Live video webcast with LPI Wednesday night!

By Phil Plait | February 7, 2011 10:39 am

[UPDATE (Saturday, February 12): the recorded webcast is now online for your viewing pleasure.]

On Wednesday, February 9, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern (US) time (01:00 Thursday morning GMT) I will be participating in a live video webcast with Andrew Shaner of the Lunar and Planetary Institute. We’ll be talking about the Moon — I’m sure the Moon Hoax will be in there, but I have a hard time staying on topic, so I imagine we’ll also talk exploration, science, and more. And really, I’m always happy to talk about any astronomy or skeptical topic.

This will be a lot of fun, and I hope a bunch of BABloggees will be there. The audience can participate by filling out a brief form and entering their question at the link above. Easy peasy.

P.S. Despite the poster, I really don’t know where you live. Well, for some of you I do. I won’t say who though.

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Comments (10)

  1. Have fun! (I know you will.)

    Besides, I know you know where I live!

  2. Scott Romanowski

    So what if you know where I live! What are you going to do to me, a drive-by astronomy lesson?

    Actually, that _would_ be pretty cool!

  3. >Besides, I know you know where I live!
    Creepers be creepin.

    Anyways, If the internet gods be willing I will watch..

  4. @Scottie Davies, #1 is Dr. Plait’s talented brother. I hope he knows where his own brother lives. ūüėČ

    Now, depending on the CEP given to Dr. Plait, I’m sure he could say he knows what planet we all live on. Given the earth’s insignificant volume compared to the rest of the solar system, that’s pretty darn accurate!

  5. mike burkhart

    Phil could you talk about transiet lunar phenomena? I’ve read about it but have never seen it.

  6. Despite the poster

    I notice that you don’t deny you have a purple head. I smell conspiracy.

  7. Dragonchild

    I know where everyone lives, including you. We all live on Earth. That may sound maddeningly vague, but on the scale of the universe that’s extraordinarily precise.

    That’s the thing about astronomy. It permanently changes your perspective on things. In many ways, for the better.

  8. Bobby

    Well, that 3 a.m for me, but sometimes I get carried away with work, so maybe I’ll be able to catch it. I have no doubt it’ll be fun. But in case I don’t and you come all the way here to deliver stelar vengeance, I’ll buy you off with a trip to an observatory or two.

  9. Floyd

    Well, if Phil has a GPS, at least he can know where he is. Fun toys.

  10. Carp! Directly opposite Nova Science Now!


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