Caturday chaser

By Phil Plait | September 25, 2010 10:41 am

After the unpleasantness with the Texas State Board of Education, I think we could all use a Caturday palate cleanser. So here is my cat playing with the drawstring from my hoodie:


Adorable. And it’s good to know she hasn’t let her fame go to her head.

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    You wear a hoodie? In Britain, people who wear hoodies are viewed with suspicion. ūüėČ

  2. Tribeca Mike

    Wow, a kitty rope trick! Nice sleight of hand work there. Hope the Amazing Randi sees this.

  3. John Ellis

    Dowsing cat is looking for mouse stream!

  4. Tribeca Mike

    Oops, meant to write “Nice sleight of paw work there.”

  5. It’s not a hoodie with a drawstring…it’s a wearable cat toy.

  6. “Hey, big guy time for food.”

  7. Ross

    Whoa, I’m from Britain and I have loads of hoodies. Fortunately bluewater is the last place I would ever shop :p

  8. @#1 I had NO idea that anyone viewed hoodies with suspicion. Here (Wisconsin USA) nearly EVERYONE wears hoodies, all ages all income levels all cultures. It’s just too darned cold half the year and hoodies are warm and comfortable. The indication of shop-lifting here is oversized parkas – usually extremely oversized.

  9. Tribeca Mike

    I recall a few years ago now-Prime Minister David Cameron coined the phrase “Hug a hoodie, power to the police”. Tories say the darndest things.

  10. Chris Winter

    Seeing as it’s Caturday, this may be of interest. (And speaking of “chasers”…)

  11. Mario

    OMFSM Phil, your keyboard is a Microsoft 3000, just like mine.

  12. Markle

    Ivan #1
    Here in North America hoodies are considered apparel. Human beings wear them. Well… I’ve seen one or two on dogs too….

    I must say, we were rather amused when, for a while, your ‘chavs’ adopted burberry as a uniform. The national angst over whether to ban England’s signature tartan fabric in order to demonize and marginalize your youth was hilarious.

    Cute cat.

  13. You don’t want to walk past someone in a hoodie at night in Britain, you will be mugged.

  14. Jon

    You’re not really a bad astronomer, Dr. Plait. But I guess ‘Mildly unpleasant occasionally Astronomer’ doesn’t quite flow as well… :)

  15. Dave

    Greetings and Salutations…
    Really enjoyed the cat’s appearance on your interview with Dr. Kiki. I have five of them living with me, and, they DO enjoy getting in the way, then, hanging out with that casual “Oh…is something going on here? I am MUCH more interested in what is going on over THERE” attitude.

  16. Autumn

    Why the cats? I come here for astronomy!
    Also, your cat is obviously pulling to the left, you liberal, you.

  17. fred edison

    One word describes Caturday’s picture: SuperStar.

    “Drawstring noodles are so NOM! NOM! NOM!”

  18. TGAP Dad

    Hold on a sec here. I had thought you were a mac user, but that looks like a Windoze keyboard. What’s going on here?!?!

  19. icemith

    I think Phil has recycled his old k/b. Macs can accept that. But a new(ish) Alumin-i-um version would make typing SO much easier. I know, I’ve recently discovered that.

  20. QuietDesperation

    Nah, the stoopidity of the Texas board is just too much to- ZOMG! KITTY!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  21. QuietDesperation

    “I had thought you were a mac user, but that looks like a Windoze keyboard. What‚Äôs going on here?!?!”

    Er, Macs can accept any old USB keyboard?

    I have a SteelSeries gaming keyboard connected to my iMac. It’s all glowy at night. :)

  22. @ QuietDesperation “Macs can accept any old USB keyboard?”

    A Mac should be able to accept any USB keyboard or mouse. If the keyboard is made for Windows the meta keys (start menu/alt) will be wired reversed for the Mac Command and Option keys. To fix this just goto “Keyboard” in the System Preferences, then “Modifier Keys…” and switch the Option key to be Command and the Command key to be Option.

    I’m sure Phil either has an old Windows keyboard on a Mac, or he’s using an ex-Windows computer with something like Ubuntu.


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