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By Phil Plait | October 26, 2010 10:50 am

Libel is a serious issue in the UK: the laws are seemingly right out of the Dark Ages, making it easy for antiscience cranks to sue journalists when unflattering pieces are written about their crankery. That’s why the Libel Reform campaign was started, and that’s why they’re trying to raise money. And what better way to popularize this serious issue than to make a decidedly unserious geek calendar?


I love that picture; it’s of my friends Gia Milinovich and her husband Brian Cox. If you’re from the UK he needs no introduction, but if you’re American, he’s a scientist and TV presenter and becoming quite the media darling — not the least reason for which is that he speaks his mind when it comes to nonsense.

Brian and Gia are just one page of the Geek Calendar, which you get purchase online. Lots of other photogenic geeks are pictures as well, including The Hive Overmind’s Discover Magazine’s own Ed Yong.

brian_gia1_webAnd while I do like that picture of Brian and Gia, I think I may still like the one I took of them better when I was visiting them in London. I can’t prove it, and they wouldn’t admit it at the time, but I’m pretty sure when I snapped this shot they were texting each other.

Oh– I also totally believe he would jam a screwdriver into a toaster to try to fix it. And I know it would be up to Gia to actually get it working again.

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Comments (25)

  1. 24601

    Oh, we know Brian over here in the US as well. He’s had a few interesting shows on Discovery also. There sure does seem to be a lot of people stepping up to try to fill in for Carl Sagan recently… Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, Phil Plait, etc. etc. Keep on bringing the fun of science to the masses!

  2. When I grow up, I want to be as cool as Dr. Cox. ūüėÄ

    What did Dr. Singh do to his hair? I don’t recall it being quite so spikey.

    And Dr. Cox’s cat is cool (even if it was just water!).

  3. kingthorin

    Personally I think the best part of the picture is the cat… I’m not a big pet lover but I think the way the cat’s back is to them and it seems to be contemplating totally different issues is wonderful.

  4. bigjohn756

    I did not recognize Dr. Cox until you mentioned it, and I looked again more closely.

    Oh, yeah…is the calendar in metric or imperial; English or American? I need to know before I buy one.

  5. kingthorin

    If your question is metric vs imperial that has nothing to do with English vs American.

    The US still seems to care how big the king’s foot is for some bizarre reason.

  6. bigjohn756

    Two separate questions as I tried to indicate by a semicolon. IT’S A JOKE!

  7. 24601

    He jammed the screwdriver in the wrong way… it’s supposed to go in the slots!

  8. QuietDesperation

    What’s the cat looking at?

  9. Obviously the cat sees an image of cat-jesus in a shadow on the wall just out of frame.

  10. Bill

    @24601 – For safety, never EVER stick a screwdriver into the slots of a toaster. EVER!!!

    The preferred tool for the slots is a fork.

  11. Bill

    @24601 – For safety, never EVER stick a screwdriver into the slots of a toaster. EVER!!!

    The preferred tool for the slots is a fork.

  12. Brian

    I think the cat is looking at the person handling the lights.

  13. Floyd

    The Brits have to assemble their toasters themselves?

    Every toaster I’ve ever bought in the US was ready to go out of the box…and came with its own fork.

  14. TS

    Well, that’s IKEA selling toasters now…

  15. Cowboy Dan

    Frakkin toasters…

  16. If I may have a moment of pedantry here, the dreadful libel law is the one in England and Wales, not the UK as a whole. The law in Scotland is very different, due to the different legal system. There have been no cases of defamation in ages because it’s really difficult to prove. No idea what the law in Northern Ireland is.

  17. Markle

    Cowboy Dan: Did you mean F*#%in’ Toasters, how do they work?

  18. Isobel Ayres

    All hail Brian Cox! Wonders of the Solar System was a brilliant series, I’m very much looking forward to the next one. One Geek Calendar pur-chased, thank you kindly.

  19. MarcusBailius

    I also like the cat!

    Markle: Cowboy Dan’s comment was clearly linked to Battlestar Galactica, at least, the modern (and rather good, I thought) incarnation. Indeed, frakkin’ toasters! Frak ’em.

  20. DennyMo

    I agree, inclusion of the typically disinterested cat was genius. So, lay odds: what time of day is this supposed to be depicting? Morning breakfast time, which is the obvious time when one would want to be preparing toast, or afternoon/evening, a more traditional time for martinis? Too bad they cut the head off the wall clock…

  21. gorcee


    Probably not… I do believe Cowboy Dan was making a BSG reference.

  22. Stargazer

    Three things:

    1. Awesome picture. I’m a fan of Brian Cox and I follow them both on Twitter.

    2. He needs to be careful, when Homer Simpson tried to fix the toaster he turned it into a time machine…

    3. What is the cat looking at?

  23. Chris Winter

    Gorcee: I’m sure you are correct.

  24. Chris Winter

    “I love that picture; it‚Äôs of my friends Gia Milinovich and…”

    Whew! For a second there I thought you wrote “Gaia Milankovitch.” ūüėČ

    I know you’ve got some influential friends, but this would be… unprecedented!



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