By Phil Plait | November 16, 2010 9:59 pm

I love Doctor Who, and I love The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. So when Craig had a special "guest" on last night, well, here you go (very, very mildly NSFW stuff):

That made me so happy! We DVR the show and watch it the next day, so we just saw this. And Wednesday night we’ll watch the episode with the new Doctor, Matt Smith (and also nerdist and BA buddy Chris Hardwick). Squee!

And, oh, I might add to stay tuned right here for some more exciting Doctor Who stuff, coming very soon. Mwuhahaha.

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  1. Thank you for sharing that! I needed a laugh.

    I had never seen Craig Ferguson and I’m glad I did. He’s a stitch.

  2. You would not be out of place as a guest on the show yourself, some day, Phil.

  3. Kevin

    Yes yes..I agree with #2. I’m be waiting for the day Phil appears on Craig’s show. Wouldn’t that be awesome…

  4. Yeebok Shu'in

    Shame the audio is completely out of sync with the video at about the time the first nsfw comment came in – it was very disconcerting.

    Love Daleks tho :)

  5. I have never heard of this annoying presenter before, but I cannot believe the disrespect he showed to that Dalek! He must now be EXTERMINATED.

  6. Do not tempt me with Doctor Who things! I shall now be distracted by all the possibilities for wonderful-ness and won’t be able to concentrate.

  7. JupiterIsBig

    Very, very scary …. is that the one they pulled out of a pond ?

  8. Sauss

    Paaaaaaay…..Fergus-son!! Paaaaaaay!!!

  9. Oli

    This isn’t even remotely funny ._.

  10. John Paradox

    Didn’t Phil do a snow Dalek some time ago? SighFie wyre (Blastr) had a photo of another ‘snow Dalek’

  11. Aaron

    “Some of you are thinking, ‘OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! RUN!!'”


  12. Terry

    The audience sounded like a laugh track. That was annoying. Otherwise, I love Craig Ferguson.

  13. Naked Bunny with a Whip

    Hmm, I’ll bet Dennis Miller could have done a five-minute rant loaded with obscure Dalek trivia.

  14. joemac53

    My problem is that I immediately know (who) what is in this video, but have no clue about the rockstars in the previous article.

  15. What a terrible decision, bringing a Dalek on set. I expect to only live for another 3 days at MOST

  16. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Phil has gotten himself involved with the filming going on in Utah, to which I say AWESOME!

  17. Keith Bowden

    “We are the supreme beings.”
    (I now have “Doctorin’ the Tardis” running through my head.)

  18. On a slightly related note; I highly recommend watching the BBC version of Sherlock. Steven Moffat is one of the writers. It’s completely on par with DW and to top it off it has Martin Freeman in it as John Watson. I can’t say enough how I’m looking foward to seeing him play Bilbo Baggins. :) The main actor is someone I’ve never heard of but is just spot/dead on for the role. He also has quite a name. Benedict Cumberbatch is it?

    I think IMBD gives it 9/10 stars. ūüėÄ

  19. Todd Boughn

    Lemme guess: You’re gonna have a cameo in the episode of Doctor Who that is shooting here in the U.S. as we speak!

  20. mike burkhart

    Its the Dalek invasion !!!!!!!!!!!! Off topic I recently bought the 60s version of “The outer limits” on dvd. some bad science Phil might complain about in that show , but otherwise its is entertaing I love the Episode “The Zanti Missfits” where aliens called the Zanti ,who look like bugs, can’t bring themselves to exacute there chirmals so they send them to Earth a planet of “natural excutioners” (Us) to do it for them. There is a lot of references to quasars I think they were just discoverd while the show was on the air , Pil might have a problem with the episode “Wolf 359” witch involved a recreation in a room in a lab of a planet that is discoverd to orbit that star , the recreation finds the planet to be Earthlike in so many ways that its history is the same as Earths . I’ve never read of any discovery of a planet orbiting wolf359.

  21. Hiro
  22. Pepijn

    So what was the very, very mildly NSFW content?

  23. Calli Arcale

    And, oh, I might add to stay tuned right here for some more exciting Doctor Who stuff, coming very soon. Mwuhahaha.

    Okay, Phil, it’s been three whole days. You’ve got Whovians ready to explode out here. DON’T TEASE US LIKE THIS!!!! ‘FESS UP ALREADY!

    Wait . . . on second thoughts, do tease us like this, because it keeps the hope for more Who rumors alive in our hearts (however many hearts each of us may individually have).

  24. For my whole life I have been in love with popular movies. Thanks a lot for writing.


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