Bad Universe episodes 1 and 2 to air on Discovery Canada and in the US

By Phil Plait | November 5, 2010 9:11 am

baduniverse_logo_canadaI’ve been told that episode 2 of Bad Universe — Alien Attack! — will air on Discovery Canada on November 7th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.


Better yet: they’re re-running Episode 1 in the hour before, from 8:00 – 9:00. A double dose of disaster!

They’re not on the online schedule yet, but I trust Canadians. Mark your calendars.

There are a couple of sneak peeks online here and here.

Not only that, but Discovery Channel in the US is rerunning both episodes on the 7th as well, at 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. So, if you missed ’em the first time around, here’s your chance.



Comments (23)

  1. Gareth

    Any idea when us Brits are going to get it? Or have I already missed it?

  2. John Powell

    When & where can I see them online? I cut the cord to cable & satellite tv…

  3. Bob

    Phil – will you re-run the contest again ? :)

  4. universal

    how till 3

    btw enjoyed your predictions on four cast podcast

    you should talk to leo about you doing a pseudoscince podcast that would be awesome

    you could name it

    plait’s junk science podcast or jsp for short kinda has ring to it

    easy man

  5. Graham Blake

    Hey Phil,
    Have you heard any whispers about when or if it will ever air on Discovery HD in Canada? So far it has only been on their SD channel. Nothing is better than high resolution cataclysm.

  6. Lo√Įc P.

    Dear BA.
    Congratulation for your broadcasts.
    Any way to know if they will be aired for our “Douce France”, on the other side of the Atlantic ?

  7. Xeero

    Love the show so far Phil. :) As a Canadian I think you should petition Discovery to change the intro so that you’re actually wearing that toque in the Canadian version. It’d be awesome ūüėČ

  8. Brown

    I’ve set my Canadian DVR to record the show. I simply searched for “Plait” and disregarded all of the French language programs that came up.

    I hope Phil has been in touch with Jay Ingram, who is the host of a popular science program.

  9. Chris S

    It’s now in next week’s list at

    For those looking for a good time slot to watch in Canada, this ought to be Bad Astronomy Week! Over 7% – one fourteenth! – of Discovery Channel’s schedule is Bad Astronomy…

    Sun Nov 07 08:00 PM	Phil Plait's Bad Universe - Asteroid Apocalypse
    Sun Nov 07 09:00 PM	Phil Plait's Bad Universe - Alien Attack
    Sun Nov 07 11:00 PM	Phil Plait's Bad Universe - Asteroid Apocalypse
    Mon Nov 08 12:00 AM	Phil Plait's Bad Universe - Alien Attack
    Mon Nov 08 02:00 AM	Phil Plait's Bad Universe - Asteroid Apocalypse
    Mon Nov 08 03:00 AM	Phil Plait's Bad Universe - Alien Attack
    Thu Nov 11 08:00 PM	Phil Plait's Bad Universe - Asteroid Apocalypse
    Thu Nov 11 09:00 PM	Phil Plait's Bad Universe - Alien Attack
    Fri Nov 12 12:00 AM	Phil Plait's Bad Universe - Asteroid Apocalypse
    Fri Nov 12 01:00 AM	Phil Plait's Bad Universe - Alien Attack
    Fri Nov 12 03:00 PM	Phil Plait's Bad Universe - Asteroid Apocalypse
    Fri Nov 12 04:00 PM	Phil Plait's Bad Universe - Alien Attack
  10. Ryan C

    Hey Phil, just curious, have you received any initial feedback from the network about the airing of the first two episodes?

  11. matt

    Your very first Bad Universe is stuck on my DVR. All efforts to erase it have failed! All other programs come and go, but yours looks to be with me for a long long time. Is this some sort of sooper sekrit hack?

  12. amphiox

    When is episode 3 coming?

  13. Adam Robichaud

    Still waiting on that iTunes Canadian store season pass… Help me cast my vote for more awesome!

  14. uncle duke

    ’bout bloody time! Been waiting way to long for this series to get going again!

  15. Dale

    When’s it coming downunder. Phil, Australia want BA

  16. Arundo Donax

    Glad to see it’ll be on up here, eh. Discovery needs to promote your show better; I wouldn’t have known aboot it if I didn’t read your blog!

  17. Just Bob

    How many of these Bad Universe episodes are there? By the rate they¬īre going it can¬īt be that many.

    I hope you don¬īt mind I torrent them for now. Don¬īt live in the US or Canada and would be highly surprised if they’ll actually get aired over here.

  18. Mark Sumner

    Caught part of the alien attack episode. Where did this idea that longer distances would require high G flight come from? That made absolutely no sense to me.

    2.5 months at just 1G would have you out of the solar system at 0.2c. Why in holy heck would aliens need to subject themselves to prolonged high G travel?

  19. Vex

    Hooray!! I have been anxiously awaiting this episode! I even went as far as to e-mail Discovery Channel Canada after the first episode and ask that they continue to air the show. Just got an e-mail a couple days ago from them letting me know the show airs tonight.

  20. Mike

    Just finished watching the Alien Attack episode, pretty good overall, but holy hell, what was Phil smoking before all that talk about constant high-G acceleration needed for long distance space travel? I don’t know the math well enough to say exactly how long a trip to Mars would take under sustained 2G boost, but I strongly suspect that it would be measured in days, not years.

    And of course if you’re talking interstellar, then high Gs are just plain unnecessary. If you could sustain a comfy 1G boost then you’d spend only a little more time on an interstellar trip, due to the relativistic effects limiting your top speed.

  21. Alex

    Well I enjoyed the first episode about the meteors hitting earth but all that talk about constant acceleration in the second episode was just to much to handle. The only physics I have under my belt is a first year university course and even I know that was all wrong.

  22. steve

    why do we have to wait like 6 months between episodes? the f?

  23. MattShizzle

    Is Discover Channel trying to kill this show?


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