Bad Universe Episode 2 swag giveaway!

By Phil Plait | October 4, 2010 12:00 pm

Episode 2 – "Alien Attack!" – of Bad Universe airs this Wednesday, October 6, at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time on Discovery Channel (check out the sneak peek!), right after the season premiere of MythBusters!

To celebrate, as I did for episode 1, I’m giving away some BU swag related to the show. All you have to do is leave a comment on this very post! Well, there are other rules, too, but more on that in a sec.

Here’s the loot [click the pix to embiggen]:

Specifically, the winner will receive:

– A signed copy of my book Death from the Skies! on which Bad Universe is based

– A Bad Universe promotional postcard

– A glossy color brochure for the U.S. Air Force’s Thunderbirds, with whom I flew for the second episode

– Some Thunderbirds stickers – yes, two are missing; I used one my for my car, this is free so deal with it… but the other was used for:

– A water bottle given to me for the Thunderbirds F-16 flight with one of the above stickers on it

– An "I’m a Bad Astronomer" button from the New Detroit Science Center and the Cranbrook Institute

– An alien drink bottle

– A sticker for SETI’s Are We Alone radio show signed by astronomer (and featured scientist in Episode 2) Seth Shostak

– A NASA Kepler planet-finder mission bookmark

– A limited-run Surlyramics Bad Astronomy necklace with a flying saucer on it, made by my pal Amy Roth

– A wind up jiggly-robot thingy that will make sense once you watch the show

– A bottle of NASA anti-bacterial hand-gel. Yes, I’m serious, I picked it up at an astronomy meeting from a NASA booth, so it’s official, and why NASA needs it I don’t want to know, especially after making this particular episode.

… and, just for kicks and because they’re the lead in for my show Wednesday night: a ridiculously oversized MythBusters swag bag from Comic Con 2010, featuring My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage™ on one side and all 5 ‘busters on the other!


So how do you win this great stuff? Here’s the deal:

0) This contest is free.

1) This contest is right here in this blog. I’ve done this through Twitter before, but it’s just too hard to track the hashtags, so I’m doing this like the blog contests of old.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. It can say whatever you want (don’t break my commenting rule, though), as long as you say something. Writing "Phil is awesome" may be true, but won’t increase your odds of winning.

2) Only leave one comment. If you post more than one, I will disqualify you from winning, and I will also infect you with the slime I found at NASA’s Ames Research Center in a jar labeled "DO NOT OPEN" and festooned with skulls and crossbones and biohazard symbols. Trust me here; don’t comment more than once.

3) You have to use a valid email address when commenting, because that’s how I will contact you if you win.

4) The contest ends on Wednesday, October 6, at noon Mountain time (18:00 GMT).

5) At that time, I’ll generate a random number, and the person with that comment number wins! I’ll notify the winner via email, and they will have until Saturday, October 9, 2010 at 12:00 MT to respond. If I don’t get a response, I’ll pick another random commenter, who will have until Monday at 12:00 MDT, and so on, giving everyone after that two days to respond.

6) Anyone on Earth is eligible, except (to be fair) for people who know me in real life. I’ll leave that up to you to decide if you count or not. People who know me can certainly leave a comment, but they cannot win the bounty. Those comments will count in the random numbers I pick (in other words, if my wife comments, I won’t give her the prize, but her comment will be counted in the total number used). Again, please don’t comment more than once.

7) Just so’s you know, this is not an official Discover Magazine or Discovery Channel or Bad Universe contest. It’s just me playing around and having some fun. I’m doing this, duh, to promote the show.

So comment away!

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Comments (1,774)

  1. Gotta love comments where anyone in the world can enter. 😉 Non-USAians rejoice!

  2. Gus Snarp

    Is this like winning the lottery?

  3. Mario

    It’s-a-me Mario.

  4. kevbo

    Hwow! Count me in. Although random #4 is unlikely… (ok, equally likely…)

  5. Sounds fun! 😀 Great swag! Looks like it will be an excellent show!

  6. Marty
  7. JC

    I would be quite happy to take that stuff off your hands.
    Pick meeeeeeeeeee !!

  8. Jordan

    Phil is super awesome.

  9. Robin

    Phil –

    Love the show, and looking for to episode #2!!


  10. I’m sure the non-twits will be happy now.

  11. Wayne

    Well, I just watched the first episode last night with my wife. She liked it almost as much as Mythbusters. (Sorry, man, you need the big, walrusy ‘stache.)

  12. magista

    I should win, because this contest is being held on my birthday.

    Also, Phil is awesome!

  13. Awesome contest, awesome show.

  14. Aerimus

    You did a show?

  15. Miguel Lopez

    I think your contest broke the blogging software… it took me 4 minutes to post this! :)

  16. Michael Taylor
  17. Phil is *totally* awesome.

  18. Aaron

    How about some Plait Tech-tonic to go with the alien bottle?

  19. I just want to say that whilst I may have watched Episode 1 a little earlier than many Canadians, I watched it twice last night. Just to make sure.

  20. Scott

    Comments make the world go around. (Not really)

  21. Ross
  22. Mike Chrobak

    Looking forward to the show, Phil. Way to go!

  23. What if I wrote “Phil is SUPER INFINITY awesome”?

  24. Nathan

    Cool. I have your book already, but mine isn’t signed. I’m in.

  25. Greetings from Turkey!

  26. Denise

    I really love this show! I can only hope that the random number generator picks me, because that’s some awesome swag!

  27. Dig the show, the book & the blog…
    I don’t need to win for these to remain true (but it would be nice!)

    Keep up the good work.

  28. Chris A.

    The alien drink bottle is the ideal container for Saurian brandy (although Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters will melt the plastic).

  29. sophia8

    PHIL U R AWESOMM!11!!!!
    Seriously, I actually do think you’re rather brill. And I want your babies book.

  30. CW

    Great contest! Looking forward to the show this Wednesday night. I’ve already made plans to go over to my nephew’s house and watch it on Thursday after he gets home from flag football practice!

  31. ChrisP

    Mr. Dr. President Supreme-Overlord Phil Plait puts on an amazing science show, with all the humor and geekiness that makes learning fun. I love seeing him on my TV machine.

    (Yeah, I know content doesn’t help chances of winning. But I mean all that stuff. :-) )

  32. Suzanne

    Thanks for the chance to win the swag, and can’t wait to see your second episode. Mythbusters and Bad Universe makes for great Wednesday night television. Thanks!

  33. Stephen shannon

    Can’t wait for episode two phil, i know itll be as brilliant as the first

  34. Sam

    a comment

    (as per your instructions)

  35. Ryan

    Bad Universe, Good Contest

  36. That Guy

    Hey Can I have some free stuff?

  37. Thank you for being awesome.

  38. gsson

    Show the NIST RNG test results of your random number generator!

  39. Justin Higinbotham
  40. Funkopolis

    Loved the first Bad Universe, hope the next eps air in Canada. Thanks for throwing us non-tweeps a bone.

  41. Evil Eye

    If Jeff Wagg wins… would it be Jeff’s Wagg Or Jeff Swagg? Or Jeff Wagg’s Swag Bag?

    Oh well… I tried.

  42. Here hoping! And when OH when will Canada get see episode 2!

  43. Chris

    Hope to win some!

  44. I can’t wait to see the show!

  45. MHS

    Great contest again Phil! Can’t wait to see the episode.

  46. LJ Villanueva
  47. Phil

    Better luck this time I hope!

  48. Eric

    Will we ever see your show on iTunes (Amazon, Hulu, etc.)? I don’t have cable.

  49. Shane

    That’s some sweet swag. Really loved the previous episode. This one should be great as well.

  50. Scoob

    I’m a dyslexic sponge. I crave knowledge but find most media difficult to process. I have been waiting so long for a show like Bad Universe. It makes most of the knowledge I have fall into place. The practical element makes the association of ideas clic. I’ve all ready won by having watched the show.

  51. Paul

    Cool… free swag!

  52. *Waves*

    See you day after tomorrow.

  53. Detlev Noll

    Hope this will be shown in Germany too!

  54. Ian


  55. Oooh, I want some NASA hand sani!

  56. Sarah

    Awesome is … Phil!

  57. Kylie

    I still haven’t seen Bad Universe. My life feels incomplete.

  58. Logic Bus
  59. Jeff

    I never pass up a good contest!

  60. Phil is awesome*

    *This is true only if I win…

  61. Justin K

    Aaron, I wonder if Phil could convince the makers to put some of that in the next Bioshock game… :)

  62. Fizzle

    You bet we are!

  63. Hopkirk (Deceased)

    So far my chances look good.

  64. Andy

    Loved episode one of “Bad Universe”. Can’t wait for episode two!

  65. Bad Universe rocks..

  66. Toaster

    Enjoyed the first “Bad Universe”, looking forward to the second, and hoping for a regular show!

  67. Andrew

    Loved the first episode of Bad Universe, looking forward to the second. Hopefully Discovery Canada decides to continue airing it.

    Also, Phil is awesome. (If I win, one can only assume that the use of this phrase did indeed have a measurable effect on my chances.)

    Edit: It seems my doppelganger posted a similar message at the exact same time as I. Please note that the “Andy” above me is not me.

  68. I enjoyed the first episode, and I’m looking forward to the second.

  69. AnnaAnastasia

    Oh Great One, pick me!! Thanks, Phil!

  70. Jeff Handy

    So, how do we enter, again? Oh yeah, now I remember… 😉

  71. Alfredo

    I’m going too fast. I’ve gotta lose
    momentum. Ohh. I’m gonna spend eternity
    alone with barely any swag. Ooo! Hey
    universe! Check out the dude with the rolex! ~ Bender

  72. Chris Sham

    I could double my collection of water bottles with this stuff.

  73. Dennis Owens

    Loved the first episode. Can’t wait for the second.

  74. Diamond Dave

    Phil, you’re the best. Please “randomly” select this comment and send me your swag.

  75. Tom

    Phils is the most awesome astronomer around, I want to be just like him when I grow up!
    Now gimme the loot in the Mythbusters bag. NEED it!

  76. Steven
  77. Zirilan

    Wow! An awesome contest that’s available outside the US! You rock Phil!

    Loved the first episode of Bad Universe but haven’t be able to egt a hold of teh second yet. Too bad it doesnt’ air on swedish Discovery. :(

    I hope you will do some more work with the Mythbusters. Love them aswell. 😀

  78. Aliandre_D

    If _I_ win, you could just give it to me at w00tstock in Boulder. =) No postage!


  79. I for one welcome my free stuff overlords

  80. Diane M.

    I’m in just for the jiggly robot thingie.

  81. Siliconwolf

    I have always wanted to suck all the water out of an alien’s head…so THEY CAN SEE WHAT ITS LIKE! Bring back my thoughts now you alien monsters!!! brubble gurrgle hrrph

  82. David C
  83. Juan R. Martinez

    I should win because I will be the last to see the show (unless Discovery decides to take better care of their audience south of the border)

  84. hanna m.
  85. FiveString

    I’m only entering because I want that NASA hand-sanitizer….

  86. Willancs
  87. Brahahahaha! Does this count as a comment?
    How does one get Discovery channel to comicfy oneself?

  88. Jeff S.

    Loves me some swag. I’m in. Can’t wait to watch episode 2. Thanks Phil!

  89. This is my one comment. Isn’t it brilliant?

    And now I’m going to go make sure my DVR is set for 20101007 02:00 UTC .

  90. Phil IS awesome! =D

  91. Rekc

    Whoa! Great contest! Btw, I want read the Death from the skies in Finnish, too.

  92. drougnor

    WooT! Loved the first ep, am risking sleep dep to catch the 2nd!!

  93. Jack T.

    How about if I win, you come to Dallas for the W00tstock show… I will be in the front row.

  94. Jamie Mueller

    How come the forms don’t show up on FireFox anymore? (a valid comment) I can type and make a comment but the lines outlining the edit boxes are just gone!

    Ok: I’ve been to the “New Detroit Science Center” (not very impressive) does that count??

  95. Chris Morse

    The hand-gel is clearly for those planning to visit the new goldilocks planet. Those aliens just aren’t good at staying clean.

  96. Richard

    I like free stuff. I like Bad Universe. This seems like a good combination of the two.

  97. Margaret

    Thanks for the blog! And the contest.

  98. RichStage

    The first episode was made of equal parts win and awesome. Really hoping this will be an ongoing series.

  99. Jonathan

    [Witty contest comment]

  100. Walkiria

    Yaaaaiii Non-USAians should have a +1 probability 😛

  101. MicheleLD

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  102. bandsaw

    Be sure to let us know when Bad Universe comes out on DVD, as I’ll definitely add it to my collection.

  103. DennyMo

    Sign me up! Oh, wait a minute, I just did…

  104. kkozoriz

    Glad to see Phil’s invading Canada now.

  105. Dude the show is awesome! and if i get a prize the first black hole i discover will be named after you.

  106. What?! No signed bottle of Plait Tech-Tonics? I wonder if they could they mold your hand into the plastic like those oh-so-lame electrolyte based energy drink people did with M. Jordan?

  107. Pavlo P

    Awesome show can only be made better with awesome swag!

  108. Suzanne
  109. Carl

    Thanks for doing this :)

  110. Troy

    Holy Haleakala! Is Discovery Channel trying to pull a Firefly on you, randomly changing the day and time and leaving massive gaps in programming schedule to purposely kill an audience for a great show?

  111. dear random generator..please choose me!

  112. JEP

    My son and I loved Episode 1, so give me free stuff! :)

  113. Cindy

    Since we’ve been friends longer than your “close personal friend”, I know I can’t win.

    But figured I’d comment to increase the total numbers.

    Hey, I just realized that one of my classes doesn’t have much homework for Thursday, so I can assign your show as HOMEWORK!!!!

  114. Bryan
  115. Tavi Greiner

    I have to be honest. I only “listened” to your first episode while I worked on other Space goodness in my office, but this swag has me curious enough to actually sit in front of the television to “watch” your second episode!

    P.S. I’m madly in love with anyone who pilots an F-16. A little memorabilia, like stickers and a water bottle, would totally make my day. And my 12-yr-old son, who loved “Death From the Skies,” would be thrilled to have an autographed copy!

  116. JAMarton

    Bad Universe and Bad Astronomy FTW!!!

  117. Paul Byrne

    Great idea Phil.Hope I win!

  118. Needless to say Phil is awesome, but so is his show! Thanks for the contest.

  119. Giles S

    A comment to try and win the prize.

  120. Paul

    Looking forward to future episodes!

  121. Bonnie

    We DVR’d Ep1 last night on Discovery Canada and watched this morning over breakfast. What a way to start the day! Great job!

  122. A Burger

    Really enjoyed the first episode. I look forward to watching the next in beautiful hi-def!

  123. Celtic

    OK, I’m in…can’t wait to see the episode :)

  124. Elliot

    Bad Universe is the best SCIENCE show on TV since Cosmos. Here’s to many more seasons of debunking false beliefs and superstitions through well controlled and documented repeatable experiments! Keep up the good work Phil!

  125. Tom Elmer

    This is one regulation comment. It contains multiple sentences. However, it only contains one paragraph. The language is English, mid 21st century, US dialect. Content deconstruction seems to reveal little of note.

  126. Big Bad Universe come to Europe, there’s a land full of unformatted memes to be conquered!

  127. Der Klempner

    Phil, I enjoy reading your blog every day, seeing how you relate your knowledge of science and the cosmos in general to the masses in layman’s terms. But it’s when you do things like this – giveaways out of your own pocket – that I truly appreciate how much it means to YOU to be able to write this blog.

    On a related note, this would make an awesome birthday gift for me on Saturday!

  128. Marc


    While I have the soapbox, it would be great if Bad Universe were available online for those without Discovery.

  129. Star-crossed

    Excellent show! Keep up the good work, Phil!

  130. flash

    No trolling? Sorry Phil, I’m afraid I can’t do that…

  131. Sergio

    I should probably win this, seeing as I probably am the only commenter from Colombia, South America. And everyone knows how you love people from Colombia, South America.

  132. Jen

    I love free stuff!

  133. It’s a huge “giveaway”…

  134. 116 comments already? Well, I’m in anyway.

  135. Jonathan Blake

    This show is so deserving of more recognition! Go Phil! Go discovery! Go SCIENCE!

  136. a different phil

    Love it! Thanks, Phil!

  137. Jeremy

    I never win anything, hoping for an exception.

  138. Jo

    I love this show so much. Smart is in, baby.

  139. Chris

    Can’t say no to the chance of free stuff 😀

  140. Yep, I’m in. How could I not be in?

  141. Meghan

    Enjoyed the first episode, and looking forward to the second. Keep up the good work!

  142. Will

    I would like to win things!

  143. Aline

    Hey, BU! That’s my alma mater.

  144. Alexander C.

    A contest open to all? Finally!

  145. Brasidas

    MMMMMMMMMMmmmSwag. The sweet. sweet smell of free stuff. yay!!!

  146. Prophet Zarquon

    Ooh! Swag! Gimme! Especially because, well, why not?

  147. VenusJervil

    As a multi-dimensional being, I guess that the on-Earth location is a bit of a stretch, but I could really use your so called Swag – actually all essential items for my trip to this dimension…How clever of you to put them together for me in this way… :-)

  148. jim pappe

    Hi. Me likey free stuff.

  149. Debbie

    I SO would like to possess that signed copy of “Death From the Skies”! :)
    Swag = Good 😀

  150. SM

    Episode 1 was great. Looking forward to more episodes!

  151. Martin

    The truth is out there, but not THAT out there!

  152. Shannon

    Saw you couple years back at DragonCon been a fan ever since! Missed ya there this year!

  153. Mike

    love the show phil! :)

  154. Rich G

    It’s great that there is a new episode this week…even though those of us in the UK have to take less than *cough* legitimate means to watch it 😉

  155. Jareth

    This comment is false.

  156. Crissy

    Creamer explosions are awesome. I wanna win please. Thank you

  157. Blenster
  158. All Bad Astronomer news I folla
    even if it costs me some dollas
    I buy all your books
    and despite all it took
    I now worship Haleakala

  159. Bobby Battista

    Gotta gotta gotta have some SWAG!!!

  160. Number 6

    Grateful for your generosity, Phil!

  161. Caroline S.

    Did I win? Looking forward to the next episode!

  162. Gamercow

    Cmon, RNG, pick me!

  163. Davros

    Do you Kill Sydney again ?
    Cover us with Alien Slime
    Nanobots or replicators

  164. Zoe

    OMG!! My hubby would love this.

  165. Colin Jagoe

    Watched Ep. 1 here in Canada-land last night and LOVED it! :) Can’t wait to see Ep. 2!

  166. Byron

    Swag?! I love swag!!

  167. Kevin

    Phil IS awesome.

  168. Corey

    I’m in. I think I know someone that knows you, but that doesn’t count.

  169. Mr Sitouh

    Everything’s better with swag! I wish I had cable so I could watch your show, but I’ll just have to catch it on DVD/Netflix.

  170. Mippen

    the truth is out there

  171. Machete don’t tweet.

  172. Troy

    It is so sad that we don’t get half of these Awesome shows on TV in Australia. Broadcasters keep wanting to know why people turn to the internet to watch shows instead of TV. Because we don’t get awesome stuff like this over here.

  173. Laura

    I just started reading Death From the Skies — it makes me wish I’d stuck with that Space Physics major in college. But I didn’t. So instead, it reminds me how much I love astronomy and motivates me to dust off the telescope!

    Oh yeah, and Phil is awesome. ^_^

  174. It would be awesome if I win this one :) I’ll use the NASA gel when I kill some aliens 😀

  175. I will reserve comment until I know whether I’ve won.

  176. Gilly

    Is there love in space?

  177. JoelB42

    Free Stuff! I’m in!

  178. FD

    I’ll assume the worst :)

  179. Jeremy

    Love the show, don’t love the “holy haleakala” because it just sounds off when hearing it. Also, and this is nitpicking, the show used some cgi footage that you have called out as being bad astronomy. There was an asteroid scene that looked out of a movie with asteroids only miles apart.

    I know that part is likely out of your control. IMHO your show has raised the bar for other astronomy shows to follow. It was interesting, educational, and I was never brow beaten with the point you wanted to make (here’s looking at you “The Universe”)

  180. Damn, an hour of Mythbusters, then BU…time to stock up on Hot Pockets and Mr Pibb :-)

  181. Brewnale

    Love the show can not wait for Wednesday night.

  182. Shane Phillips

    pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me

  183. “Wind up jiggly-robot thingy”? To quote Dr. Zoidberg, “There’s no part of that sentence I didn’t like!”

    I’ll definitely be there watching Bad Universe on Wednesday night. Well, I’ll at least be DVRing it in case my kids won’t fall asleep or I fall asleep or something else comes up which always seems to happen when a show I love is on TV… thank goodness for DVRs!

  184. Commenting for swag! I’m in! And make Pluto a planet again, while you’re at it. While I can’t remember the full mnemonic device for remembering the names of the planets, I’m fairly certain My Very Energetic Mother something something something somethings Pluto! :(

  185. Tiffany

    oooh oooh, pick me!

  186. Joseph

    Liked the 1st show. Look forward to the 2nd. Love free stuff.

  187. David F

    Here’s hoping. *fingers crossed*

  188. I do hope I win this, very cool swag.



  190. As a casino employee I understand the odds of winning are astronomical, but what the heck?

  191. I can hardly wait! But I have to wait, because the last time I tried messing around with the time-space continuum…uhh…never mind…let’s just pretend that everything is exactly how it should be.

  192. Joel

    Phil is awesome. Also, love the blog and love the show. Keep it up!

  193. Daniel Medina


    Loved your first episode, i was worried it was cancel, good to know it’s not.

    Hope to see you en the TV, my kids love all the drama that you put en the show, they where asking.. “really dad?”, “could all this happen?”, it was a very long night for me and my wife. But it was fun.

  194. The “swag” sounds more like “a bunch of stuff that was lying on the backseat of my car.”

  195. bartvdo

    0) contest is free : check

    1) leave a comment : check

    2) only one comment : check

    3) valid email adress : check

    4) comment before Wednesday, October 6, at noon Mountain time (18:00 GMT) : check

    5) the random number generator creating the number connected to this comment : in at least one of the possible parallel realities I will win!

    6) currently residing on earth : check
    not part of the inner circle of Phil : check

    7) just Phil being nice! : check

    Win chance 100%! *

    * in one reality at least!

  196. You will give me all the cool stuff.

  197. Yeah! Swag contest!!!

    BTW could you please get an autograph of our UN Ambassador to Aliens in the next contest? hehehe…

  198. Sunfell

    Great swag! Both your blog and tweets are always worth my time.

  199. Matt

    The aliens are coming, and I am scared.

  200. Chrissy
  201. ttrygve

    Phil, you are awesome, *even though* it won’t increase my odds of winning. =)

  202. Daniel S.

    Hey, I’ll take some thunderbirds swag.

  203. Want some of that!!! Episode 1 was great!!!

  204. Hoping to win for my daughter. Yeah, my daughter…

    Love the show, can’t wait for Wednesday’s episode!

  205. Robert

    Looking forward to the next show.

  206. Tessa

    I am just about to submit this comment and thus enter this competition in hopes to with all these amazing prizes. If i actually won this you can bet i would be one happy camper. :)

  207. Phil is quite awesome even though my odds of winning aren’t improved by stating this.

  208. Tammy

    Phil, I’m in the unfortunate position of not being able to watch your show Wednesday night, due to my husband’s aversion to having television service. I do, however, have parents with a DVR, so I will be putting in a request for them to save it for me to watch the next time I visit. So, you know, getting Discovery Channel to put their episodes online or on Hulu would be awesome! (You have that kind of clout, right?)

    Oh, and, hell yeah! Sign me up for the swag!

  209. Joe Boyle
  210. Benjamin Sharp

    I wish I could say I love the show, but I can’t. AFN doesn’t carry it. One of these days I’ll get to see it. Anyway, love the blog.

  211. siveambrai

    I’m so happy to see the second episode of BU! I was freaking out the other day when I realized that I hadn’t heard anything about it. Even my younger brother who hates all things educational loved the show!

  212. Hannah Wilson

    Phil, the man who is in every podcast I love, is now on TV!!!!!! This can only be a good thing.

  213. Nentuaby

    If you post more than one, I will disqualify you from winning, and I will also infect you with the slime I found at NASA’s Ames Research Center in a jar labeled “DO NOT OPEN” and festooned with skulls and crossbones and biohazard symbols.

    But maybe I’d get superpowers?

  214. Oded

    The next two sentences are true. Phil is awesome. The previous two sentences are false.

    (I am now reading Godel, Escher, Bash :))

  215. Jason

    Just saw the first episode up here in Canada last night and thought it was great!

  216. Pepe

    Can’t wait to watch the show

  217. Erik

    Pick me!! Pick me!!

  218. Amy

    *hand wave* You will influence the random number generator to pick my comment.

  219. Tim

    Holy Haleakala, am I excited!? Yes. Yes I am.

  220. LightPhoenix

    Death from Above!

  221. JD

    Winning that would be cool.

  222. Alotar

    I don’t care that I already have Death From The Skies!, I want this.

  223. Tapani L.

    I never win anything.

  224. James E.

    jiggly-robot thingy, I will call you Tod!

  225. Carmen

    I feel like a winner today! (I’ve been wrong before..)

  226. Vaccination Dalek

    I’ll throw my hat in for a fun contest. Looking forward to the next episode of Bad Universe too.

  227. Tad

    Yeah! Contests are fun.

  228. My 9 year old daughter and me will be sure to watch on DVR the following day!

  229. r136

    Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn random number generator.

  230. C. Robert Dimitri

    Holy Haleakala, Phil! If I don’t win this contest, when that Bad Universe comes knocking with its gamma ray burst or its planet-busting asteroid, I will depart this existence unfulfilled!

    I enjoy the show and your writing. Please keep it up!

  231. Triforce of the Gods

    Now these are the kinds of contests I like!

  232. I am intrigued by the prospect of Free Stuff.

  233. Christopher Wimer

    Phil Plait is awesome!

  234. Suzan Cummings

    Sure would love to win this for my grandson!

  235. Jon
  236. WJM

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  237. Funkthulhu

    I really enjoyed the first show! I hope the Mythbusters/Bad Universe combo sticks and keeps this show going!

  238. 24601

    Greets from a fellow Coloradoan, looking forward to the W00tStock Lite ^_^

  239. Oppodude

    Oh, an alien water bottle? Me want.

  240. David P

    I also just watched the first episode in canada last night. It was awesome, eh! now give me some much deserved SWAG!
    Thank you dr Phil

  241. Erik

    I never win these sorts of things, but here’s hoping. =P

  242. Ooooh, I wanna win!

  243. Chris

    Phil is awesome

  244. Phil: I love your new show, Bad Universe. I hope that Discovery Channel gives you a long run. It’s nice to see a science show that is informative and fun.

  245. Treherne

    oh SDCC 2010. Good times. maybe someday Bad Universe will get its own panel.

    and for those who don’t know, SDCC is staying in San Diego for 5 more years.

  246. Tori

    All this stuff looks great! Thanks for the contest and the show!

  247. Mightypuparoo

    Love the show,but mostly love your tweets! You help keep my eyes to the sky.

  248. Fogeyman


  249. I should win because I have the same initials and same first name as Phil (although I prefer the classic, more refined ‘Philip’).

  250. Anthony

    I like winning things!

  251. AnitaBath

    A comment to win the prize maybe.

  252. This is so cool! Keep up the good work.

  253. Tim
  254. Bruce

    What a birthday (yes, the 6th really is my b-day) – I get to see episode 2 of Bad Universe, plus a chance to win free stuff!

  255. Whoot!!! Awesome blog, awesome show! Too bad its still not being transmited here in Brazil.


  256. Ooooh, space swag is the best kind of swag! What’s in the little gel bottle with NASA on it? Thanks for the opportunity Phil!

  257. Reggied DC

    Pick me! Pick me!

  258. JackRackam

    It took a while but I read all the comments. I am also selling a bridge and ocean front property.

  259. Coda

    220 comments already?! Oh well, here goes nothing!

    (Also, Phil *is* awesome).

  260. Winter
  261. John

    #234! Sounds like a winner.

  262. Amanda Gulledge
  263. Robert DeCaire

    I’m trying to get someone to DVR the Canadian broadcasts of Bad Universe, because I’m currently cable-less. Oh well, there’s always the inevitable DVD release.

  264. I would love some swag. I would love it even more if you were to come to w00tstock 2.9 in Austin because I just got my ticket!

  265. KurtMac

    Project Swindlehurst is in full effect. The monkeys fly at midnight!

  266. seh

    1- Hurrah, your show’s on! Now I can point to it and say “SEE! That’s the crazy astronomer man who made us look at penises across the universe! And they’re coming to kill us all!” That put some w00t in the stock.
    2- You’re giving away a MB bag. The one thing I wanted from SDCC and never found. Just sayin’.
    3- Excuse me, I must set the dvr. ooOOooo excited!

  267. C House

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  268. BJackson

    So wait, a 1/however many chance of a free book (and other things)? Count me in!

  269. CaptTu

    Bribery FTW….

    I mean… ahhh… Contests FTW!

    Thanks Phil.

  270. Roy

    You know, I’m rather fond of free stuff.

  271. I love the mountains, I love the clear blue sky
    I love big bridges, I love when great whites fly
    I love the whole world, and all it’s sights and sounds
    Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada

    I love the ocean, I love real dirty things
    I love to go fast, I love Egyptian kings
    I love the whole world and all it’s craziness
    Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada

    I love tornadoes, I love arachnids
    I love hot magma, I love the giant squids
    I love the whole world, Its such a brilliant place

    Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, BoomdeyadaBoomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, BoomdeyadaBoomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada…

    the world is just awesome.

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  273. I’m sad to report I haven’t actually seen the show. I don’t have Discovery Channel. Bring it to Hulu! =)

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  275. Locutus of Borg

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  276. Adam

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  277. Lindsay

    I’m so sad I don’t have a TV and can’t watch your show! It looks awesome!!

  278. Keith

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  280. I am so glad this is happening this week! I was worried for awhile after seeing the first episode… I couldn’t find any information that the second episode was airing! I thought it was cancelled or something. Good thing it’s not. What a fantastic show. Looking forward to it!

  281. gary blaney

    so excited about seeing your show finally (up here in Canada)! so excited, i forgot it was on last night! thank the stars for thursday repeat! cheers!

  282. Looking forward to Ep2. Telling my students to watch it.

  283. Kurt Ehnle
  284. sylva333

    When I grow up I want to be like Phil. Yay for science!!!

  285. BradH

    I’m still waiting for a chance to see the second episode, but did love the first one! I need to dig around and see if Discovery has been putting them online.

  286. Wez

    I was planning to cancel my satellite TV at the start of the month. I’ve given the satellite a temporay stay just to watch Bad Universe on my big screen. That’s making this episode more expensive than an normal iTunes purchase.

  287. Victor W

    Phil Plait & Bad astronomy/universe FTW!

  288. Curtis

    Q: How many Zen masters does it take to change a light-bulb?

    A: None, the light must want to change itself.

  289. giovanni

    They would send the package all the way to colombia! Hahaha

  290. You are my astronomical hero…and I want those things! :)

  291. Vernon Balbert

    I haz a comment!

  292. Jackie

    Sweet loot, Phil!

  293. tudza

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  296. Gary Kezele
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  299. Hutch

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  300. PathseekerKen

    Hey Phil! Great show; can’t wait for episode #2! Literally, I can’t wait … I MUST HAVE IT NOW!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHH! (Sorry. I’m OK now.)

  301. Jason

    I just watched episode 1 in Canada. Holy Haleakala! Sobering, entertaining, and educational all a nice explodey bundle.

  302. Matt

    Holy crackalacka, that is some good swag!

  303. Joe

    Love the show, Phil!

  304. Stefan

    I love your blog, greetings from Germany to Colorado.

  305. GriffonJames

    Hey! I maybe watch an hour of TV every month, but you’ve got my interest now in the show. Looking forward to Wednesday’s episode.

  306. baiskeptic

    That is an incredible giveaway! I want Bad Universe Swag!

  307. John


  308. Rick T.

    By the noodly appendage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and by the pulsating corneas of the allmighty HypnoToad I appeal to thee, oh king of Badness, bestow upon me and my progeny thy bounteous goodness.

    Pretty please?

  309. Beth

    oooh, I really love blog contests. Thanks!

  310. Hey, I like free stuff! :)

  311. Great :-) I’m in, especially for the book 😀

  312. So very much looking forward to the second episode.

    Stand back, he’s going to try SCIENCE!

  313. ravna

    i just learned that jovian radiation powers crazy fast chemistry between H2O and SO2at extremely cold temperatures on europa…awesome

    also i would like to win your swag

  314. Kyla

    Om nom nom – tasty swag!!!

  315. If I get the nod and win, I know for sure that the book will go onto my coveted “If these books get damaged/destroyed/thrown out I will build a 2-stage rocket, jam it in **** *** and shoot you off in the desert” shelf, currently occupied by Simon Singh, Stephen Donaldson and Jon Stewart.

    Yes, that book would be as cool as a Jon Stewart book. Dead serious.

  316. ExquisiteTruth

    Obligatory posting in attempt to receive free stuff.

  317. MrWrinkle
  318. Andrew

    awsome swag, dr phil u rock

  319. OD

    Just fell into this universe and now looking forward to seeing the show for the first time.

  320. Dave O

    And the lucky winner is…

  321. rjbasque

    First episode was pretty cool.
    Just a signed copy of “Death” is cool enough SWAG

  322. Joedog

    Count me in. Phil you are missed here in Sonoma County!

  323. Robert
  324. DrFlimmer

    I will win and sell this stuff on ebay 😀 It will be labeled with “[thing] OF SCIENCE”

    P.S.: I also want a marshmallow OF SCIENCE, please 😉

  325. Ken

    crap. i better get in here soon so that my number isnt last.

  326. pleco

    Just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed the first episode, and I’m looking forward to the next ones!

  327. Paul L

    whatever you want.

  328. Just saw episode 1 in Canada, can’t wait for the rest!

  329. kevin

    I’m from Earth. I’m glad you are too.

  330. Kat

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  331. Leeman

    Yay! A competition for us non-Usaians!

  332. GRaper

    I have to say, the first episode was awesome, and I look forward to seeing more!

  333. Franco

    I have seen some groovy movies lately.
    Easy Rider. The Trip, Psych-Out.
    I recommend them.

    Winning this stuff will be pretty righteous.

    Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease.

  334. Filippo Gadotti

    Alright! That’s cool enough for me to want it :)



  335. Ian

    Nice! Hope you come back to RPI in the next few years to give another talk!

  336. Josh A

    Looking forward to episode #2 Phil!

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  338. Deepsix

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  342. Phyro

    no tv or me… have not watched tv in over 10 years… got tired of all the “reality shows”

  343. ShaneC

    Oh yes I’ll leave lurk mode for this.

  344. invisican

    Bbbut Phil, you and your show are awesome. Just as much as the cake is a lie.

  345. JClark

    I’d like sone free Bad Universe stuff. That’d be just right.

  346. Em

    Need to set the show to be recorded in case I miss it.

  347. Schalk S.

    Oh, do want. Bad Universe FTW.

  348. Laney

    Great show, great attitude loved the visits to places we don’t
    normally get to see.

  349. Jon Sparks

    As long as the number chosen is not the square root of -1

  350. Trebuchet

    I’ll be watching.

  351. Firebranded

    The Vegas odds of me winning are 1000 to 0. A bet on me pays a thousand dollars if i win, still very few takers.

  352. inon

    hey! that’s awsome, all this tv show, may it grow into a weekly series…
    and when would it air in Israel?

  353. Joerg

    Tivo is set for Bad Universe! My 8 year old and I watch them together…

  354. I can’t wait! The last episode was awesome!

  355. xkyzero

    I’m sure I need a wind-up jiggly thing.

  356. Andrew W

    Thats a lot of comments.

  357. TODO LIST:
    [x] DVR set.
    [x] Comment for chance to win
    [ ] Let kids know the second episode is FINALLY going to be on
    [ ] Win contest

  358. Jimmy

    Eagerly awaiting my loot! Thanks Phil.

  359. Christoph K

    Let’s hope it will be taken up, by as many stations as possible.

  360. David

    Don’t know what to say.

    Other than that the odd are getting fairly high against winning but still I must try.

  361. Robbie

    Well, it looks like I need to clear my schedule for Wed. night!

  362. Wicked Linda

    Mwahaha! (maybe not a comment-but whattahey)

  363. Nukie

    Love the show, love the blog, hope I win!

  364. Yay, a lottery! At least I don’t have to pay for this :)

  365. Googly_eyes

    Just chock full of awesomeness!! fingers crossed….

  366. It’s so nice that you don’t want me to give you a good reason why I deserve to win this. There IS no reason, because I DON’T deserve it! But who can resist? And in case it makes a difference, I am a bit of a jerk sometimes, just ask anybody.

  367. Gammidgy

    Piccadilly Hotel, Manchester, 5-6 February 2011.

    Just saying.

  368. kaleider

    Roll the bones.

  369. Erik White
  370. Itzac
  371. Ronan

    Let’s lower the probability for each of us to grab that!
    Hope it’s gonna land on this side of the Atlantic :)

  372. Robert Attrell

    Awesome show! Can’t wait for the new episode!

  373. Ann

    Gosh, I hope I win. NASA hand gel sounds awesome & the alien water bottle thingy, too. Looking forward to the show!

  374. alfaniner

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  375. j4782

    Adam Savage tweeted this. Expect large influx of entrants. :)

  376. TravisM

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  377. Jesso

    Is this the end of the line?

  378. Holy cow. 256–Oops! 374 by now!–comments already. But, hey! If I don’t post a comment, then I *can’t* win at all! So here’s my feeble attempt. Puh-leeze gimme the swag!

    Also waiting eagerly for Episode 2. 😀

  379. Kevin R.

    Ooh, I like contests. Especially ones with death from above.

  380. AstroSmurf

    I love the blog and visit almost everyday. But I also love your show! It has just the right mix of science and nerdy humor to give this geek a thrill. Besides, I just can’t get enough of you Phil. I call it my Phildiction. (And might I suggest cloning yourself? I would like to have a Phil of my very own to play with.)

    And if the commanding hive mind of the Discover Channel are reading this, make his show a permanent thing why don’t you. Stack it with Mythbusters and you will have me for an entire evening.

  381. Neil

    I love promotional swag, and I really want the book! Also, my s/o would love the alien bottle!

  382. W00T! I’m feeling randomly lucky this time … which really means very little. At least I’m in@

  383. Seamyst
  384. Jean Russell

    Loved the first one so much, I won’t let my husband delete from the DVR. Can’t wait for the next one!

  385. Maria A.

    My kids loved your first episode and are as excited as I am for the second.

  386. Gary

    Critical thinking FTW!

  387. Chris O

    Just watched episode 1 on discovery Canada, looking forward to episode 2. Regarding blasting an asteroid in two large pieces using a nuke – here’s a thought – to avoid the two pieces hitting the earth perhaps two African swallows, grabbing each piece by the husk…….

  388. Aaron

    Watched your show up here in Canada yesterday, looking forward to the next one.

  389. Rick Smathers


    I really enjoyed the first episode and I can’t wait for this one. Send me swag!

  390. Phil IS awesome! Truly!

  391. Dennis

    Holy Halealaka! (sp?)

  392. depotdevoid

    Does it increase me odds by saying “Pretty please with sugar on top”?

  393. Martin

    What can we do to encourage Discover to pick up Bad Universe as a full series?

  394. Eric

    Well, it is better odds than the lottery, as my entry fee is nothing more than a slight increase in the entropy of the Universe, and that would have happened anyway.

  395. Jim

    Please sir, can you pick this comment?

  396. Mike Cavosie
  397. The Beer

    Maybe I read through too quickly, but I didn’t see how much the cash portion of the prize is??

    Cash or check would be fine.

  398. Wow, that is a pretty serious lead in, the channel must have a lot of faith in you Phil, good luck. Oh, and Good luck to me as well!


  399. While we all wait eagerly to see Bad Universe Ep. 2, come check out the latest Carnival of Space on!

    Yes, it’s my entry! Yes, it’s a shameless plug! Yes, I have no bananas! Bwa ha ha haaa….

    (Well, actually I do have two bananas. But I probably won’t eat them because they got kinda spotty and mushy. Maybe I’ll make a pie.)

  400. Justin Barrett

    Fingers Crossed

  401. worlebird

    Me,me, oh pick me!

  402. Steeev

    Mmmm… KariBag…

  403. Missy

    I am so excited about the new episode!!! I set it to my DVR schedule as soon as it was showing on future listings!

  404. TheBlackCat

    Looking forward to episode 2!

  405. Maite

    I enjoyed the first episode and am looking forward to the next. Are they going to be every few weeks or is there a more sensible schedule now?

  406. L Ron Hubbub

    Sending out huge woo-woo waves to win.

  407. Katie

    Love the show!!! :)

  408. Mig

    Okay, I’m gonna take another shot at this winning thing… however, I am getting a little discouraged.

  409. Wallace

    I liked your first show and I’ve already got you set up on my DVR to series record your show so I’ll get not only the next one but all subsequent shows. And I like free stuff.

  410. markhoney
  411. Morotin

    I heard that writing: “Phil is Awesome” increases your odds of winning.

  412. Chris Blair

    Holy… hala… whatever it is!

  413. infotangent

    Looking forward to episode #2! I hope the Discovery folks pick you up for more episodes of cool stuff.

  414. Josie


    do comments get locked?

    and yeah…Phil is awesome!

  415. D Stucki

    Free stuff! Whee!

  416. Kevin

    Man, flying with the Thunderbirds. That’s the ultimate thing I would love to do. In fact, I could die happy the next day if that happened.

    I’ve photographed them many a time at air shows, and talked to the pilots. But I don’t have the “hook ups” like you do Phil. :)

    That being said, I would love the swag. And I don’t mind the missing two Thunderbird stickers.

    Oh yeah… next time you’re at Discovery Channel HQ, tell them to play nice with the guys from “Deadliest Catch” (Jon & Andy Hillstrand and Sig Hansen). :)

  417. Lledowyn

    I normally wouldn’t do this, but the signed copy of Death from the Skies! made me do it. Curse you awesome book! *shakes fist threateningly*

  418. Tony

    this is not bribery at all, but if i win there is the biggest bag of Minties i can find on my way to you Phil
    Just dont eat them all at once or you will become diabetic!
    Can’t wait for Bad Universe to come down under

  419. Heather

    Not only is Phil awesome, but so is his book and his TV show.

    (Hey, can’t hurt. *grin*)

  420. Brad

    Loved the book, love the show!

  421. Early congrats to the winner!

  422. Mark the Sundog

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this programme. Then again, I have stone-age telly so it’s probably going to be a bit of a wait.

    Auntie Beeb, take note! And NOT on BBC4, either! We can do without one more re-run of “Bargain Hunt”, OK?

  423. My son and I enjoyed the first episode. We’re wondering about the origin of a phrase that you seemed to repeat quite a bit – “Holy Haleakala!” Can’t wait for the 2nd episode!

  424. Zandamme

    Can you really calculate the odds of winning this contest before the deadline ? That will be a good math problem and to quote Dr. Zoidberg ” I’m not sure. I’m afraid we need to use .. math”

  425. MM

    I wonder what algorithm you’re going to use to generate a random number… How can we be sure that it’s really random?

    Oh, well, nevermind, pick me!

  426. Diamond Dave

    Phil, hook me up.

  427. Clark

    One for good luck!

  428. Ian

    Gotta love give aways. Plus that Alien bottle looks like its full of win.

  429. Audun
  430. Aeroscholar

    Host of my new favorite show!

  431. Aeroscholar

    Host of my new favorite show!

  432. Zach Cardwell

    Can’t wait to see the episode!

  433. tsukara

    Was waiting for this show all summer, happy to see it’s as awesome as anticipated!

  434. I am only commenting once. But today’s been kinda slow — could you infect me with the slime anyway? 😀

  435. Leo Green

    Hi I would like to join your party, I’ll bring pizza.

  436. Marc Cardwell
  437. A-Dub

    Hoping episode 2 isn’t as doomsday-esque as episode 1. ha ha

  438. Scuddz

    I like free stuff, and I cannot lie…

  439. Mike

    That’s a very many sided die you’re rolling.

  440. Matt

    So gutted we don’t have Bad Universe in NZ yet. When? I ask you, When?

  441. Al

    Oooh! Freebies!

  442. bPer

    Count me in! Finally saw your show last night (on Discovery Canada) … the first episode, that is. Can’t wait for the next …


  443. wobp

    Hoping it comes to NZ

  444. Arthur Maruyama

    Here’s to hoping that the Mythbusters get a good boost for being your lead-in!

  445. promobob

    So Adam Savage is a trademarked individual? Wow, just like a STAR WARS character: Geek Skywalker…

  446. Rob P.

    Can’t think of any reason not to try.

  447. This comment contains a secret sequence of characters that guarantees a win. Only those “in the know” will know which it is. The following paragraph may or may not include the code.

    Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy, Bad Universe and Death from the Skies are all awesome.

  448. Curse you Plait I am trying to declutter yet such cool swag.

  449. Alex

    What can I say? I love this site.

  450. Aleksander

    “Phil is awesome”

  451. planetsizebrain

    As a time traveler that has travelled back in time I already know that I’m going to win, so I’m only commenting here for correctness. Also congrats on you record breaking season 2 of Bad Universe.

  452. Hi Phil, I’m an Astronomy PhD student in Canada and I like the show. Can’t wait for more episodes, so keep them coming!

  453. I can always use more swag. Also, my students read your site as part of the class I’m teaching.

  454. BobStrause

    Loot! I just loves me some loot!

  455. Groovy! A chance to win swag! Awesome!

  456. Mark

    New visitor to this blog and showt but enjoy it very much!

  457. john

    Looking forward to episode II !!

  458. Steve

    Thanks for your blog, and for the chance to win

  459. FDM

    Phil, You ARE truly awesome.

  460. Alex

    BA is one of my fav blogs and the first ep of BU rocked. Looks like I’m comment number 4xx, not too bad odds :)

  461. Chuangtse

    If the multiverse theory is true, there must be a huge number of universes in which I win this contest. I hope this is one of them.

  462. Phil is awesome. It can’t hurt.

  463. Tom

    Longtime listener, first time caller! Swag me up!

  464. Tom

    I have never won anything ever.

    I am afraid if I win this then I won’t be on track for my big lottery win

  465. John

    I try every contest you have, so… 😀

  466. Brian

    Sure, I’ll try for it. Why not?

  467. Aaron

    Looking forward to the new episode!

    Also looking forward to winning the swag!

  468. Heather
  469. Brian Schlosser

    I have one of the giggly alien art toy things! Two actually, the other has long spider legs…

    Also, Phil is awesome!!

  470. Marsha Allen

    Neat stuff!
    I loaned a friend my copy of Death From the Skies a year or so ago. He loves this kind of thing and loved the book. But.. he lost it and ended up buying me another copy, and he may have actually caused the sale of another one. One day, the TSA pulled him out of line at an airport for special screening while he was carrying the book and suddenly, it hit him: I’m getting on an airplane with a book called “Death from the Skies”. Oh #*@$!*. However, all was well and the TSA guy said he was going to get a copy for himself.

  471. Lisa

    Well, Phil is AWESOME, but that alien water bottle is AWESOME-R!

  472. Adrian

    Wow, so far I’ve got a 1 in 408 chance of winning!

  473. Science’s goal is to walk on well-laid pavement. Religions’ goal is to avoid stepping on parts of the universe that were accidently omitted. Experience shows securely stepping is costly up front but in aggregate vastly less expensive than forever hopping with fear.

  474. znev

    Might as well give it a try, I might get lucky :)
    Keep being awesome!

  475. Ericka

    Yay! Awesome stuff from an awesome blog.

  476. Jackie

    My kids and I are really looking forward to Episode 2. When you’ve got a 14 year old and a 1o year old agreeing, it’s a good thing.

  477. Bad Universe is awesome!

  478. Townley
  479. Daniel

    Oh wow. Is that ever tempting. I mean, there is really only on way to find out that is in that jar. What if all those skulls and warnings and whatnots are there to protect something _very_ awesome…..

    Well, at least I have a few days to think about posting again.

  480. Les
  481. PP

    Now where did I leave that I-WIN button?

  482. Luke

    Where are the episodes? My DVR is set to record them, but so far we have only one! I believe the technical term is a crisis of expectations.

  483. Alica

    OOh, free swag! I’ll bite. Come ooooon, random number generator!

  484. Erik

    The Andromeda Strain!

  485. MoreBU-Whoohoo!

    MoreBU > MoreBO.

    DVR will be set this evening.

  486. Can’t believe I missed the first episode. I WILL NOT miss the second!

  487. Chris

    Phil’s description of spaghettification in Bad Universe is the best I have read. Thanks Phil!

  488. Aaron Sanders

    Leaving a comment for a chance at the swag. Also looking forward to the new episode.

  489. Wes Struebing

    Kewl beans, BA! Much prefer blogs to #hashtags, anyway! Definitely looking forward to the ep (hope it’s a great as Ep1 1 was…)

  490. Mike Y.

    Is your random number generator truly random, or just pseudo-random? I demand FULL RANDOMNESS!

    And now for something completely different:

  491. Stephanie

    Phil is awesome! May not help, but I may as well try.
    Can’t wait to see the second episode!

  492. Reginald

    My odds are 1 in 423!

    Probably not by the time this is posted though…

  493. Why hello, Mister Plait! Might I enter your friendly competition? Oh? What’s that? Did *I* drop that hundred-dollar bill there? No, sir that wasn’t me, must have been someone else, but why don’t you keep it….

  494. mixonph
  495. Tash

    YAY I’ll be able to watch it! Congrats on the show; hope it gets picked up for more eps.

  496. J.J.E.

    When will BU be on Netflix?

  497. NAW

    I don’t know Ep 2…… It has that horred love story to it. But it did have the cool Yoda fight….. Oh, wait…… Well still no cable, I hope it is good.

  498. CJSF

    If you’re gonna die, you might as well die on Alpha.


  499. Jodie
  500. Bill

    Phil is awesome!
    (or would be if saying so would increase my chances of winning…)


  501. The Enigma

    What an amazing way to do a blog-o-census!

  502. Ryan

    Loved the first episode and looking forward to the next! Gonna make sure it’s in my DVR queue when I get home.

  503. Tim G

    More free stuff!

  504. Tensor

    Good stuff, good times, go Phil.

  505. Jonathan

    Phil is awesome ^ ∞

  506. Bad Universe episode two, woo.

  507. Nekura

    Yeah, a non-twitter contest! Please pick me, please ^_^

  508. Matt

    Contests are fun. Can’t wait for the new episode to air!

  509. Looking forward to seeing the next installment!

  510. Franky!

    Great show! I’m glad apophis is getting some media atention 😀

  511. Stark

    Bad Universe = Good Show!

  512. Garm

    Well, this is just AWESOME.

  513. kristy

    cool contest…can’t wait to check out the show!


  514. Thomas Anderson

    Though I am a bad astronomer, I am an engineer. I also know the center of the universe is earth, because the Background Microwave Radiation (BMR) is 13 Billion Light years away in ALL directions. And the Big Bang Theory can’t be wrong.
    Unless. …
    The BMR is the event horizon, and the Great Attractor is the Singularity, and the universe is the space in between.

    Think About It
    Captn Tommy

  515. I hope this giveaway is worldwide! Is it? I’m from Brazil and I’d simply LOVE to win this! 😉


  516. dndgirl

    What an awesome giveaway! I hope I win! I missed the first episode of Bad Universe. Does anyone have an idea how I see get it?

  517. I wonder if they managed to clean the thunderbird water bottle after your flight, or did they give it to you after the flight? Not that I am implying anything happened at all during your flight. :)

  518. Oohhh more swag!! I loved the first episode and can’t wait for the next one.

  519. Capt Cosmic

    Odds of winning depend on number of entires received by the deadline. All winners will be notified by email. All losers will be laughed at by the winners and taunted with a directed “neener-neener”.

  520. LaurenF

    This pile of stuff looks SO awesome. I really want to see this episode, too! Have to get someone to tape it for me though.

  521. Cochise

    Can’t wait to see the second episode

  522. Nadim

    This is a brilliant compo, especially when anyone on Planet Earth can enter :) How about those in the ISS? Do they count?

  523. Heh. Normally I’d say, “Nah, I’ll pass, let somebody else win.” But this is too good to pass up! Need to fire up my old-skool magnetic tape video recording device to record the show, since I’ll be working then!

  524. Derek N

    Wow, posting becomes much more difficult after 400+ entries. You have to scroll all the way down to the bottom :(

    Oh well, here’s to throwing my hat into the ring!

  525. The slime you found at Ames wouldn’t happen to have purple bits in it now would it?

  526. Amber

    well im takin an astronomy class and thats how i found out about u..:P

  527. Peggy Bodner

    Free stuff rules! Oh, and so does Phil Plait ;).

  528. I’m always up for free swag!

  529. Gerald

    Watched episode one with my daughter (7) yesterday. After about 5 minutes she turned to me and said “Phil is a little bit like Adam from Mythbusters, isn’t he?” And that was before the first “Holy Haleakala” …
    We both enjoyed it very much and are really looking to see part two soon.

  530. I throw rocks, therefore I am

  531. Soren Kongstad

    Hi Phil

    Still waiting for the show to be sent in Denmark :(


  532. Bernardo

    Is BU on the Discovery CHannel here in Brazil?

    I wish I could see it

  533. Wow, this is gonna be one of the longest threads ever. Hope it doesn’t break the site.

  534. Skeptical Farmer

    My chances are currently about 1 in 435. Much better than Twittering, since I can’t bring myself to tweet.

  535. blax

    I’ll go for the “Plait is awesome”, just in case 😛

  536. Looks like some awesome stuff in this give a way.

    Can’t wait to see you with Paul and Strom on the 23rd!

  537. terryp

    i like free stuff.

  538. Craig Clark

    Great show keep it on for years

  539. steve-o

    love the show Phil!
    and hey, a free chance at a book i wanna read anyways!

  540. jake

    ooh, i love contests. hope i win!

  541. Juan B.

    Can’t wait for the new Episode!

  542. Carey

    I love how all my favorite people are skeptically related!

  543. RAF

    What! No meteorite giveaway this time????

  544. Zak

    Caught your show on canadian tv last night. Hot damn, think I have a new favorite!

  545. mechman

    Love the show – glad we helped make it available in Canada!!

  546. jackd

    I should get this prize to keep me calm and happy while I wait for Bad Universe to show up on NetFlix..

  547. Rob

    Although I’m a big fan of applesauce, I’d have to say I prefer Phil (though not pureed.)

  548. Donovan

    I’m on the world, but not in it. Shoulda’ been a coal miner. Rats.

  549. Dominique

    That alien drink bottle is what it’s all about.

  550. sorcererninja

    I’m looking forwards to the new episode, and these contests are pretty cool.

  551. 1 in 450 isn’t bad odds! Love you Phil!

  552. Robert Young

    Holy Haleakala! What a great show, and contest!

  553. Unfortunately, I missed the first episode.. Any chance of it re-airing sometime soon? Pretty please?

  554. Don

    Swag is good. So is the show. Phil, too. :-)

  555. Mark P.

    Lot’s of cool stuff!!

  556. PJE

    I necer win so saying so has thus guaranteed it


  557. Hey Phil!

    Keep the Bad Astronomy on!
    … em, that didn’t sound like I wanted, I’ll try to mend it

    It’s nice to know you as Bad Astronomer!
    … I can’t help it.

    Just teasing, first post but thounsand read! Keep our brain gears moving!

  558. Stephanie

    We were so bummed that we missed the first episode of Bad Universe & couldn’t find anywhere to watch it!!! :(

    My BF LOVES Bad Universe & just went out & bought a 2ND COPY of Death From the Skies because he lent the original to his brother!!!

    If I could send him to space, I TOTALLY WOULD!!! He should totally be an astronomer & is fascinated with your work!

  559. Sharon

    Gimme, gimme, gimme. :) Please?

  560. TimK

    The probability is low that this post will be read by anyone except Phil in the small likelihood that he picks my number. Therefore: Yay! I won! Thank you, Phil. You’re awesome. Squeeeeeeee!

  561. Diego

    Stop commenting, our odds will look like a Homeopathic recipe if you continue!!

  562. Jason

    Phil *is* awesome, swag or no swag.

    (Still hoping for swag, though.)


  563. Paul

    Phil is awesome!!

  564. Rafael

    Lucky Lucky Lucky!

  565. Per

    Hello fro Sweden

  566. Ian

    I wish I had a television… Oh, and cable. Oh, and that cable actually came up here. Satellite TV exists, but it’s frighteningly expensive – As is satellite internet, but hey…

    Comin’ to y’all from geosynchronous orbit…

  567. Hope it airs in the UK soon!

  568. Brian E
  569. Pablo (Alpha) Linares

    SCIENCE RULES!!! Greetings from Argentina, hemisphere from where you get to see other cool stuff 😀

  570. Andrew

    Feel free to close commenting after my comment, 458 is surely enough!

  571. JonB

    Hm. I’m guessing that higher numbers are luckier when it comes to randomosity…

  572. Chris M

    Phil for President.

    Of the galaxy!

  573. John
  574. Gary Bryant

    Best of luck with your new show. We certainly need more good science shows and less ghost investigators on TV.

  575. Doug

    I am the very model of a modern major general…

    Or something like that.

  576. Chris G

    Yay! I can enter this contest! I plan to watch show number one tonight or tomorrow. Thank dog for PVRs!

    In the meantime, yes, I’d love some BA swag! Thank you!

  577. Jim Shaver

    Congratulations on getting your show, Phil! I hope the Discovery Channel decides to make it a regular series.

  578. Allyson

    Hello from Madison, WI!

  579. John
  580. Yasser
  581. PhilZ

    I’m a Phil, too. Woot woot.

  582. giljorak

    cool I’ve been looking forward to the next episode

  583. Bill Rockenbeck

    Phil Plait for President!

  584. Gebraden Kip

    Awesome is Phil

  585. Well, I recently got “Visions” signed by Michio Kaku when I met him to help film his series “SciFi Science” for the Science Channel, so winning a signed copy of “Death From The Skies” from the host of yet another awesome science show would be… well, AWESOME.

    Look forward to tuning in Wed nite – and have my fingers crossed!

  586. giljorak

    Cool I’ve been looking forward for the next episode

  587. Phil Plait for the president 2012! 😀

  588. Rider

    Well at least there won’t be any twitter bitching this time.

  589. Kevin Sooley


  590. Eric A


  591. tommy wren

    i would like a sticker for my car

  592. John

    Me! Me! Over here! Pick me!

  593. Erin F.

    I hope I can catch it this time! I missed the last one, much to my sadness. Looking forward to it! 😀

  594. Rory Kent

    Free Stuff? Sure!

  595. Yay (hope I win!). I can’t wait to see the second episode this week!

  596. Dave

    I can’t wait for episode 2! (Had a bad Star Wars flashback there…)

  597. Love the book and hope the show gets picked up soon.

  598. Sarah

    Holy Haleakala! I’m in.

  599. Brian Hamm

    Hmm I’m feeling the random number love right about…….


  600. Jason

    You’ve inspired my 10 year old daughter to go outside at night at night, look up at the stars and ask questions. Couldn’t ask for a better thing than that. Thanks.

  601. Mike

    Will you correct the errors in Death from the Skies by pen, or will we have to wait for a later edition? (Phil signed my Bad Astronomy book at Dragon Con last year and said “wow, a first printing!”. He then crossed out some things in the book and suggested I buy a later edition.). No way now. It’s priceless.

  602. Jeffersonian

    i, for 1, am gld disco pickt it up

  603. Alex Murdoch

    I’d love to be the Canadian who takes this stuff off your hands because, we all know, Discover has given way too much to the US, it’s about time to spread the love.
    Can’t wait for your show to air in Canada (tonight!!), makes me wish I had cable!

  604. Yes please!!!!!!!!!

  605. Barth Dawe

    Veni, Vedi, Vici..

  606. Philip from Australia

    But did you blow up Sydney again??

  607. OptimusShr

    Well, might as well give it a shot.

  608. TSC

    Well, heck. I’d love a signed copy of your book… why not try?

  609. I can’t wait for the next episode of Bad Universe!
    But I guess I’ll have to.

  610. shawn
  611. The Sydney Opera House was secretly built to deflect alien death rays.

    (Hopefully this competition isn’t only open to people in the US & Canada…)

  612. Dale Vermont

    Come down to Australia and do a guest speak for my class! I’d think that would be cool anyway.

  613. Ashlyn

    Hurray, a contest I can enter! o/

  614. Scott Ramoth

    Good show. Big fan of schwag.

  615. Ripley: [nervously eyeing Alien while she pushes buttons] You are my lucky star. You… Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.

  616. Sharon Hill

    Wow! It’s like the lottery with better odds!

  617. Bob Portnell

    All right, Phil, count me in.

  618. Bill the Splut

    I could use the hand gel. I have Andromeda Strain.

  619. Kyle H

    You made a show? 😛

    Thanks for the reminder; I was looking forward to this!

  620. Nick K.

    Alright! I could always use cool swag to wave about! :)

  621. Solitas

    I won’t win anyway, so there’s not really any point in commenting, is there?


  622. Thomas Siefert

    Comment submitted…

  623. Midas

    very cool, enjoying the show

  624. I’m in it for the book <3

  625. Dainn

    Phil still owes me $5. This swag should pay for that plus the accumulated interest!

  626. Mister Earl

    This will be an excellent test of my latest invention. Swag-magnet ON!

  627. Mitch

    Oblige cranberry hitherto filbert zap clam sequin!

    (Well, you *did* say I could post anything I wanted…)

  628. Melanie

    Awesome, another chance at free stuff! Count me in. I’m drooling over the Surlyramics necklace :)

  629. Cain

    Phil is awesome

  630. Oh. My. Dog.
    That’s a lot of comments for this contest.
    Still, worth entering considering the cost.

    While I’m here I’d like to plug Episode 3 of Skeprechauns, Ireland’s skeptic podcast.
    You can find us at

    I hope that doesn’t disqualify me?

  631. Bill N.

    “I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.”

  632. Rob G.

    I’m shooting for the 500th post. At the rate posts are popping up, I’ll more likely end in the six hundreds.

  633. This swag would help me answer the eternal question, is bigfoot in cahoots with the UFOs to balance eggs on the equinox?

  634. Tundra

    Mario stole my comment…..wah wah!

  635. This is me commenting! Sorry I don’t have anything more creative to say.

  636. Richard Osborn

    Not going to wait to win it to read the book.

  637. James Barsby

    I’m in it for the Hand-gel…

    ..and your book, obviously :0)

  638. Thanks for making this a blog contest, for those Luddites like me who still don’t tweet.

  639. yuhuuuuu love random numbers… do they love me???

  640. Astronomy is awesome! Dr. Plait, you’re pretty cool too.

  641. Adrian W.

    My current copy of Death From the Skies needs a friend. They’ll go on amazing adventures together.

  642. Ha Ha, very clever to get many hits and comments including mine, maybe I should start collecting some give-away goodies for my blog as well. But even without the goodies I think this site is awesome. Has someone else said this already before :)

  643. Glen Thompson

    I’ve been waiting too long for the 2nd episode. Can’t wait for Wed night for a great 2fer.

  644. ozprof

    Do you know if the show will be shown in Aussie?

  645. Ryan S


  646. Jennifer

    Heh. I’ll have to wait for the DVD, since I don’t have cable. But I love the T-birds, so go for it!

  647. I am Elmer Fudd of Borg. Pwepawe to be aswimiwated.

  648. Chris Pemberton

    Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

  649. Jason V

    I’m one of the only people who haven’t read DFTS! The first book wasn’t enough. I’m still hungry!

  650. Mike Hunnicutt

    Babba-Booie! Babba-Booie! Babba-Booie!

  651. KMB

    Loved the asteroid episode up here in Canada eh! :)

  652. Bruce

    I want the “Mythbusters” swag bag. You don’t even need to put swag in it.

  653. Niraj

    This show is amazing!

  654. Erwan

    why not give it a try?

  655. Doran

    This contest is Bad As….tronomerific!!

  656. Adam

    more episodes of BU is good enough for me, but i wouldn’t turn down swag!

  657. This package of swag will make my daughter’s day (ok, and her dad’s)…

  658. Pepper

    I always like free stuff. Especially if it is geeky.

  659. Red

    Just tell me they are making this a weekly series, right after (or even before) MB!

  660. Congratulations on the show, Dr. Plaitt! I’m envious.

  661. Philip

    Sweet! I like stuff.

  662. Guillermo L

    Nice, I´d love to get to know Phil personally, but then I wont get any of this loot. Decisions!. I guess I´ll meet him after the contest.

  663. Jeremy

    Thanks for making this contest comment-based instead of Twitter based, first of all. I’m very much looking forward to your next episode, and I’m very pleased you’ve gotten the slot right behind Mythbusters. It’s clearly where this show belongs, as there’s a ton of audience crossover there, and hopefully it will ensure real success for you from here on out. It’s also nice to see a show about science and blowing stuff up after Mythbusters, Discovery’s had a tendency to follow MB with shows about explosions but no science and then wonder why they don’t do as well.

  664. James

    I love this!

    I know where I’m going to be Wednesday night!

  665. Philip

    Holy Haleakala!

  666. Justin

    Free Swag is definitely cool!

  667. Scott

    Can’t wait for Wednesday night. Going to have friends over to watch it like I did for the first episode.

  668. Shane K

    Here’s hoping the Bad Universe makes it Dowwn Under:)

  669. shawmutt

    Jeez, Phil, I come to this blog to read about astronomy, not win swag!

    (But I wouldn’t mind winning ;-))

  670. Johan

    Greetings from Stockholm…

  671. cfranc

    I want the free things please.

  672. Cool stuff. I’ll share with my students!

    And, yes, you sir are awesome…

  673. Michael

    Saying hi, from the Netherlands :)

  674. Puente R.

    Oh I can’t wait to see the second episode of Bad Universe

  675. Saw the first episode, really liked it!

  676. Matt

    All your base belong to us

  677. Wendy

    I am leaving a comment.

  678. Kurt Kohler

    Do I win? Do I win?

  679. Yoav

    This is just cool. Much better than on Tweeter.

  680. Ryan

    I see dead people.

  681. Non-USA, non-USA! 😀

  682. DWAccidental

    Phil is super awesome….? Will that work?

  683. Julie

    Ooooh my! quite a few comments here, my chances are not so good. Ah well, can’t hurt to try!
    Loved the first episode, Phil, can’t wait for the second!

  684. Love the show, looking forward to seeing the next installment. I’ve been a fan of yours for quite a long time, and I’m very glad to see you getting your own show. I hope it works out, or at least leads to bigger and better things.

  685. Rich W

    Phil is awesome!

  686. Tim

    I’m not even sure how I got here.

  687. Jenny

    Gosh that alien drink bottle is spiffy. Hopes I win, :)

  688. Netp

    Anything to pretend my Arts degree helps me with Astronomy

  689. Brian


  690. Marie

    I found “Bad Astronomy” in my high school library seven years ago, and now I’m graduating college this year with a degree in Astrophysics. Thanks for being awesome and helping me explain astronomy to my family in a way that they could understand.

  691. Scott Romanowski

    Drat, my work on the amnesia ray isn’t done yet — Phil will still remember that he knows me. This is cool swag that I can’t win.

    I’m looking forward to ep#2.

  692. David Petticrew

    Here’s hoping it makes it to the UK before too long.

  693. Kurt L

    Swag me baby!

    And yes, you are awesome.

  694. writzer

    Ooo!! O00!! Pick me!! Pick me!! I know the answer!! It’s …. Was there a question?

  695. Cassie

    i’m so excited

  696. Rob T.

    Yay! More Bad Universe!

  697. decius
  698. Nemo

    So probably no one will read down this far (I know I didn’t), but I feel like I shouldn’t leave a comment without actually saying something meaningful. Let’s see… I just discovered this podcast, “Spacevidcast”, that might be of interest to some here. From them, I learned about Bigelow Aerospace, which I hadn’t heard of before. It seems they’re planning to build their own private space station. Cool, eh?

  699. Comment. Comment comment *instertvariationon”omgcoolstuff”here* comment comment comment.

    (You have a book? How did I not know about this before? If I don’t win this, I’ll have to put it on my “to-read” list.)

  700. astronomer24

    Come on lucky number 712!

  701. Sok

    There are times — usually those sullen hours between 3 and 5 am, when people stare at the darkened ceiling, thinking so hard about sleep that they cannot sleep — when I wonder, “Are we truly alone in the universe? Not in a “Life Beyond That of My Current Space-time Continuum” sense, but in regards to our souls, our quintessence, that core “I” trapped within skin and meat, peering out but unable to truly comprehend what we see, speaking but unable to really make ourselves understood. We are teeming masses of thoughts and dreams, of flights of whimsy and errant ideas, every one of us a cosmos… but can we connect?

    And then I realize that, yes, yes we can, because we have Phil, and he is awesome, and he really ought to give me swag.

    Then I turn off whatever emo song was playing on the radio and get some shuteye.

  702. Kayla

    Phil is *freaking* awesome. ;D

  703. ddr

    Looking forward to the show. The wife and I enjoyed the first one.

  704. EvilBob

    So, any word on an Australian network picking up Bad Universe? We’d love to see it…

  705. Nolan

    That swag looks saweet!

  706. Lorne

    It’s finally showing in Canuckastan. I can’t wait to watch.

    P.S. Phil is great

  707. Karl

    I wish I knew you real life, I love what you do in science education.

  708. I can be a random number as much as anyone. Can’t I?

    Paul Hannah

  709. Justin

    Bad Universe and Mythbusters: reasons to pay for TV!

  710. And the only thing that went through the mind of the bowl of petunias was “Oh no, not again.”

  711. Melissa Hollern

    This is GREAT! I can’t wait to see the episode on Wednesday night!

  712. Carbone

    Just lessening the chances of others to win.

  713. Jennifer B. Phillips

    My kids are doing the happy dance around the living room upon hearing that Episode 2 will premiere soon! They are really freaking cute kids, and they richly deserve some swag :)

  714. Kenneth Ludwig

    I can’t wait. The first episode was awesome!

  715. Seregon

    I wish I would get the show in Sweden. For now it’s the old friend called torrent that will have to do I guess.

  716. Kerry

    I can’t wait for episode 2.
    I’ve been spreading the word to all my friends!

  717. Bob Campbell

    Really enjoy your blog. I saw Marian Call (in Spokane, WA) based your recommendation – Thanks!

  718. Alan

    I’m hoping I either win the cool swag or get abducted by space aliens and steal some of my own. Either one will work, really.

  719. Paul Benjamin

    I liked the first show, I hope that this one is as good. I also like the blog, I hope it says around for a long time.

  720. Reluka

    Wow, this is a lot of people. Did you go to Cranbrook and the Detroit Science Center for the show? That would be awesome… as a southeastern Michigan native, I can’t wait to find out! Thanks for making such an awesome show.

  721. Mike

    Alright, time to figure out everyone else’s email and double-post from them. 😛

  722. Brent Currie

    I’m excited for the second episode of Bad Universe. And to have the new season of Mythbusters lead it in….. perfect! I hope Discovery loves it as much as we do.

  723. David


  724. Jason O

    Wow!!! Cool swag.

  725. Eric

    Please do not infect me with slime.

  726. Joe Alvord

    I really appreciate your blog. Especially when you give the business to the antivaxxers and young earthers.

  727. Hilary

    Ooo pick me! I just read Death from the Skies a few weeks ago, would love to win a copy to keep on hand for quick reference.

  728. Kieran

    I enjoy free stuff and also this blog?

  729. Christopher Turkel

    That NASA hand sanitizer is worth the price of admission alone. Seriously cool.

  730. Ingrid

    Awesome show. Great contest. :-)

  731. CyberCecil

    I can’t wait for the second show. Right after Mythbusters is the perfect time slot.

  732. Evan

    If I win, I’ll take all of this stuff with me when I go to Gliese 581g someday.

  733. MadScientist

    Oh, did the slime end up at Ames? I was wondering where all my NPOESS trinkets had got to – I found the cap and the pin but there was just no sign of the slime.

  734. Amanda

    Looking forward to the new episode Wednesday, I’m sure it’s going to be great.

  735. Greg Wallin

    “Phil is awesome.”
    Who’s Phil?

    “Many people have speculated that if we knew exactly *why* the bowl of petunias had thought that we would know a lot more about the nature of the universe than we do now.” ~Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

    “Turn to page three hundred and ninety-four.” ~Severus Snape.

  736. Stan The Man

    What color is the slime? I wouldn’t complain if it were brown or grey.

  737. I’ve met you twice…does that count as knowing you IRL? Well, regardless, I wish I had cable so I could see this undoubtedly fabulous show of yours!

  738. Kemp

    Greetings from the UK. It’s a good thing we can get Discovery Channel over here :-)

  739. bassmanpete

    Respond by October 9th? That’s my birthday; I must be going to win!!!

  740. Von Berry

    Love the show. Been following you for a long time. I live in Colorado, too.

  741. dqmorris

    I’m glad they’re putting bad universe on after mythbusters. Hopefully people will stick around. Also, why have I not seen a single commercial for it on discovery?

  742. Daniel Stutz

    Only Phil to make a worldwide giveaway! Yes!
    C’mon Random Number God, hear my plea!

  743. Jeff

    phil is still awesome.

  744. Katie


    Death From the Skies is a winner. 😀

  745. Post 774. Sounds lucky.

  746. Jimmy

    I hope this number gets pulled, because then I would win.

  747. RBW

    Trying for post #777. That’s a winner on the slot machines.

  748. D-wrex

    Phil Plait is SUPER awesome! I remember going to Ames when I was in elementary school, it really helped pique my curiosity in science stuff. Looking forward to the new episode

  749. stew

    Post# 776, because #777 isn’t random enough. 😉

  750. Steve Ulven

    Thanks for not going the Twitter route this time. The swag looks awesome, let’s see what happens.

  751. Erin N.

    Something! (I’m not original.) Thanks for the contest!

  752. Dennis

    Writing “Phil is awesome” may be true, but won’t increase your odds of winning.

    Just in case.

  753. Pigeon Is Box

    Support ‘Science Is Vital’ in the UK!

  754. Kryssi

    pick me…pick me

  755. Sean

    !emosewa si lihP

  756. Michael W

    I want to see it!!! When will it be in Australia (or DVD)

  757. Joe Virnig

    That’s some swag!

  758. Wes Rand

    Super awesome swag to go along with two awesome shows!

  759. Party Cactus

    Current odds of winning (based on my cluelessness) are something in the range of 320 times more probable than Apophis hitting the Earth. I’ll take those odds.

  760. Jarrah

    Cant go wrong with 783, that what I always say.

  761. Rachelle

    I want to drink out of the alien head!

  762. Erica

    I watched episode 1! It was like so awesome! I learned more about galaxies from that video than from anything else I’ve ever heard or seen! Can’t wait for episode 2! and Phil is awesome! :)

  763. Donal McBrien
  764. Lei

    Gotta go ahead and get my entry in so that I can focus on geeking out for the show. There are only two more days to prepare.

  765. Geoff

    Phil is awesome

    (Couldn’t hurt)

  766. OtherRob

    I’m #781! Hooray! :)

  767. So stoked for Episode 2 – I’ll have to rewatch 1 here in Canuckistan to prepare!

  768. cope

    Well, here is my reply. I think I have followed your rules and I won’t post another reply to this post.

    Wish me luck.

  769. lisa

    Thanks for the always enlightening reading material :)

  770. Wayne on the plains

    I wish I had time to read all of the above (and later, below) comments. Freestyle commenting is fun with this crowd, but sadly, this contest is just too popular and I lack the free time to read them all.
    Just so you know though, if I win I will personally save a kitten from a fate worse than death.

  771. cantech

    saw it last night (in canada) very good stuff….me want swag

  772. Chad

    Awesome is, as awesome does. :)

  773. John Maltby

    yes on one, no on two!

  774. Kevin

    I’m looking forward to the second episode i’m hoping you will do a live tweet tike the first one

  775. xander

    I currently stand a 1/789 chance of winning. I rather like that denominator. o/


  776. Kat

    You had me at wind up jiggly-robot thingy ***snoopy happy dance***

  777. tobiw

    Great book, amazing show! Keep up the great work Phil!

  778. merrily

    Can’t wait for the new episode!

  779. GeologyJack

    First show was epic, hoping for exponential epicness for this one!

  780. MrQhuest
  781. Michael5MacKay

    I do not know you in real life, so I’m eligible. I’m also Canadian, so we just saw the first episode yesterday. I Tivo’d it, because it conflicted with Dexter and Rubicon, and my daughter had dibs on the TV. But I’m looking forward to watching it, and will email Discovery CA to encourage them to show the rest of the episodes.


  782. PCB

    Finally, episode 2.

  783. Tim

    Discovery is the best channel on TV

  784. I so want the jiggly bug! And the autographed book. The rest I will give away to my friends at Drinking Skeptically.

  785. Trillian

    Holy haleakala!

  786. Melissa

    Oh-ho-ho! Mr. Adam Savage. Yum!

  787. Joel

    I vote yes to winning this package

  788. RFranklin

    So exciting! I hope to FSM that I win!!!!!!!

  789. Love Bad Universe! Can’t wait for Wednesday’s episode!

  790. This is so awesome!!! :)
    *keeping my fingers crossed*

  791. The Dutch Pineapple

    Swag winning post right here.

  792. DL Sharp

    An alien drink bottle! WooHoo!!!
    Sign me up.

  793. Iris

    I love Astronomy,Sci-Fi! and Phil is justttt awesomeeeeeeee!

  794. Tara

    Can’t wait to see this episode!

  795. Tim
  796. Jammer

    Woo Hoo! Great show Phil!

  797. Vincent

    I’m in for the Mythbusters items, although they don’t hold a candle to the Bad Universe stuff.

  798. Beth

    Unfortunately I missed the first episode, but I’m looking forward to the second episode and new Mythbusters episodes!

  799. Katherine

    Phil Plait is awesome!

  800. Monkey

    Toss my name in the bucket! Im a canuck living abroad, so despite the lovliness of ep1 being broadcast in my native land, im still 0-1. Ill catch up this summer…..somehow!

  801. Jack Mitcham

    Over 800 comments… ah well, odds are better than the lottery!

  802. RCSI

    Looking forward to an exciting Wednesday.

  803. Trucker Doug

    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
    And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    `My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
    Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
    The lone and level sands stretch far away”.

    I know it won’t help me win, but I figured some good poetry couldn’t hurt.

  804. Tigana

    enjoyed the first episode, you can’t have to many explosions when explaining the end of the world (not that I illegally downloaded it to view it in the UK or anything) *cough*

  805. Sonja


    That is all.

  806. Still inside a thousand. Good enough for me!
    Phil, I do not envy the amount of counting you’re gonna have to do :p

  807. Brett

    Phil is, in fact, awesome.

    The Moon Hoax debunking page was one of my first introductions into the realm of critical thinking outside the classroom (and I ended up getting a Philosophy BA, so, you know. Thanks).

  808. Chris

    Bring on Ep. 2!

  809. Mark Hansen

    Your loots – Giff dem to me.

  810. Dounk

    Hello from planet Earth.

  811. J. D. Mack

    Earn more sessions by sleeving!

  812. Matthew Siebs

    I never win these things, but it never hurts to try…

  813. André

    Can’t wait for the show to air in Brazil!

  814. Zach

    I don’t know if I can compete with Ozymandias…

  815. Robin Baumgarten

    Loot sounds good! Pick me!

  816. Patrick L

    I really want that alien water bottle!

  817. AliCali

    So, does anyone actually read these comments?

  818. Jaison

    Very excited about this.

  819. Herb

    Go T-Birds!, Go Discover!, Go Phil!

  820. Patrick L
  821. Mary

    Will saying I don’t have a copy of Death From The Skies! yet increase my chances of winning?

  822. Daniel J. Andrews

    Heh…see if we can get this thread to a 1000 comments. btw, I don’t want any swag so if the random number generator picks this post, please try again. I’m just helping to get the thread to a 1000.

  823. jaranath

    Phil Plait is so awesome it’s not even funny. And yet HE is.

  824. Jesso

    Pick me, pick me!

  825. Ben

    Pick me! And that’s about it. Oh, and ‘Phil is awesome.’

  826. Cameron

    Well shucks, I’d be thrilled to win the free stuff. Especially the book, which has been on my reading list for a while but I never remember when I actually go into a book shop. So I just have to enter.

  827. RLavern

    Phil, you are the bastion of reason and logic. Fighting and belittling the pseudosciences that plague than that modern man.

    But dare I stop there? Nay, you are more than that! You and your show are the candle in the darkness of the shadow cast by fear and ignorance.

    (Come on that speal is worth like worth 5 comments right?)

  828. Hellstrom
  829. Phil is awesome. (Odds increased by at LEAST 10%)

  830. Mark

    Woo, swag! Honestly the book sounds like the best part of the deal.

    I’ve gotta say, I’ve enjoyed the parts where you pop up in “How the Universe Works.” Phil *is* awesome. :)

  831. I often read all the comments on your posts. Forgive me, not this time….

  832. Geez. Lots of comments here.

  833. joshua

    I f I don’t win may I have some of the slime anyway?

  834. Bad Astronomy is so wonderfully bad!

  835. Pick up Bad Universe for another season!

  836. Soph

    Wow, loads of people REALLY want to win.
    Oh, wait there’s another one…
    I’m from the UK, so I’m happy it’s a worldwide competition.
    Less happy the shows aren’t here yet.

  837. Oscar Ferro

    Wow! I love these contests. Can’t wait to see your show here in South America!

  838. Laurel

    Loved the first episode of Bad Universe – am very excited about the second.

  839. Rick Pikul

    Hmmm, should I also post as my fursona to double my chances?


    871. Chakat Firepaw Says:
    October 4th, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    Entering for my human side.

  840. ZureaL

    Way too many comments to read, which is a shame, I’m sure there’s some awesome comments in here!

  841. Pseudolus
  842. David

    But, Phil IS awesome! :)

  843. Rick

    Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam

  844. Glen

    Ooooo, jiggly robot thingy……I want one

  845. Well, of COURSE I must join the legions who enter!

  846. Doug

    King of the dolphins!! Oh wait he’s dead. Nevermind!

  847. Jennifer

    This is a comment.

  848. Feeves

    Well why not? Anything for loot!

  849. Old Rockin' Dave

    I know saying “Phil, you’re awesome” won’t increase my chance of winning, but, Phil, you ARE awesome.

  850. Mythbusters and Bad Universe – a most excellent combination. And I’ll be the one sitting in the front row, staring intently.

  851. Beau

    Woot! The big 886. That’s totally my lucky number.

  852. bob the skeptical christian

    i love the smell of swag in the morning…;)

  853. Kyra

    Love your blog! Love Your Show! Can’t wait to see the second installment!

  854. Ewan

    May I have the slime as a consolation prize?

  855. Meskine

    Why it it so crowded in here? Someone having a contest or something? I just popped in to say Phil is awesome.

  856. Looking forward to episode 002 of Bad Universe. Oh, and Phil is awesome!

  857. Mikey

    Can I have some loot please? I know you’re a totally awesome being, but I think giving some loot to a Rocket Scientist on the other side of the planet (that’s me, in Australia) would be a wonderfull thing for your publicity

  858. Dawn

    I want this just because of the Detroit and Cranbrook stuff involved. Count me in please.

  859. gravespinner

    Just saw #1, waiting for the second.

  860. Lasse

    Wow, great contest. I wish I win.

  861. Dan

    yay!!! free stuff

  862. kuoirad

    Looking forward to seeing you (and the rest of the “cast”) at w00tstock 2.9 next month…

  863. Andrey
  864. They say lotteries are a stupid-tax on the math-challenged, but in this one the price is right :) Does spamming your forum help? :)

  865. Wes

    Huh? With the asteroids give away you gave out a real asteroid. Why no chunk of alien flesh in this goody bag? What’s the deal?

  866. I feel that the 900 to 1 odds I face give me a fighting chance.

  867. Manic

    Nice show, nice swag, just niiice :)

  868. First episode was awesome. Can’t wait (but I guess I’ll have to) for the second installment.
    Keep it going Phil.

  869. chris.j.

    can i qualify if i live in mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn, or neptune?

    (nevada, texas, pennsylvania, florida, romania, new jersey)

    sadly, no city appears to have named itself after uranus.

  870. Joel

    She stood on the bridge at midnight
    Her body all a-quiver
    She gave a cough, her leg fell off
    And floated down the river.

  871. Sam
  872. jranker

    Yay! Free stuff! Also, great edutainment.

  873. JohnT

    Odd aren’t good but deal me in. Thought I would run out of memory before I got to the end. Numner 900 has to count for something

  874. Foster Disbelief

    A great show, great prizes, and a great price. This is one lottery that actually makes sense to enter.


  875. Well, either you have a very large number of “followers”/reader or the giveaway is really good 😉
    Anyway, since I’m already here, great show!

  876. David W

    I’m really happy to find out Bad Universe is now available here in Canada. I’ll watch as soon as I get cable!

  877. Michele

    I have a better chance of being the first person on Mars than I have of winning. But that won’t stop me! And we do love your blog, my 8 year old loves taking print outs to his 3rd grade class to share (they are studying the solar system right now)

  878. AJ

    It may not improve my chances of winning, but Phil _is_ awesome… Love the show!

  879. JJonahJansen
  880. Karen

    Dropping it like it’s Pluto!

  881. Mike

    Can’t wait for these to air down here in Little Ol New Zealand.
    Though it’s fantastic to see Phil pop up in other shows from time to time, (There’s a show narrated by Mike Rowe, of which the name escapes me, that is an excellent watch)
    Keep on fighting the good fight Phil!