Big Fat Whale has the scoop on Pluto

By Phil Plait | October 5, 2010 2:41 pm

bigfatwhale_plutoSpeaking of Pluto, one of my favorite web comics, Big Fat Whale, has a pretty funny one up about tabloid science.

Poor Pluto. First Mike Brown demotes it, then it’s caught in a custody battle.

I’m a big fan of satire, and BFW is a great mirror on society. I suppose some of it is NSFW, but then, that’s one of the reasons I work from home. Everything is SFW for me!

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  1. Oh, one more comic to add to my morning coffee list! Thank you. I can now spend at least an hour not getting anything accomplished thanks to you. :)

  2. Erk

    Mr Plait, what about this? Time may end in 5 billion years, according to this publication.

  3. And not one joke about a fling with Neptune . . . ?


  4. Some funny stuff, also some very low bearing comedic fruit. Get the feeling I have read 90% of these jokes elsewhere, but the repackaging is amusing enough.

  5. Tribeca Mike

    The Bonobos panel is hilarious.

  6. When working at home, NSFW = Not Safe From Wife?

  7. Messier Tidy Upper

    Poor Pluto, hasn’t it had enough grief yet … No wonder its taken to drink! ūüėČ

    And what do poor little Hydra and Nyix think of this?

    “Will all great Neptune’s oceans suffice to slake this dwarf planet’s thirst?
    No, rather this poor spurned iceball will drink all multiple booze layers of the mighty water giant draining the Blue one, dry!”

    – with apologies to Shakespeare’s Macbeth,

    Nice comics. LOL . :-)

  8. Messier Tidy Upper

    [Simpsons lady voice on] Won’t somebody think of the moonlets?! [/Simpson’s lady* voice off] ūüėČ

    Wonder if Venus would be the “page 3 girl” : Hot new pics of her volcanic plateaus,

    Other headlines :

    – Jealous Io’s sulpherous eruptions, turn worldlet inside out with fiery fury!

    – Ice queen Triton blasts as well, cold and brittle but express surprising revelations of her inner life.

    – Happy Earth and Luna still living blissfully, comment “our relationship started with such a bang!”

    – Jupiter’s secret love harem exposed, scandalous number of captured partners unable to escape the King’s orbit!

    – Gorgeous Saturn shows off her stylish rings, fantastic in butterscotch gold costume complete with circlet of pearls and a huge Titan carnelian gem.


    * Was it Maude Flanders that used to say that as her catch-cry?

  9. Stargazer

    I think it was Helen Lovejoy, Reverend Timothy Lovejoy’s wife?

  10. Solius

    I think that “Poor Pluto” can’t read. Otherwise, it would hope that more blogs would have a delete click option.

    I’ll drink to that.

    And, to Pluto, party at my house! I’ll be lookin’ for ya.

  11. The Higgs-Boson one made me chuckle pretty good. :)

  12. mike burkhart

    I did’nt know planets get drunk maybe this explains global warming the Earth is on a drinking binge and thats why it’s warm whene it sobers up it will cool and we will have a series of disators on its hangover. After this we need to send the Earth to AA.

  13. Mike Brown has NO power against Pluto except in his own head. This looks like a tabloid generated by him or by the four percent of the IAU who voted against Pluto, most of whom are not planetary scientists. Their decision was immediately opposed in a formal petition by hundreds of professional astronomers led by Dr. Alan Stern, Principal Investigator of NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto. If eccentric orbits preclude objects from being planets, there go a good number of the huge exoplanets we’ve discovered, which many of which have orbits far more eccentric than that of Pluto. :)

  14. Messier Tidy Upper

    @ ^ Laurel Kornfeld : Well said. I agree. :-)

    I hope the IAU definition is corrected and the ice dwarf planets incl. Pluto are restored to their full planetary status in coming years.

    It is silly to say that a dwarf star is still a star but a dwarf planet isn’t a planet.

    It is sillier to have a definition that Mercury is a planet but Pluto isn’t just because of where their respective orbits take them.

    It is silliest of all to have a definition where even Jupiter would suddenly stop being a planet if it was relocated out in the Edgeworth-Kuiper cometary disk.

    Thus the silly, sillier and silliest IAU definition fails the reductio ad absurdum test of logic. Plus the IAUdefinition also fails Occams razor too by adding unneccessary complications and questions like what do we mean by “orbital clearance” anyhow, how far out must a planet clear, what about double planets, etc … The ludicrous IAU decree needs to be changed and replaced with a better alternative. Period.


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