adonais?” episode.

    Be careful you might crush the hull or cut your finger 😀

  19. Mark

    Pie slices! Why does everyone embrace the heresy?

    Party (square) slices are the best. They are also Chicago style. Best Pizza ever. I have been there and done that, and NYC pizza sucks a**!

    I will never submit to a pie slice of pizza!

  20. Richard Holman

    Don’t dis on the the ‘chovies bro. They are one on the perfect ingredients the universe eveolved for us to eat, specificalyy, Pizza with pepperoni, anchovies, and mushrooms, washed doen with BEER, preferably Land Shark! Just sayin’

  21. Nigel Depledge


    @ pretty nearly all the above comments – LOLZ!

    But … so far no-one seems to have noticed… Anchovies are eeeevil. Blech.

  22. I ordered myself one of these yesterday! And also spent some of my Geek Points on a Rock Paper Lizard Spock Mug :-) Happiness.

  23. Since phasers were ineffective, it would come in handy when faced with the flying pizza bat creatures from “Operation: Annihilate!”

  24. Tribeca Mike

    Re anchovies — Can’t think of anything more delightful than downing Estrella Damm pilsener and anchovies in a Barcelona tapas bar.

  25. Radwaste

    I’m surprised I didn’t see these at DragonCon.

  26. Brian Too

    Entire thread is in danger of exceeding the humor pressure limit and imploding into a jocularity!

  27. Maybe you have to specify the pizza to be pre-sliced before you replicate it, otherwise it won’t be.

  28. Doc

    Kirks enterprise did have replicators it had to have them otherwise where did they keep gettin all their clothes that blended in with different cultures seen in many episodes.

    Surely they didn’t jus happen to have 18th century style suits on hand


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