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By Phil Plait | November 29, 2010 11:59 am

I did a short interview via email with The Charlotte Observer reporter T. DeLene Beeland which is now online. It covers the usual stuff about how the Universe will kill us all, and it’s brief enough to read in between sneaking in games of Angry Birds at work. It’s part of a Blog of the Week feature they have there; Ms. Beeland has a list of other science bloggers she’s interviewed, too, with quite a few familiar names!

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  1. My home town paper. Well, close enough for county work. So glad to see they even have a science reporter, given the state of newspaper science these days.

  2. Michael Swanson

    The important thing to remember is that I have three stars on the first 105 levels of Angry Birds. Hah! (I need to get crackin’ on the latest 30 or so levels released.)

  3. Hello — not to be dispiriting Bufflao David, but they still don’t have a science reporter… I am a freelance science writer/journalist/author (however you wish to pigeon hole me) who contributes weekly to their SciTech pages where the Blog of The Week column runs. The good news is that both the Observer and its sister paper, the News & Observer, collaborate and share content of their Sci-Tech pages with each other, which doubles the readership. It’s sandwiched in the main section so hopefully that pulls some general readers in.

  4. Woot! My home town paper. =D I’m surprised but glad to see it talking to you.

    I was excited for the same reason buffalodavid was, then saddened by what DeLene said. At least they have a SciTech section, I suppose. When I was a kid, I loved going through the paper looking for anything “sciencey.” Maybe some kids are doing that, now.

  5. You know, sometimes I think that if I read at more than a third grade level, I would understand the things that are right in front of me. It was all covered in Phil’s Introduction, the Blog of the Week. In all honesty, I was just thrilled to see the “Charlotte Observer” mentioned on Bad Astronomy.

    I grew up just down the road in Kannapolis.

    Anyway, great blog, and great work. Keep it up.

  6. JonMcP

    My paper too! I was so excited to open it and see Dr. Plait!

  7. JonMcP

    Of course, over tea Monday morning my wife responded to my excitement saying, “What? Who is Phil Plait??”

    Divorce proceedings are eminent.

  8. Toby V

    I couldn’t help but notice that in the article your Discovery Channel show was billed as a “three-part documentary series.” Does this mean the idea of a pilot for a continuing series is now defunct?


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