Bid on a bear, beat breast cancer

By Phil Plait | September 27, 2010 12:00 pm

me_teddybearAt w00tstock 2.5.1 in San Francisco, fan Eileen Mietz on behalf of Lisa Spodak approached all of us performing and asked us to pose for a picture with a teddy bear and sign a card. OK, sure, why not? I’ve done weirder things.

Then I saw what it was for: Lisa’s raising money to fight breast cancer. She gets people to pose with the bear, then auctions them off to support the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. If you’re a geek — and face it , you are — the list of people Lisa has is impressive: Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Brent Spiner, Adam Savage, Grant Imahara, Rosario Dawson, and lots more.

The auction for my signed card and bear is on eBay right now, and it closes October 6th. As I write this, there’s one bid for $25.00. I sent a note to Lisa, and told her that I would throw in a signed copy of my book Death from the Skies! to the auction winner as well.

So get in there and start bidding! How much money can we raise to fight cancer?

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Comments (16)

  1. mike burkhart

    I think this is good work Phil . My Mother died of cancer when I was 14 this was after smookeing and I hope that a cure is found .

  2. QuietDesperation

    Why are you wearing a Bea Arthur shirt?

  3. Joseph Ward

    Why wouldn’t he wear a Bea Arthur shirt?

    The bidding is up to $101 as I type this, which is unfortunately a little rich for my blood. Looks like it’s taking off though!

  4. Kevin G

    Phil Plait, a bear, and then there’s Maude!!!!

  5. Sespetoxri

    I’d bid too, but I can’t afford the $100 right now- not that it’s going to stay there!

  6. MadScientist

    I hope some bidders contribute even if they can no longer afford to bid on the bear. I’m always ambivalent about these auctions – it seems like only the person who wins the bear can make a contribution.

  7. Computer maven

    You, sir, are awesome. I’ve been bidding on Lisa’s bears for a few years now because she works non-stop, year-round, to collect money for breast cancer research. And she’s a pretty cool chick, to boot. :) Glad to see you’re on board to help Save the Boobs!

  8. What a wonderful cause! My wife is a survivor going on six years. I think you can definitely count on losing bidders to find a way to contribute to the fight through some other means.

  9. Gark

    as of right now, your bear has a bit of $122, and wil wheaton’s is at $41. that means you’re worth right about three wheatons, by current market values.

  10. kevbo
  11. Always up for saving the tatas.

    Tuesday’s SMBC is apropos:

  12. One Eyed Jack

    I was half-way through this entry before I realized that it was “bear”, not “beer”. Auctioning off beer sounds like a much better idea, but I guess bears are OK.

  13. One Eyed Jack

    Oh, and if I bid on Felicia’s bear will she deliver it in person?

  14. If you go to you can follow the link at the top of the page to make a direct donation to Lisa’s walks. She is an incredible woman and an inspiration to me. I love helping her get bears to auction off because this is a cause that has touched everyone in some way. So thanks for looking, huge thanks for to Phil for participating and let’s all save the boobs!

  15. AND, to follow up on Eileen’s comment (and thank you so much Eileen! :))… if you *do* make a donation (you can use this link to go right to the Avon Walk page: of at least $20, I’ll send you a copy of the photo of Phil and bear.

    Just forward your email confirmation from Avon to and put “Phil Plait” in the subject line. Make sure I have your correct mailing address, too!

    Thanks *so* much to everyone for your interest and support and especially to Phil for really giving this a push. :)


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