Bad Astronomy audio book now available

By Phil Plait | November 11, 2010 12:00 pm

babook_frontMy first book, Bad Astronomy, came out in 2002. It’s enjoyed a few printings since then, and still sells nicely.

I get a lot of requests for an audio version, and I’m happy to announce that has made one! It’s narrated by Kevin Scullin, a nice guy who contacted me a while back about it. We had some interesting email exchanges, mostly involving pronunciations. That’s something that hadn’t occurred to me! When you write a book, mispronouncing a word in your head is no big deal, but I imagine will generate a lot of mail in an audio book.

The book sells for $19.95, but they have a deal there where you can get it $7.49. Go to the link above for details.

Not to forget you UK folks, there’s a version for you guys as well. It’s pretty much the same, but in your version color is spelled with a u.

There’s a sample on the Audible site, and it’s a little odd to hear my words spoken by someone else. I guess I’ll never make it as a screenwriter.

Anyway, if you get a copy, please leave a comment and let me know what you think! And also rate it on the Audible site. I’m sure they dig that kind of thing. Thanks!

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