Sagan destroys astrology

By Phil Plait | February 3, 2011 6:57 am

I imagine that a lot of folks who read my blog have already seen this, but just in case: go read Carl Sagan and his fully armed spaceship of the imagination. One panel is here, and the rest is really funny.

And if you don’t understand the last two panels, this might help.

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  1. I like the idea of Carl Sagan as a comic book hero! We need more heroes like him in this world.

    And now I have a craving for applie pie.

  2. I wonder what it would take to get this turned into an animated short. Something tells me there’d be plenty of donations to a Kickstarter project for that.

  3. Joe6pack

    I love this. I wish there were a series of Sagan comic strips.

  4. John Sandlin

    Just remember, Larian, if you are going to have apple pie made from scratch, you must first invent the Universe.


  5. Number 6

    Carl Sagan as a comic book hero…interesting concept!…..Hey, just lately, playing around with astrology got one company (Allstate Insurance) into a public relations quagmire….

  6. Grand Lunar


  7. KC

    Astrology cannot repel firepower of *that* magnitude!

    (With apologies to Admiral Ackbar, Supreme Commander Rebel Alliance, Ret.)

  8. ellie

    I also love the idea of him as a comic book hero – he certainly earned it.

  9. DrFlimmer

    This is SOO brilliant!! ūüėÄ

  10. Crux Australis

    Posted it on Facebook yesterday. Love love love it!

  11. Scottie Davis

    Carl Sagan, because F*CK YOU PSEUDO-SCIENCE..

    Lol this is going on facebook.

  12. Joseph G

    I’m so glad you posted this. Someone showed it to me the other day and it made my whole week!

    @ ellie: I agree! I hope there are more of these.

  13. Donald Simmons

    He appears (with the title character) in Atomic Robo Vol. 3: Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time. In the 1970s Robo ropes Sagan into helping him study an interdimensional Lovecraftian creature. It’s a great story and Sagan gets to use Robo’s Science Gun.

  14. Bluegrass Geek

    On a similar note:

    “Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son of a bitch in space!”

  15. I loved it, until it got to the panel where you could hear the “BOOOOOM!!!!” in outer space… Ruined the whole thing for me.


  16. Maybe Carl’s ship has an augmented reality feature that detects explosions in space and overlays suitable sound effects in 5.1 Surround.

  17. truthspeaker

    I assumed Carl heard the “BOOOOOOM!!!” when the shock wave from the explosion hit his vessel.

  18. The last bit should have read “crumbly but…good”. Still it was frakkin hilarious!

  19. fetchbeer

    Carl Sagan can hear you scream in space.

  20. nancyem

    LOVE IT. had a huge crush on Sagan when I was a kid, who needed teenybopper magazines?

  21. Zyggy

    You, sir, win at the internet today.

    The Carl Sagan comic was great, but I though the best part is the link to the Symphony of Science video. I hadn’t heard of the band previously, but I really enjoyed the other stuff as well.

    On an amusing note, so to speak, putting Carl Sagan’s voice through the auto-tuner makes him sound a LOT like Kermit the Frog.


  22. froonium

    Most excellent comic! Unfortunately, astrology is playing the whack-a-mole game and just popped up in India with this bit o’ stupid – Bombay-High-Court-Rules-Astrology-To-Be-a-Science

  23. Alan(UK)

    This is enough to make you believe in astrology:

  24. grung0r

    How uncivil of you to post this! Whenever I see the ridiculing of people’s cherished beliefs, I feel that the go to guy is one Phil Plait. Here is what he had to say on the subject: Ridiculing… is not the right path; certainly taking them to task for it is OK and I support that, as I said in my original post on this. But you don‚Äôt have to be a dick about it.

    Perhaps this isn’t rank hypocrisy though. Maybe ridiculing People’s deeply held and cherished(yet mind numbingly stupid) beliefs is ok, as long as it’s not deeply held and cherished(yet mind numbingly stupid)Religious beliefs. A special plea, if you will. Yes, that must be it.

  25. Ho ho ho! LOL!

    Carl Sagan for the win!

    And lots more sentences ending in exclamation points!!!!!!

  26. Ld Elon

    This is not brilliant, this is a childs toy. Ther is a difference you know.

    who the fk is carl?

  27. Martha

    I guess some people view astrology as a religion, but that does not obligate us to treat it any differently. The days when we have to treat religion with deference merely because it is religion are long gone. Religion does not occupy some special place that requires us to treat it any differently than say politics. Besides as belief systems go astrology is sort of the bubble gum of woo. Stop making special pleas about religion because I don’t care if you are offended that I ridicule your religion or your deity. It had to happen sometime that religion was cut down to size and I am happy to be a part of that process.

  28. flip

    That’s one good comic!

    One wonders how the animal spaceship even functions.

  29. Carl Sagan: MY HERO!!! I still remember when I saw Cosmos on TV for the first time (I have a copy in VHS, another in DVD, the book and the music in a 33 rpm-vinil record!!). From time to time I enjoy re-reading some of his books.

  30. Ksessoking

    Can’t wait to show this to my students!

  31. penneysound

    if anyone wants to make some sort of animation of it, i would happily provide sound effects if you can provide voices

  32. Isaac

    @ flip, #30

    “One wonders how the animal spaceship even functions.”

    Simple, flip. As with computers and pretty much everything else in the world, the zodiac ship functions because it was built by engineers using scientifically sound principles.

  33. flip

    #34, Isaac,

    I think you missed the joke. The zodiac ship keeps firing weapons that don’t work. That suggests their engineers don’t know what they’re doing. Which further suggests their engineers wouldn’t know how to build a working ship in the first place.

    It would make sense that Sagan’s ship “was built by engineers using scientifically sound principles”, but not the zodiac ship.

  34. Jabjabs

    Oh I am very amused by this. Time to go get an apple pie myself ūüėÄ


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