Caturday night's all right for fighting: Part 2

By Phil Plait | October 30, 2010 8:54 am

The simplicity of this belies its awesomeness.

Ah yes, they use the Lirpaw. But that’s expected in the koon-ut-kah-li-feeline.

Tip o’ the ahn-woon to my pal Caroline Gayle.

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Comments (39)

  1. Gary Ansorge

    “Woo, Hah, Hah! I have four times your strength, Captain.”

    “Yes, but I’m a LOT sneakier.”

    Gary 7

  2. I’ll be even MORE impressed if someone posts a video of a cat making gunpowder from scratch….

  3. Georg

    Where’s the black cats tail?

  4. AJ in CA

    Cats are pretty much flexible, living Bat’leths anyway 😉

    /Yes, I know it’s the wrong series. I grew up watching TNG, so sue me

  5. AJ in CA

    @2 Squidocto: Ooh, the owner should put one cat in a lizard costume and the other one in a Starfleet uniform 😀

  6. kurt_eh

    What’s sad is that now, when I hear the opening measures of that music, my brain instantly goes to “Start the car, START THE CAR!”

  7. Chris Winter

    OT: Now streaming from the Rally to Restore Sanity — Adam Savage & Jamie Heineman.

    Who better?

  8. Brian

    Spock must be the black one. Calicos are always female, and Spock… isn’t.

  9. Well if one had a torn shirt you would know which one is Kirk.

  10. John Paradox

    The first thing I thought when I heard that theme was MST3K, when they’d hum it over various fight scenes.
    Second thing.. that’d make a great ringtone.. so I recorded it and set it as voice ringtone.


  11. The question is, will the one who wins turn himself over to Starfleet for killing his commanding officer?

    ‘Cuz the REAL Spock would.

  12. Douglas Troy
  13. Agustina Iansilevich

    Oh, cats doing things cats usually do. Endlessly amusing.

  14. khan

    Calico males do occur.

  15. Donnie B.

    Gotta disagree, Brian… are you saying Kirk’s female?

    No, the calico is quite obviously “mixed race”. Furthermore, it’s clearly all worked up, as can be seen from the tail action. Pon farr, for sure.

    Or, as Nimoy once said, “I am not calico!” Yeah, I’m sure that’s what he said.


    I think that both cats in the video are probably female because that fight is rather mild; however, when tomcats fight, the fur really flies!

    P.S. Also, tomcats tend to smell funny after a fight.

  17. Mariana

    OT: Not being a fan of Star Trek, I had never heard this theme, and was struck by how Stravinskian it is. Don’t think score composers could get away with that these days…

  18. Mike Torr

    Neither one is Spock. Spock would have used the death grip in the first five seconds.

  19. @Mariana (17) It is pretty Stravinskian, I hear that. Did you have a particular work in mind? I’m curious…

  20. Brian

    Ha. Already did this (with live source music from my cellphone (yes I have it has a ringtone too. :) ) But this catfight was pretty epic, I must admit.

    I wish the latter day Trek series had such iconic music as the Original Series did…

  21. Mariana

    @Mike Torr (#19)

    I’m ashamed to say I’m not well versed enough in Stravinsky to place the similarity beyond Firebird and certain passages of the Rite of Spring (the French horns towards the middle of the first part jumped out at me – I just did a bit of cheating. ;)) But no, in all honesty, it mostly just struck me as Stravinskian.

  22. I saw no Vulcan death grip. Cats don’t have opposable thumbs. Neither is Spock. :)

  23. Mariana

    @ Mike Torr (#19)

    Ugh, I just realised my first comment could be taken the wrong way. I should clarify that what I meant by composers “not being able to get away with that these days” is that the music was pretty daring, and I don’t think today’s mainstream producers would go with something much different from the heavy metal guitar type thing.

  24. I was about to post that I’d like to see a version if the BennyHillifier using this music instead but I think I’ve figured out how to do it using Tubedubber. Here’s the same audio over a Jerry Springer compilation, for example. Looks like all you need to do is paste the v= parameter from any 2 youtube videos to mix them.

  25. Saucebot

    Does anyone know where I can get that theme music from and what’s it’s proper called

  26. ND

    That music from the TOS soundtrack is just awesome. The TOS soundtrack is integral to the series the way the new BSG made up a good part of what attracted me to the re-imaged version. The BSG music isn’t hummable like the TOS but when watching it, it just makes it so much better.

    Mariana, I think the music evokes a certain Spartacus historical feel to it as well. Given the gladiatorial setting of the Kirk/Spock fight.

    Donnie B,
    To be fair William Shatner looked a bit sissy like when running. Watch some reruns.

  27. I wager four Quatloos on the newcomer…. no wait, that’s Triskelion…

    Damn, I’ll get to use that correctly one day.

  28. Buzz Parsec


    This happened at the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park (not far from Mt Palomar.) Cat A was about 50 feet from Cat B, which was sleeping under a tree on a small grassy knoll. Cat A stared very hard at the onlookers, making sure we all knew we were pwned. Then it walked very, very, very slowly towards Cat B, on step at a time. Every now and then, it glared at us. It took about 10 minutes to walk the 50 feet, but finally reached Cat B, reached out a paw, and bopped it on the head. There was a huge orange and black blur, and then they chased each other off out of sight. Oh, yeah, Cat A and Cat B were frelling TIGERS!

  29. The calico’s totally got that fight. Black cat looks more Spockish, but the calico’s pwned him and we all know Spock won.

    The comment that it must be two females is nutty. First, 2 indoor cats are likely neutered, no matter their gender. A couple of males could fight in the same way. Can’t tell gender unless you get a good look at them. Calico’s probably female, the black is anyone’s guess.
    It’s probably a play fight. Many cats love to do this.

  30. Messier Tidy Upper

    Neat video, great soundtrack. Clearly they’re just playing. :-)

    Two female cats? Not so much Kirk & Spock then more like B’Elanna Torres vs Seven of Nine! 😉

    @3. Georg asks : Where’s the black cats tail?

    Quoting from the comments there where that was also asked :

    “He lost it in an extreme cat fight. :)
    Naw, he’s an American Bobtail. They’re born with their tales short and curly.  He wags it like a dog does. He’s a great cat. Probably my favorite ever.”
    CrazyDood69 7 months ago


    EDIT : D’oh! Did I just say two female cats? Sounds like the black one at least is male. Oh well.

  31. @Mariana #24 Don’t worry, I already guessed that’s what you meant. I’m a composer myself :-)

  32. scgvlmike

    #1 – The first rule of Cat Fight Club is, you do not talk about Cat Fight Club. Posting video is ok, though.

    #2 – The second rule of Cat Fight Club is, you DO NOT talk about Cat Fight Club. Posting video is ok, though.

    #3 – If someone meows, goes limp, rolls over on her back, the round is over.

    #4 – Two cats to a cat fight.

    #5 – One cat fight at a time.

    #6 – No shirts, no shoes. No problem.

    #7 – Cat fights will go on as long as they have to.

    #8 – If this is your first night at Cat Fight Club, you have to fight.

  33. Georg

    Naw, he’s an American Bobtail. They’re born with their tales short and curly. 
    A cat needs its tail! Look at the calicos tail during the fight!

  34. Fizzle

    This off topic but have you seen this?
    It’s from the old show ‘A bit of Fry and Laurie’ on spoon bending.

  35. David B.

    “Which one’s Spock?”
    The one with the pointy ears, duh!

  36. Messier Tidy Upper

    @34. Georg Says:

    “Naw, he’s an American Bobtail. They’re born with their tales short and curly.” Disgusting!

    Well, not really. It is natural & while I happen to agree cats look better with tails than without I think “disgusting” is going a bit far – unusual or odd sure – but if it was your cat I’m sure you’d get used to it after a while. After al there’s a whole breed of tehm so clearly a lot of people do still like them :

    Besides its not the only breed like that – you never heard of the Manx cat breed & wouldn’t like them either I take it?

    Also don’t forget that when it comes to dogs some people still dock their tails – esp. rottweilers, boxers and some other breeds.

    Although this practice isn’t one I’d personally recomend or have ever done & is banned in, I think, my state/nation & many others.

    A cat needs its tail! Look at the calicos tail during the fight!

    A tail certainly has its uses! 😉

    I wonder if the black American bobtail ever gets jealous of his “sister” calico’s one – maybe that’s what the fight was about! 😉

  37. robinpa

    I kept waiting for the foam rocks to be thrown….there are always foam rocks….where are the foam rocks???

  38. Nice! I have to say my big, fat orange cat, BuddyCat is much more Spock. He’s so fat and lazy that when our black kitten pounces on him like that, he just leans back, let’s her fall on the ground and just holds her down at the neck with one of his thick paws. These two look more like Kirk vs. a Klingon to me!


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