Star trippin' on The Big Bang Theory

By Phil Plait | October 22, 2010 3:04 pm

thebigbangtheory_logoDid y’all catch last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory on CBS? In one scene, Sheldon is walking down the steps of their apartment building and reciting a little ditty about the nearest stars to the Earth. How did he — heck, how do we — know what stars those are?

Happily, BBT science advisor David Saltzberg has a blog describing each episode, and he talks about this very thing! And what’s this? Why yes, he mentions that your host here on Bad Astronomy helped him with the pronunciations of the star names! David sent me an email a while back asking me if I could lend a hand (well, a vocal cord) to pronouncing some of the names which weren’t all that obvious. I love the show, and was glad to help.

And how weird is it to hear Sheldon saying stuff I was emailing about? Pretty weird. But also totally awesome, too.

Now if I could just get my URL to appear on their white board…

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