Molto bene! Come cruise Italy with a bunch of skeptics and me!

By Phil Plait | December 16, 2010 2:57 pm

So you’re sitting around thinking, "What could I do in May 2011 that involves skepticism, a ginormous boat, and Mediterranean countries?"

cficruise2011Oh, do I have something for you then: a Mediterranean cruise sponsored by the Center For Inquiry!

From May 8 – 15 we’ll be on the MCS Musica, a 300 meter long cruise ship, and we’ll be visiting such ports of call as Venice, Santorini, Mykonos, and Korfu. Along the way will be talks by scientists and skeptics, including Ron Lindsay, Lawrence Krauss, Chris Mooney, Joyce Salisbury, and me.

Even better? If you want to book the cruise, mention you read about it here on Bad Astronomy and they’ll knock $100 off the top. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

I’m really looking forward to this. I’ll be coordinating with CfI to see what sort of astronomical things we can do on the cruise… which shouldn’t be too hard. The region has some connection to astronomy, as you might be able to figure out, and you probably know I have a love of geology and volcanoes, and those have played their part in that region too.

This will be an exciting trip, and I hope to see some BABloggees there!

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  1. Charles Sullivan

    Sorry, off topic, Phil, but this is just too confused to pass up:

    “Principle of astrology proven to be scientific: planetary position imprints biological clocks of mammals”

  2. I didn’t see a basic pricelist anywhere. Got a link?

    Yes, I understand it depends on stateroom, and is subject to change, but I want to see if it’s in the realm of my budget, or not.

  3. Josie

    me too also…since the Shuttle launch is proving to be a really hard vacation target to hit!

  4. Larian, Josie (##2,3): The rates are listed on the CfI cruise page.

  5. noen

    Hmmmm…. I’m skeptical. Will they be serving tree lobsters?

  6. Josie

    thanks! sounds fun…I wonder if I could get the children’s rate for my boyfriend. He is very immature for his age :)

  7. Geomaniac

    Wanna go! Can’t go. :-(
    Already booked another cruise (?) in May and paid deposit.
    Love Geology, volcanoes and Astronomy too.
    I think I’m gonna cry…
    Hey wait, maybe I can cancel that other cruise and book this one!
    Yeah that’s the ticket.

    Oops just checked the prices for this one. Lots more $ than we are paying. Oh well maybe next time. There will be a next time eh?
    Try to have fun without us.

  8. nobody

    “be visiting such ports of call as Venice, Santorini, Mykonos, and Korfu.”
    Last time I checked Santorini, Mykonos, and Korfu belonged to Greece. Therefore a more appropriate title for the post should be:

    “Come cruise Italy and Greece with a bunch of skeptics and me!”

    or maybe

    “Come cruise the Mediterranean with a bunch of skeptics and me!”


  9. Hey! Where are the Geek Isles, anyway?

  10. nobody

    The Geek Isles are the next expansion pack for WoW ūüėõ

    The Greek Isles are just where they are supposed to be, despite all the efforts lately from our eastern “friends” *cough* Turkey *cough*…

  11. Chris

    Ahh, too rich for me. I think I’ll just come over to your house for your barbecue.

  12. QuietDesperation

    I’d go for one that went to Antarctica. Or the North Pole once the ice all melts. :-)

    For fun: North Pole web cam. Off for the winter, though. Bookmark for spring.

  13. Mike

    Well well, this happens to be the day after my birthday. I was planning on doing some stargazing at Grand Canyon this year, but I’ll definitely give this cruise a think!

  14. RAF

    This has always kinda “bugged” me. These type of skeptical “get togethers” (along with TAM) cost a lot of money. Those who simply can’t afford the thousands of dollars needed get (for lack of a better term) left behind.

    I imagine that the skeptical speakers won’t/can’t speak unless they get payed, still, it seems a shame that “only the rich” can attend.

    This is one of the reasons why I’m “turned off” by organized skepticism…it costs too much.

  15. RAF (16): These are big organizations that take a lot of money to run, so they also have big fundraisers. Not everyone can afford to go on the big trips — but that’s true of everything in life. I can’t afford to go into space on Virgin Galactic, either! But CfI and JREF also sponsor a lot of smaller events too. And there are a lot of local skeptic groups that do free events, including Skeptics in the Pub and Skepticamp.

  16. nobody

    @ RAF (16): The skeptical speakers speak for free on the web all the time, like Phil does here at BA, right?

  17. Gary Ansorge

    Wow! A 300 meter long ship. That’s a small town on the high seas. I wonder if we’ll ever build space craft of such dimensions.

    Gary 7

  18. Borgia Ginz

    Sounds like a blast, but my partner and I are already set to cruise Italy on the Carnival Magic, leaving out of Venice the previous week on May 1. We promise to leave Italy in reasonable shape for you.

    @RAF. You don’t need thousands of dollars to travel. For instance, you can get inexpensive plane tickets at online air flight consolidators, and you can book an inside cabin on a cruise ship for a few hundred bucks per person, which includes all your meals on board along with entertainment. (Booze and sodas are extra.)

  19. MarcoDL

    I won’t be able to afford the cruise (not because of money but due to work commitments) but if you need a guide for Venice just drop a line and I’ll arrange to be there :-)

  20. Astrofiend

    Damn – I’ll be there two months after!


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