Sunrise eruption

By Phil Plait | January 10, 2011 7:00 am

[This post about an erupting Russian volcano is part of a gallery of gorgeous images of volcanoes as seen from space. Click the thumbnail picture to get a bigger picture and more information, and scroll through the gallery using the left and right arrows.]


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  1. CJSF

    Minor nit: the Advanced Land Imager (ALI) on EO-1 is a pushbroom scanner, so the image isn’t “snapped” like a frame camera image. Awesome pic and post, nonetheless, Phil.


  2. Sam H

    So if a pushbroom scanner is used for tasks that a snapshot cam can’t do, then what would those tasks be exactly and why is a pushbroom better?

    I love the oblique volcano shot :D!! Oh, how I do hope that I can get a ticket on some spaceline before peak oil!!

  3. Trebuchet

    Great gallery — it even managed to work on my dial-up after a reload. They sometimes don’t.

    I too always think of Risk when I read “Kamchatka”!

  4. These are all very nice Phil, but can you compete with baby monkey going backwards on a pig?

  5. Mr.K

    I get this trick! The angle our brain assumes the sun will shine….this is no volcano, but actually a smoldering sink hole!

    Very pretty.

  6. CJSF

    It’s not that a pushbroom can or can’t do what a framing camera can, it’s just done differently. When most of the pushbroom sensors were designed, framing camera hardware was larger, much heavier and more expensive. Pushbroom (and whiskbroom) sensors were a way to save space and weight and still get a descent spatial resolution. Many newer sensors are framing cameras because the size and weight have gone down. That’s a fairly simplified synopsis, but I hope it gets the idea across.


  7. QuietDesperation

    These are all very nice Phil, but can you compete with baby monkey going backwards on a pig?

  8. I have such a filthy, filthy mind.

  9. KC


    Stupid nitpick. Reader Penalty: -5 yards. First Down!

  10. The Beer

    With the post about lighting and craters vs hills, how do we know these aren’t craters sucking in material?!?

    And if these ARE volcanoes… its proof that global warming doesn’t exist! [runs while dodging!]

  11. QuietDesperation

    Hey, where’d my picture go? Is Discovery filtering images in comments now? :-(

  12. Matt B.

    Gah, I’m getting some serious “crater dome” effect on the Russian sunrise eruption.

  13. scgvlmike

    The second image gives entirely new meaning to the lyrics:

    All the little girls
    with the crimson lips
    singing “Cleveland Rocks! Cleveland Rocks!”….

  14. The shadows pointing NORTH and WEST in the first picture?

    Is north at the bottom of the picture, or something?

  15. oneleggoalie

    smart people do porn on the net too huh – “….baby monkey going backwards on a pig.”

  16. Rob

    Tracer: No, your monitor is upside down….

    That was my question too, but it’s fixed now.

  17. mike burkhart

    Reminds me of MT ST Helens.In a jr high school geology class the teacher showed a film about that eruption , it had a big ash cloud , and caused darknes to Seattle in the midmorning , not to mention the ash that fell on the city like snow . I’ve heard that Mt ST Helens may be geting ready to erupt again.


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