Bad Astronomy audio book now available

By Phil Plait | November 11, 2010 12:00 pm

babook_frontMy first book, Bad Astronomy, came out in 2002. It’s enjoyed a few printings since then, and still sells nicely.

I get a lot of requests for an audio version, and I’m happy to announce that has made one! It’s narrated by Kevin Scullin, a nice guy who contacted me a while back about it. We had some interesting email exchanges, mostly involving pronunciations. That’s something that hadn’t occurred to me! When you write a book, mispronouncing a word in your head is no big deal, but I imagine will generate a lot of mail in an audio book.

The book sells for $19.95, but they have a deal there where you can get it $7.49. Go to the link above for details.

Not to forget you UK folks, there’s a version for you guys as well. It’s pretty much the same, but in your version color is spelled with a u.

There’s a sample on the Audible site, and it’s a little odd to hear my words spoken by someone else. I guess I’ll never make it as a screenwriter.

Anyway, if you get a copy, please leave a comment and let me know what you think! And also rate it on the Audible site. I’m sure they dig that kind of thing. Thanks!

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Comments (25)

  1. Just don’t try to listen to it in the vacuum of space.

  2. Rick

    Listened to the first half-hour on my way into work this morning. It’s pretty decent, but I find myself half-expecting to hear a different voice.

  3. Dave Jerrard

    This article brings a strange point to mind. Are misspellings really just typographical mispronunciations, and are mispronunciations just aural spelling errors?

  4. Kimpatsu

    Phil, you know why Americans write “color”?
    Because Americans are so selfish, there’s no room for “u” in their language!
    Ha ha ha!

  5. Cindy

    I’m not a huge fan of audio books because if I’m driving it distracts me too much from the road or I tune it out and miss chunks of the books. If I’m the passenger, then I tend to fall asleep. Of course, now that I have little kids, the audio I hear is their DVD.

    I’m too used to Phil’s voice, so I would find it too weird to hear anybody else read it. I think for “Death from the Skies” you need somebody with a nice deep voice – like James Earl Jones to read it. Or maybe my Quantum Mechanics prof in grad school who had this incredible Brazilian accent.

  6. I’d like to donate my voice to science…

  7. What Wil didn’t want to do it for you.

  8. Cool, I’ll use an Audible Credit on it tonight and it can be next week’s drive time listening!

  9. Atheist Panda

    Slightly disappointed that it’s not read by the author. When I read the ‘dead tree’ version, the narrator in my head was you Phil….. The same thing happens whenever I read a book, and I know what the author sounds like…..

  10. Robert

    Oh man, you should have done the narrating yourself.

  11. Karl

    As soon as I saw BA on I downloaded it. I enjoyed it almost has much as reading for the first time. Now lets ge t” Death from the Skies” on Audible .

  12. @Atheist Panda

    Slightly disappointed that it’s not read by the author.

    My guess, he didn’t do it because he dreaded the inevitable “You narrated a book?” comments.

  13. Hei Phil, big audible fan.

    Will get the book soon, hopefully it’s not restricted in other countries (i hate that).

    Please try making an audiobook yourself, it’s really amazing and makes the audio book so much more worthwhile.

  14. PsyberDave

    You wrote a book?

  15. Carolyn

    Unfortunately, according to their website, “Audible is not compatible with Windows 98, Linux or Ubuntu”. (I’m using Fedora 12…)

    Off-topic, but I was saddened to read that the writer of xkcd is going through a rough time at the moment.

  16. UmTutSut

    Was one of the pronunciations the narrator checked “Haleakala?” ;-P

  17. CB

    I bought it. Thanks, Phil!

  18. I was listening to today’s Tekzilla Daily podcast, which was sponsored by Audible, and guess which book was one of their samples in the ad? Yup, none other than “Bad Astronomy”, by some “Dr. Phillip C. Plait” guy. (No, they didn’t have a clip. Just mention of things like the moon hoax and other things in the book. iTunes, however, does have their usual 30-second clip available.)

  19. Benny

    Awesome! I have the dead tree version, but I love audio books and Audible so I’ll get that too.

  20. Lex Carter

    Just got the audible,Kevin does a good job narrating.the pace is such,that you have time to visualize,all the stuff in your head.
    ….me likes!

  21. See, it took all the way to comment 14 for the running gag to kick in. Downloading NOW! I already have THREE hard copies. But when I bring this one to TAM, how will you autograph it?

  22. I am a member of Audible and can download this with one of my credits. I hope they give you royalties for that kind of purchase, otherwise I may just need to buy it.

  23. David in Cincinnati

    Bought it cuz I love audiobooks, but disappointed that it isn’t narrated by the author…

    Phil!! Phil!!! Are you listening?… Pleeeeaze do the narration for “Death From The Skies” when you do the audiobook version. No one else can do it justice in anything else but your own voice – especially after seeing Bad Universe on Discovery and meeting you at the Cincinnati Observatory back in ’08.. BTW, when’s that third episode? …

  24. Zack

    The Audible book is alright. Unfortunately it comes in a DRM format. This really sucks! How can I keep my property if Audible goes under or changes DRM?

  25. Espi

    YAY! I think it’s great but, do the narration for “Death From The Skies” when you do the audiobook version. No one can give it your passion and flair but you!


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