My TWiT video interview is online

By Phil Plait | September 24, 2010 11:46 am

Hey, if you missed my interview with Dr. Kiki Sanford on This Week in Tech Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour yesterday, it’s now on YouTube!

Go on, watch it. Like you have anything better to do for an hour on a Friday. We talk about Bad Universe, Geocentrism, Nibiru, 2012, and just silly stuff. If you prefer just the audio, that’s online too, but you’ll miss me gesticulating and making faces at the camera. Also, you’d miss the special appearance by my cat. Seriously*.

Thanks again, Kiki, for having me on the show!

* Scroll to about 45:50 to see her steal the show.

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Comments (17)

  1. Thanks for posting a link to the audio-only version. I drive a lot on the weekends and enjoy listening to this sort of thing in my car.

  2. Phil,

    Small point, but This Week in Tech is a different podcast, you were on Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour which is a podcast on the TWIT network. Just want to promote the name of Dr. Kiki’s show when one can. ūüėČ

  3. Whoop, I missed that part because tbbt started.

  4. Leon

    “We talk about Bad Universe, Geocentrism, Nibiru, 2012, and just silly stuff.”

    Wait, aren’t all of those (except BU) just silly stuff? ūüėČ

  5. Jeff

    This is really good science programming. I congrulate host and guest, excellent show.
    The video was the clearest I’ve seen , the content educational and fun, Phil does always have a firm grasp of the science, and the host is pretty. Can’t beat it, I didn’t even enjoy the old “Cosmos” series as much.

  6. Kevin

    Very cool episode.

    I love how your cat is doing the typical cat thing, and ignoring you . :)

  7. Tribeca Mike

    Well done. Informative and fun!

    And to think just 8 or 9 years ago I was bending elbows in Puffy’s Tavern here on the edge of NYC’s Silicon Alley with an old pal, one of the pioneers of streaming video, predicting that internet video quality would never be very good.

  8. NAW

    So, does that vein in his neck always pop out like that? Other than that, or maybe because of that. Great show. I know I can’t ramble on for an hour like that.

  9. You’re welcome, Phil! And, thank you :)

    Can’t wait to have you on again. It’s always so much fun to talk with you about the science-y goodness.

  10. Every time I watch you speak instead of just listen to you speak, I always wish you had a public speaking engagement near to where I live. You are always so wonderfully animated and passionate and my boys would so much enjoy it. I think Kid2 more than Kid1 (but that is because Kid1 is 15 and thus a podperson and doesn’t like anything anymore). Oh, and I’d obviously enjoy it as well.

    Wonderful job, per usual.

    PS I think you being a fellow ranter is one of your better qualities. When I see someone who rants, I see someone who actually gives a damn about things.

  11. Autumn

    Spooky coincidence, but at the exact moment you mentioned your cat making noise, my cat, who I’ll call beta Leonis since this is the internet, meowed and nuzzled my legs.

    Okay, I also hadn’t fed her in a while, but still. . .

  12. Ummmmm. Did anyone notice Phil start to say, “when the sun goes around the Earth” around minute 48??

  13. BTW, Phil, your mother and I are watching this video show while I type this.

  14. As a former Christian, I must state that the Bible never makes the claim that the earth is the center of the Universe

  15. German Shepherd

    Great interview! Both eloquent and fun. Though I think you should let your hostess finish her sentences more often ūüėõ

  16. AJ

    I love the cat countdown. Of course, it’s the internet, so you’ve got to give kittehs the spotlight :)
    My first cat’s name was Venus, because her grayish beige-ish fur had patterns that reminded me of pictures of the atmosphere of Venus.

    Enough of that, though. Great job, both of you! We need a basic cable channel with you two anchoring it.

  17. DataCable

    Oh Phil, Phil, Phil… you, of all people, should know better. From a Geocentric frame of reference, each individual object in the universe revolves around the earth, but the universe, as a whole, *rotates* around the earth. :p


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