Two days to w00tstock (Presents)!

By Phil Plait | October 21, 2010 10:30 am

w00tstockJust a wee reminder: This Saturday night, October 23rd, at 7:30 p.m. in the Boulder Theater is "w00tstock Presents" with Paul & Storm, My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage™, and me! There will be laughter, singing, stories, nerdery, more singing, astronomical naughty bits, and then singing. I might even sing.

Ticket prices were just reduced to $20 for General Admission. If you live anywhere near Boulder or even somewhere between here and UDFy-38135539, you should come. Get tickets here or get marginally more information here, and/or read my overly long slobbering praise of w00tstock here.

Note: Wil Wheaton won’t be there, as he has to be in Canada to film "Eureka". We will raise a toast of blood wine to him, then eat gagh.


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Comments (15)

  1. Just say the first episode of Eureka with Wil and really liked it. Now can you can get wootstock to the maritimes.

  2. Is it a good thing, or a bad thing, that I knew right away what “UDFy-38135539” is?

  3. Firebranded

    Not that I have the slightest idea where UDFy-38135539 is, but I would hazard a guess I’m either never between it and Boulder or it’s dependent on the time of day. Either way, wish I could make it to wootstock.

  4. Bubba

    What’s gagh? Is that anything like stuffed derma?

  5. I heard a rumour that there may be a W00tstock in Boston sometime soon. Anyone care to comment on that?

  6. In actuality, according to Wil’s blog today, he’ll be in LA filming another Big Bang Theory.

    Not that it really matters why he’s going to miss this one…

    P.S.: I saw w00tstock in Portland and it was uber-awesome. I heartily recommend any fence-sitters to get off their backsides and GO!

  7. mike burkhart

    A little of topic:I mention ETs apperence in Star Wars episode 1hears some other things you will find in the prequals EP 1 If you read Shados of the Empire in the stands at the pod race in the back are creatures that look like prince Xizor Ep2 after Anikin pulls out of a dive in the chase seen look to the uperleft you will see an Xwing and 3Tie fighters wiz by also Anikin cast a Darth Vader shado on the wall at the Lars homested Ep3 Anikin walks past two creatures wile going into the Opera the two were Star Wars creator George Lucas and his Daughter in costume The Jedi Kinght killed in front of senator Organa was played by Lucas son

  8. Blizno

    May your gagh be strong and give you good battle as you eat it. Kaplah!

  9. Crux Australis

    Woah, totally read that as, “…laughter, singing, stories, nudity, more singing…”

  10. TSC

    Must. Bring. w00tstock. To. Toronto.

    Edit: Huh. “zero, zero” looks like “lowercase O, lowercase O” for some reason…

  11. Charlie Foxtrot

    Speaking of “can haz?” – where did he source that ‘@@’ T-shirt from???


  12. anatman

    re the ‘no can haz’ image: do i see a series of ‘sad wil’ image macros in the making?

  13. Jeffersonian

    out of town
    sounds like good entertainment and an excuse to hang on the mall

  14. Epic sadness. I work in CO Springs during the week but live in San Diego. Home on the weekends…how about a Wednesday night deal next time? ūüėČ

  15. Brian Schlosser

    Yes, its sad that there will be no Wil Wheaton… But you get NEIL GAIMAN instead!! That has to count for something!!


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