New weeks, new geeks. So say we all!

By Phil Plait | February 1, 2011 12:00 pm

It’s been a while since I’ve plugged Geek-A-Week, artist Len Peralta’s project to interview and draw a trading card for one Alpha Geek per week for a year.

Did I say one? I guess this week is an exception, since Len’s latest geekweekery is with singers/songwriters/comedians/dorks Paul and Storm, they of the creation of w00tstock. The drawing Len did is perfect, since if you’re ever heard them perform you’ll wonder if they do inhabit the same body with two heads… and the description on the card back was done by none other than Neil Gaiman! You can listen to the interview by grabbing the MP3 here.

And it’s not like Len’s been slouching the past few weeks, either. Last weekend he roped into his nerd corral Chief Galen Tyrol himself, Aaron Douglas (from Battlestar Galactica, duh). I met Aaron at w00tstock at Comic Con, where he did a really funny walk-on wearing his orange flight deck jumpsuit. Despite his gruff appearance he’s actually completely without pity or humor or adult sensibilities.

You can find out for yourself by listening to Len’s interview of Aaron. Fair warning: NSFW language as well as grimly NSFW imagery of Wil Wheaton woven by Aaron’s words.

Len’s list of geek targets has grown well; he’s added Watchman science advisor and physics professor James Kakalios, and of course Marian Call, seen here. If you don’t recognize the idea behind the drawing for her, then you’ve been spending too much time out in the black and you’re like to get addlepated.

You can see the entire geek interview list, and also take a look at the amazing trading cards Len has drawn. I love his style. And if you have nothing better to do, then here’s clearly the dorkiest of the interviews Len did.



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Comments (6)

  1. My brush with geek fame: I got to be Marian Call’s “roadie” when she played at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard. :)

    I’s still stalking you Dr. Plait!

  2. Sam H

    2: My brush was with a true legend. Last year in April I got my photo with Leonard Nimoy (and my mom), which is now one of my greatest treasures.

    The other cool thing is that at this year comic expo we’ll have Shatner. It is now imperative that I acquire tickets. ūüėÄ

  3. Digital Atheist

    not related to geeks, but geeky nonetheless: Scale of the universe.

  4. Dear Phil, I’m guessing that, since you didn’t mention it, you may have missed the distinct Zaphod Beeblebrox-iness of the Paul and Storm GeekAWeek card. I twigged to their jacket and scarves and checked a few stills from the original BBC ‘Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy’ to make sure…
    So.. that dubious-looking drink in his/their hand would have to be a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster!
    Paul and Storm are described as Musical Comedy Duo/Galactic President – in HHGTTG, Zaphod was also briefly President of the Galaxy. I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned in the interview. So, level with me here – did this Zaphod homage sneak past your astronomical-fiction radar? :-)

  5. dcsohl

    Mr Marron, that was my initial impression as well. For me, it was the three arms and the eyepatch that caught my eye… and indeed, Paul and Storm are a couple of hoopy froods!

  6. Buzz Parsec

    Larian, I thought that was you, but wasn’t certain. I was going to introduce my self but you got busy with the CDs and … I saw Liz’s pictures the other day which ID’ed you, so whoops, sorry about that. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll meet soon a future event.


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