Going rogue. Skeptically, that is.

By Phil Plait | January 16, 2011 7:00 am

One of the very few podcasts I listen to is Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe. Steve, Jay, Bob, Evan, and Rebecca speak out about topics scientific and skeptical every week, and for some reason (I suspect blackmail) Steve invited me to be a Guest Rogue on this week’s episode. I’ll note it’s the 287th episode, and OJ287 is the name of a prototypical active galaxy located 3.5 billion light years away! COINCIDENCE?

Yes, in fact, it is. Still, we did talk about active galaxies (COINCIDENCE?*) and other fun things, and while I won’t give anything away, I’ll add that my streak for Science or Fiction remains unbroken. Oh: it’s entirely possible we ran a little long, which is of course all Rebecca’s fault.

You can grab the show on the episode page, and I suggest you subscribe to the podcast using RSS, too. If you want to discuss the episode, join other fans on the SGU forum where you can talk about how awesome I was, too.

And yes, I was told it was Pauli, not Pauling. I was 70% correct, at least.

* Again, yes. Please pay attention.

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Comments (16)

  1. Phil I don’t often post on your blog, but tell us exactly which podcasts you listen to.

    …or write a post about it, or something :)

  2. Michel

    30% incorrect can still kill you.

    PS Bad Universe is finally going on air this week on Discovery in the Netherlands.

  3. “Coincidence”, when humans seek patterns in order to impose significance to the universe, and then force others to obey their observations at the point of a sword… Did that wrap it up pretty much? ūüėČ

  4. breadbox

    70% is also the ratio of the Japanese population who disapprove of Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s Cabinet. COINCIDENCE?

  5. Randy A.

    The podcast is also available on the iTunes store, although when I checked just now, they didn’t yet have the latest episode…

  6. Carey

    70% also happens to be the portion of my plate of sweet potato fries that I haven’t yet eaten.


  7. alfaniner

    I love SGU. Also one of the few podcasts I never miss.

  8. Monkey

    SGU is totally tops among podcasts….I was thinking about this (SomeGuy posted a similar comment) earleir this week and noted to myself that there isnt a really good source, that I know of, for science/skeptical podcasts. I listen to about 10 titles a week, but it took me a long, long time to get through the mud and into solid, reputable or interesting ‘casts. Could we start a post of “podcasts that spread science” ? Be good to know what others found, like, learn from etc.

    I might add that your occasional/monthly appearance on another ‘cast – Are We Alone – is a delight, too!

  9. Mike

    Sweet. That might get me listening to the show again. Not that I stopped listening for any particular reason.. just one of those things where I woke up one Saturday morning and something broke the routine. That was 6 months ago. >.< I'll definitely tune in for this one though.

  10. Besides an hour+ of intelligent conversation about science and skepticism, listening to SGU is like listening to best friends and wishing you were at the same table. I strongly recommend starting at the beginning and listening all the way through.

  11. Truckle

    I haven’t got the podcast this week and im already getting withdrawl symptoms at work :(

    Plus what also sucks is my works firewall blocks the SGU page. It puts the show in the category “cult-and-occult” (!!)

    Well, i suppose you could say it IS cult, but not in the way they meant the word…

  12. Jesper

    @2 (Michel) Bad Universe on Discovery Channel in the Netherlands? Do you know exactly which date and time? :)

  13. Chris

    I have a twenty year old son majoring in engineerring. Apparently one of the weird cult things of his group is watching “My Little Pony.” I was made aware of this when he used one as his picture in Facebook. He has told me that it is really good. I think it is a phase.

    I don’t actually get it, but I also did not get “Scott Pilgrim versus the World.”

    Yesterday he did come by the house with two of friends to gather up the two large tote boxes of Legos. Apparently there was going to be a gathering last night and today of his friends to build things. And can we wonder why he and his friends can’t keep girlfriends?

    On a happy note, I did learn that his intro to archeology class was starting out with learning about the scientific method, how to spot pseudoscience, precautions into reading too much in the collected data. There have already been discussions of why the pyramids in Egypt were not built by aliens.

  14. Messier Tidy Upper

    @ ^ Chris : So .. they concluded that the ancient Atlanteans built them instead? ūüėČ

  15. Chris

    Ah, yes! You watched Stargate Atlantis too!

  16. Libertarian

    Dr. Phil,

    Thou would have gotten the same margin of correctness had thou used Palin ūüėČ


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