Get fuzzy, get extinct

By Phil Plait | September 28, 2010 10:30 am

getfuzzy_asteroidsSpeaking of which, how do we know hemorrhoids didn’t kill the dinosaurs?

"Get Fuzzy" has some thoughts on the reality of a giant magic rocks killing off creatures we can still clearly see in movies.

Tip o’ the Whipple Shield to Kenneth Brody.


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  1. Hah! Bucky sounds like a lot of trolls we see on some of your more provocative posts.

    Loved this bit:

    Bucky: You know…Every once in a while, pure genius sounds crazy to the commoner.

    Rob: Yeah, and every other time in a while, it is, in fact, just crazy!

  2. Don’t forget to hit the little right-arrow next to the date above the strip, to get the next day’s strip. (The asteroids theme went for several days.)

  3. BJN

    “Speaking of which, how do we know hemorrhoids didn’t kill the dinosaurs?”

    I’m not dead yet. Q.E.D.

    Besides, the dinosaurs are flying around my backyard right now, thank you very much.

  4. What’s wrong thinking dancing mushrooms killed the unicorns…

  5. @Joseph Smidt

    Because, silly, mushrooms don’t dance…they jig.

  6. Andrew

    Phil, I’m anxious to see if you will do a post on the press conference yesterday regarding all those military officers speaking out about their UFO experiences around nuke sites/disabling nukes. Any plans?

  7. Bubba

    What the heck is that little talking black thing?

  8. jaycubed

    Since dinosaurs/birds had/have a cloaca rather than a mammalian type anus & rectum they didn’t/don’t have hemorrhoids, much less inflamed hemorrhoids. (At least as far as I know)

  9. Hemorrhoids, huh?

    At first glance it’s no less crazy than the “helper brain” theory that was popular about sauropods about twenty years ago.

  10. NAW

    I have alwies liked this comic. My cat has a chiped tooth like Bucky.

    But I have had this argument with people when talking about what “killed” the dinosaurs.

  11. Grand Lunar

    My cat sort of looks like Bucky. However, she’s too high and mighty to converse with the lesser beings that feed her and clean out the litter box. :)

  12. Pfft… We know from Dilbert that the Dinosaurs aren’t really extinct. They’re just hiding. Just like Bob the Dinosaur there behind the sofa.

  13. mike burkhart

    I had an idea for a story that would revel that the Predators ( form the Preadator movies) came to Earth 65 millon years ago and hunted the dinosuars to extinction, then took off shortly before the asteroid crashed into the Earth ,in fact the hunt was canceled when the Predator ship detected the asteroid and found it was on a collision course with Earth but they killed the last of the dinosaurs and (Phil is going to kill me for this)in the end I had a meeting of palentolgists in 1986 saying they found the remains of those last dinosaurs the Predators killed , finding they did not die a natural death and haveing a lot of confusion over it .

  14. RobertBeq

    That reminded me of a quick info-bit I read in an issue of Omni back in the 80’s (or maybe the late 70’s? Dang! The old meat computer is getting buggier!) theorizing that constipation killed the dinosaurs due to the appearance of flowering plants.


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