Caturday: the demon on the couch

By Phil Plait | February 26, 2011 7:13 am

Here at Chez BA we have two dogs and a cat. They get along, kinda. There’s a lot of sniffing followed by swatting, for example, and the occasional spirited if short-lived chase.

But there is also harmony. Sometimes. It’s common for the animals to fall asleep together on the couch, and it’s usually extremely cute. I saw Canis Major and Leo (not their real names) napping on the couch recently, and thought what a sweet picture that would make. But when I took the shot…

This explains a lot of things, including the worried look on Canis Major’s face, and the recurring red marks on my arms.

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Comments (24)

  1. Big dogs like that always look to me as if they’re having trouble figuring out what to do with their legs.

  2. P.S. We need a Demon Cat constellation.

  3. Kevin

    It’s a given that cats are inherently evil.

    We keep rambling on about the coming takeovers either by the alien overlords or the machine overlords, but we keep forgetting the cats. It could be the downfall of the entire human race. :)

  4. “It’s a given that cats are inherently evil”

    Beat me to it.

  5. It’s a given that cats are inherently evil.

    My cats say you are confusing superiority with evil, and that you are a jealous primate. And that I must feed them now.

  6. I just lost a little respect for the Bad Astronomer. I always assumed that the dogs were actually named Canis Major and Canis Minor, and now I’m crushed to find that those aren’t their real names.

  7. Pete Jackson
  8. (not their real names)

    Ah, but I can crack your code! Their real names are Lupus and Lynx, aren’t they?

  9. Scott Davis

    The cat is just mad that you woke him up…

  10. Chief

    I see you are protecting their real identities so they can’t be traced online. So what does Phil Plait (if that is your real name), have to hide that his pets can spill. The cat looks like it will take any reasonable offer…

    Well. I’ve been to three launches (one at night). I’m hoping that the April launch will be delayed as I’m down in the area beginning in May. If not maybe seeing a landing?

  11. JLE

    Hmm . . . seems to be that the cat and the dog can actually act like teenage children living in a home, or perhaps they are just diguised . . . “They get along, kinda.” Or . . . “and the occasional spirited if short-lived chase.” Finally this shows how it is having teenagers in your home: “But there is also harmony. Sometimes.” Key words being harmony, sometimes. Yep, the cat and the dog can reflect what’s its like having teenagers in the home. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. Sili

    I thought your cat’s pseudonym was Schrödinger.

  13. Thameron

    So not exactly the Peaceable kingdom? The Detente Kingdom maybe?

  14. “I’z on yur sofa, stealing all the comfy.”

  15. Ciaran

    “I thought your cat’s pseudonym was Schrödinger.”

    It may or may not be.

  16. armillary

    He’s just a big softie, really.

  17. justcorbly

    >>There’s a lot of sniffing followed by swatting, for example, and the occasional spirited if short-lived chase.

    Rather like between men and women, eh?

  18. justcorbly

    Also, I believe that cats exist across the universe and that, collectively, they comprise all the Dark Matter you guys are trying to find.

  19. The averted gaze and tense mouth on your dog makes me wonder if he dislikes the flash enough to tense up when you point a camera at him.

    Almost every picture of my dog, for a long time, showed nervous tongue flicks, for this reason.

  20. And I, for one, welcome our new cat overlords

  21. RwFlynn

    This reminds me of The Secret of NIMH.

  22. JMW

    “Goggie gets dat liddle corner uv couch. I gets rest. Dat is sharing fair.”

  23. BJN

    That couch is much scarier than the cat.

  24. Missy

    It always makes me giggle when I see how much he looks like my cat Crowley. I knew he was a partial demon so I gave him a Demons name (what can I say I LOVE Good Omens)


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