Big Fat Whale Halloween

By Phil Plait | October 29, 2010 1:07 pm

bigfatwhale_halloweenI’m a fan of the webcomic Big Fat Whale — he nails just the right tone of satire, snark, and intelligence that really resonates with me. Today he has a Halloween list of pretty funny scary movies that need to be made.

Turns out that the artist of BFW, Brian McFadden, reads my blog, too. The last panel of the comic is dedicated to me! Watch your back, Zach.

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Comments (16)

  1. jspenguin

    How could an exoplanet transit the sun? If something transits the sun, it means it’s in between the earth and the sun, and if it’s in the solar system, it’s not an exoplanet.

  2. cameron

    @jspenguin #1: the panel says “transiting ITS sun” (emphasis mine).

  3. Amy F.

    @jspenguin: read CAREFULLY, it says the exoplanet is transiting ITS sun.

  4. go0fy42

    …an exoplanet transits *its* sun… not ours, there actually are several out there… ūüėČ

  5. Actually, it said “an exoplanet is transiting its sun”. Given that we call the star that the Earth revolves around “the Sun”, I think it is quite reasonable to call the star that an exoplanet revolves around “its sun.”

    EDIT: Aaaaand cameron and Amy F. beat me to the punch.

  6. jspenguin

    I didn’t see that. But, given that most of the exoplanets we know of were discovered when they transit their stars, wouldn’t we have a lot more were-nerds?

  7. I’m a were-nerd. Sadly, I am in a constant state of nerd because of all the exoplantes we haven’t cataloged yet. ūüėÄ

  8. Barbara

    I’m sure we have exactly as many were-nerds as we have people who are aware of exoplanets transiting their suns. It’s not like Buffy and her friends have to lock up the nerds in the high school library every time that happens. They don’t turn into wolves after all. All were-nerds do is take off their trousers and stay up late uploading beautiful telescope pictures to their blog. Now that I think about it, there must be an exoplanet transiting the sun ALL THE TIME!

  9. james

    Exoplanet that transits the sun? Sounds like

  10. james

    Exoplanet that transits the sun? Sounds like

  11. james

    Exoplanet that transits the sun? Sounds like Mongo from Flash Gordon.

  12. Eric

    You can call its star a sun, just don’t call its planets a solar system.

  13. Christine P.

    #6 jspenguin – There are about 90 planets known to transit their stars out of almost 500 total known exoplanets. The transit number should go up substantially as more results come out of the Kepler mission.

    Oh no — I feel strange — Grr! Arr!

  14. As far as horror movies go everything since “Leprechaun in Space” has been redundant.


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