In which I predict the eventual downfall of mankind

By Phil Plait | October 28, 2010 12:18 pm

A couple of days ago I recorded a video interview with the Fourcast podcast, where four people sit around and predict the future. It was a lot of fun — we talked about beaming energy, world governments, Firefly, colonizing the Moon, and BBQs. Seriously.

You can download the MP3 directly, and they posted the whole video to YouTube.

Or you can watch it right here from the comfort of your monitor:

A few notes:

1) I’m not sure I was correct about Tesla coils, but they do seem to be a bad way to transmit energy.

2) It’s true, I still haven’t seen "Avatar".

3) Here’s the exoplanet advance I mentioned. I also mentioned Kepler.

4) I didn’t want to get into specifics on the religion topic (at the 24 – 27 minute mark) because this wasn’t the place, but if you take a look over at the Middle East and still disagree with me, well, I can’t help ya.

5) Yes, that’s Stewie on my wall. My wife gave me that poster a couple of years ago. Victory is mine!

My thanks to the guys at Fourcast for letting me spew unfettered misinformation* for an hour. It was fun!

* "Unfettered Misinformation" is my George Hrab cover band.

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