Sunday morning…

By Phil Plait | February 6, 2011 7:00 am

… and I got nothin’.

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  1. Jeremy

    You could always go to church 😉

  2. Jeremy Rosen
  3. scott

    At least you got me to look up the word solipsism. I don’t think its very rational though!

  4. Félix Desrochers-Guérin

    Homeopathic blogging?

  5. Don’t worry, I’m sure the screwballs of the world will ignite your ire somehow before the day is out. All you have to do is pray.

  6. Scott Davis

    I’m hungry….

  7. Messier Tidy Upper

    … and I got nothin’.

    So you’re having a homeopathic drink then? 😉

    Or you bought a vacuum or an intergalactic void / bubble of purely empty space? 😉

    … and I got nothin’.

    Well, you’ve got your own blog & your TV show & a couple of books – that’s *something* right? 😉

    Plus you’ve got pets too, yeah? :-)

    BTW. I wouldn’t even dream of telling you what to post BA, I really wouldn’t, but what happened about the regular Catterday posts & could we see some of those again please? 😉


    “Nothing? Nothing shall come of nothing!” 😮

    – To quote Shakespeare’s King Lear, character & play.

  8. Thomas Siefert

    Well you could… eh… nah, I ain’t got nothin’ either…

  9. Chris Tracy

    Funny… That’s the same reason I checked by here to see what’s up!

  10. Kevin

    Is nothing in fact… something?

    Or talk about how students actually believe in Tree Octopi…

    I just saw a story that – even after being told it wasn’t real – students still believed in the “Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus”.

    {Shakes head, then bangs in on desk}

  11. Kent

    Don’t feel bad, Phil.

    I didn’t get any last night, either! 😉

  12. Joseph G

    I agree with MTU: there’s always room for more cats!

    In all seriousness, Phil, have you considered having a weekly “Ask the Astronomer” post? I know you’ve probably fielded enough astronomy questions to tide you over for several lifetimes, but at least here you’d be less likely to get the goofy “OMG R we gonna die in 2012!?” questions, and more meat-and-potatoes-of-astronomy stuff.

  13. Alex

    Steelers or Packers?

  14. Martha

    Did anyone in the mass media mention yesterday’s 10:23 event?

  15. how about

    … OK – Superbowl Sunday open thread…

    (C’mon – don’t be a chicken… everybody’s doing it)

  16. Paul in Sweden

    “… and I got nothin’.”
    Shucks Phil… You got ME! :)

  17. Gary Bryant

    ….but you’re doing it so much better then most.

  18. yo
  19. joseph

    “Nothing? NOTHING tra la la?!” – Jared

    You could always go to church. Observe the architecture. If Episcopal get free coffee afterward.

  20. Joseph G

    @5 Kevin: Ugh, I saw that. I have to say, though, I wish there were a pacific northwest tree octopus. It’d make hiking so much more interesting.
    Did you ever see that speculative show on Discovery about where evolution might conceivably go over the next several hundred million years? My favorite critters were the arboreal squid (“Squibbons”) 😀
    @7 Martha: What event was that?
    @8 Paul: … and me! 😀
    @9 Gary: Indeed.
    @10 joseph: Nah, Catholic or Jewish are the ways to go – free wine!
    Meh. I , also, got nothing (except “up too early”).

  21. I’ts Okay. The fact I check your site two, three times a day sayas something about all the good work you do. Put you feet up!

  22. I, on the other hand, have a plate of hot, heavenly cherry scones, fresh from the oven.

    Mmmmmmmmmm! And I’m not sharing.

  23. Firemancheesehead

    Join me in rooting for my Packers to win tonight!

  24. Jan

    @Martha. Depends on your definition of ‘mass’ media. In Belgium they showed it in the news on national television. One could argue that the biggest ‘mass’ media in Belgium are still small on a world scale.

  25. Sean H.

    Certainly there must be some astronomy jokes.

  26. The contented refrain of the atheist… Sunday morning and I got nothin’.

    Thank god I’m an atheist.

    Um Phil, you could take my comment out of moderation in the Homeopathy thread… 😉

  27. I’m sorry, but could you vague that up a bit? 😉

  28. @ Sean H:

    Certainly there must be some astronomy jokes.

    Q: How many astronomers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A: What’s a light bulb?

    Certainly there must be some astronomy jokes.

    Yes. Certainly there must be. Not around here, apparently.

  29. Jon F

    I do have to say that, recently having moved from a Blue State to a Red State (job related, boring, don’t ask), going grocery shopping on Sunday mornings has become substantially easier. Though this particular Sunday might be an exception what with Major Sporting Event and all. Enjoy a Boulder Brewing Company beer for me today, Phil. Or you can enjoy one without it being for me, that’s cool, too.

  30. Daniel J. Andrews

    Re: tree octopus. I went to their FAQs and they have a list of other imaginary species such as the mountain walrus, and a bit of information about them. However, in that list, they have the red crabs of Christmas Tree island which are most definitely real and do indeed migrate across land to lay eggs in the surf, and are threatened by imported crazy ants and traffic.

    It seems the site owner has mistaken truth for spoof.

  31. Chief

    Nice to have a nice quiet day with nothing brewing on the horizon. Enjoy the day.

  32. DrFlimmer

    It’s Sunday afternoon (where I am)…

    …and it’s windy.

  33. pete

    “…and nothin’s plenty for me”

  34. @Daniel
    It’s just Christmas Island. Christmas Tree Island sounds like fun though.

  35. 2552

    Nothin’ huh?

    PITTSBURGH, PA – February 6, 2011 – Astrobotic Technology Inc. today announced it has signed a contract with SpaceX to launch Astrobotic’s robotic payload to the Moon on a Falcon 9. The expedition will search for water and deliver payloads, with the robot narrating its adventure while sending 3D video. The mission could launch as soon as December 2013.

  36. Had an Episode of “How the Universe Works” going this morning and saw you. That’s something, right?

  37. Martha

    Astronomy joke: It is reported that Copernicus’ parents said the following to him at the age of twelve: “Copernicus, young man, when are you going to come to terms with the fact that the world does not revolve around you.”

  38. Snowshoe the Canuck

    I got freezing rain. Wanna swap?

  39. KAE

    I live in Wisconsin. I only have three words:
    Go Pack Go!
    (OK, technically there are only 2 words) :)

  40. What is this super bowl I keep hearing about? Some large crockery, I gather.

  41. DrFlimmer


    Phil, don’t tell me you get up at 7am on a Sunday morning and the first thing you do is writing this post?
    So, we conclude, this post was written before. Thus, you cheated and we can’t be sure that you really got nothin’. Shame on you. 😀

    Secondly, I find it interesting that a post about nothin’ gains more answers per hour than many of your science post. This should make you thinking (but not sinking).

    Good morning, Sir! 😉

  42. Scott Davis

    I’m not hungry any more.

  43. Muzz

    Oh I get it.
    He’s proving something always comes from nothing. (and you’re all, like, part of it man. Cosmic)

  44. Martha

    Bill Gates: Vaccine-autism link ‘an absolute lie’

    “Gates: Well, Dr. Wakefield has been shown to have used absolutely fraudulent data. He had a financial interest in some lawsuits, he created a fake paper, the journal allowed it to run. All the other studies were done, showed no connection whatsoever again and again and again. So it’s an absolute lie that has killed thousands of kids. Because the mothers who heard that lie, many of them didn’t have their kids take either pertussis or measles vaccine, and their children are dead today. And so the people who go and engage in those anti-vaccine efforts — you know, they, they kill children. It’s a very sad thing, because these vaccines are important.”

  45. That’s it, blog’s over. Everyone go home, nothing to see here!

  46. Monu

    My existence is meaningless…

  47. Karl Hansen

    Is a football an oblate spheroid?

  48. Snowshoe the Canuck

    I have a cat sitting on my shoulder purring in my ear as I type. Any offers?

  49. BigBadSis

    Only you could get almost 50 hits by posting nothing.

  50. Scott Davis
  51. Ken

    I guess you missed the story, in Slashdot and elsewhere, that Bill Gates is on your side. Well, I don’t know about his software company, but he himself says the antivax effort kills children.

  52. Sheryl

    Apollo 14 crew members Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell walked on the moon on February 6, 1971….. 40 years ago!!! Successful mission after the Successful Failure of Apollo 13.

  53. QuietDesperation

    “Be rational!” said i to pi
    “Get real!” replied pi to i

    Next up, I present the homeopathic joke:

    ” “

  54. Caleb

    @Jeremy – Nice!

    My wife and I recently went to Victoria BC for our anniversary. Victoria has several gorgeous cathedrals from different denominations. My wife and I spent our Sunday morning there visiting each one to enjoy the architecture, art, and music.

    My wife and I are both religious, but not part of any of the denominations we visited. I took several classes in college on art and religious history (both east and west) and it was a delight to be able to point out to my wife the beauty, history, and symbolism from these different buildings (even if some of those symbolisms somewhat contradict tenants of our own faith). You don’t have to agree with something in order to find the beauty in it.

    @Phil – You should try it sometime Phil. It would be interesting to get your perspective on visiting different religious cathedrals, mosques, temples etc. and see what beauty you find from your perspective.

    I think going through the exercise of visiting things foreign to oneself (and even things to which one may disagree with) to try to find the beauty in them is healthy, educational, and a way to constantly challenge one’s own ideas and prejudices.

  55. Robin Byron

    “…They also serve who only stand and wait.” ~John Milton – Paradise Lost


    “…But that two-handed engine at the door,. Stands ready to smite once, and smite no more.” ~John Milton – Paradise Lost

  56. Anoncow

    Here’s an astronomy joke. But only for those who know what planets we have in our solar system, and sorry it’s a little crude …

    So I got a couple of tattoos today, decided my butt cheeks needed names.

    I called the left one Saturn, and the right one Neptune.

    What’s between Saturn and Neptune?


  57. Keith Hearn

    You probably got hundreds, if not thousands of page views, just by posting that you got nothin’. The ability to do that is actually quite something. :)

  58. Gary Ansorge

    So, you’re like the false vacuum, wherein we get positrons and electrons for free. Now, where is the exact opposite to BadAstronomy?

    Let’s just hope they never encounter each other,,,

    Gary 7

  59. Trebuchet

    Coming in just a tad late….

    How can you “got nothing”? You can watch the superbowl coverage on TV. Started at 9:00 AM here, and the game’s not until 3:00! Six solid hours of pre-game festivities. On Fox, no less! Whoo Hoo!

  60. Chris

    This is a good thing. The story instead could have been “Mass Deaths Due to Homeopathic Overdose Campaign”

  61. If you’re inclined toward cosmic religion, I’m conducting a Cosmist “observation” at my little blog…

  62. Daniel J. Andrews

    It’s just Christmas Island. Christmas Tree Island sounds like fun though.

    :) Oops. Did I actually put “tree” in there? sigh.

    Although I suppose if we imported exotic spruces and firs to the island….what could possibly go wrong? heh.

  63. Nemo

    I forget… have you posted about the official YouTube release of “Powers of Ten” yet?

  64. nick

    I like how 6 words can generate over 66 comments 😀

  65. Keith Bowden

    Phiiiiiiiiiiil, Kuhnigget’s not shaaaaring!

  66. Keith Bowden

    Completely OT, but I read earlier and now I am watching Infernal Affairs… it’s been a FANTASTICALLY footballless day. 😉

  67. sam cooke

    You’re in an awful way.

  68. Messier Tidy Upper

    This has got 70 comments now! 😮

    That’s something. 8)

    Some Astronomy jokes for y’all :

    What is a boxers favourite stellar spectral class?



    Why did Al-Quaida try to destroy the largest planet in our solar system?

    They heard it was called Jew-piter! 😉


    What cosmological era gives economists nightmares?

    The inflationary era.


    What stars smell worst?

    Those of class B0!


    What’s the craziest variable star name?

    RU Lupi!+ 😉


    What spectral class are detectives always looking to find?


    & finally :

    What would be the favourite musical style of the inhabitants of a world orbiting Alpha Aurigae?

    Acapella (A-capella!) 😉

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.


    + A real star in case anyone’s wondering. RU Lupi is an RW Aurigae or T-Tauri type “nebular” variable in the southern constellatiion of Lupus the wolf. Probably a young star still in the process of accreting material it varies irregularly from 9th to 13th magnitude and is, probably, a G5 dwarf star located (again, most likely) around 400 light-years away.

    Source : Page 1,113, Burnham, Robert Jnr., Burnham’s Celestial Handbook – Volume II Chamaeleon Through Orion, Dover publications, 1978.

  69. Messier Tidy Upper

    Wait, one last one :

    This thread may be a little empty but the next one is really wholesun! 😉

  70. molybdenumfist

    This comment has been left intentionally blank.

  71. #70 MTU:
    Try this one, then. It doesn’t work in print, so say it aloud…

    Q. What size eyes do you need to observe Alpha Leonis?
    A. Just regular size.

  72. Messier Tidy Upper

    @^ Neil Haggath : LOL. Love it. :-)

  73. katwagner

    We got a new puppy. Red merle standard aussie. What was I thinking; we’re still having 10 below zero at night.

  74. Merijn

    Brilliant, you post nothing and get one of the longer comment-threads going. Hiliarious! :)

  75. Undeniable

    There’s always (cough) Avatar to takedown…

  76. How to generate a mile of comments from an inch of blog :)


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