E.T. phone in the sequel

By Phil Plait | February 27, 2011 6:58 am

OK, this made me laugh.

I remember seeing E.T. in the theater when it came out. Just before it was released, I was at a scifi con in DC and talking with a guy who had just been to a sneak peek. He was, ah, enthused.

"E.T. makes Yoda look like a puppet!" he kept saying.

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  1. Messier Tidy Upper

    “E.T. makes Yoda look like a puppet!”

    LOL. :-)

    ET and Yoda have to be the same species though don’t they?

    Puppetus Artificialus. 😉

  2. …of the subspecies imaginarius.

    Did you break it to him that Yoda is not real?

  3. Messier Tidy Upper

    LOL. Classic. I really did laugh aloud at the 5 min. 27 sec mark at the end there. 😀

    R Restricted Audiences should proceed with caution – contains scenes with Bruice Willis

    Meh, that could be worse, it could be scenes with Mel Gibson or Charlie Sheen or, *shudder*, Tom Cruise*! 😉


    * Having said that, I loved the first half of the 2005 remake of War of the Worlds. Pity about the second half though ..

  4. Chief

    With Bruce Willis you know they aren’t going to succeed. I’m sure Morgan Freeman will calm the masses. The only thing they forgot was the beer.

    M&M’s really dropped the ball on this movie, R/Pieces really got a lot of free advertising and got noticed, bigtime.

  5. Snowshoe the Canuck

    When is it opening, Feb 30th?

  6. Michel

    Very cool! Great fun.

  7. Tozza

    Stonkin’ good.

  8. delphi_ote

    Of course indeed!

  9. Cyc

    Does Hollywood not even care anymore? It looks like they finally got the hints that they are a joke and here is the proof. After watching that trailer I cannot help but think, “They really don’t care anymore, just grab whatever half developed story board is available and ship it out and wait for those fat hungry hoards to eat it up, it could be the worst thing they’ve ever written and it will still be a blockbuster”. I don’t want art to be something we read about in history books…please?

  10. Skrim


    It’s not real. It’s just a joke. A real trailer, for a fake movie: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RealTrailerFakeMovie . Y’know, like Minesweeper: The Movie. Only less hilarious.

  11. alfaniner

    Poe’s Law x10!! I seriously can not tell if this is a real movie or not.

  12. Please, please, please tell me this is a fake. For the sake of all that is watchable, please pronounce this a fake.

  13. MAKG

    It’s obviously a joke. A well made one, I might add.

    Notice all the 3D technologies? Including ViewMaster and Anaglyph-3D?

    The voice-over reminded me of Ghandi-II. I think intentionally.

  14. TheRoboman

    Please, please, please let some studio pick this up and really make it.

    This would be the best comedy in years! I’d really rather see this than yet another lame Adam Sander shipwreck.

  15. John Bono

    My only complaint is that Michael Bay wasn’t the credited director. It seems like one of his movies.

  16. Sir Craig

    The fun part was trying to identify all the clips that were being used in this. At least three different Morgan Freeman movies (Sudden Impact, Dreamcatcher, and one other I couldn’t identify), Bruce Willis’ movie The Siege, etc. Fun stuff and well done!

  17. Douglas Troy

    View Master 3-D … HAHAHHAHA.

  18. bjm
  19. Mike Mullen

    And if it were real it still probably wouldn’t be the worst movie coming out this summer…

  20. Is there any connection with Mar’s Attacks? A lot the scenes look like spoofs of Mar’s Attacks.

  21. Chris L.

    I love the picture of Henry Thomas (Elliot) and Erika Eleniak (the girl he kissed in the science class scene) together. It really fits and is extra geek cool.

  22. Is there a piece of Bad Astronomy there? The opening sequence shows the Milky Way as I see it this time of the year from 41S!!!

    Indeed, I posted just that view in my blog yesterday! And the video about the distance from the Earth to the Moon that Phil posted about on Friday had a picture made by me! So many coincidences, something is going to happen…

  23. Anyone else catch the song playing on the car radio when the adult Eliot encounters E.T.? Neil Diamond’s ‘Heartlight.’

  24. ABR.

    I liked the TV caption at 4:42 for Morgan Freeman: Defense Secretary, E.Z. Reader.

  25. Charlie in Dayton

    This is an example(s) of:
    1) incredible CGI
    2) blatant sampling of other fillums
    3) someone with cubic quantities of cash to get all these people together

    But it is absofreakin’lutely hilarious…

    Anyone want to take bets that this will be the ONLY example of Mr. Willis’s acting chops that are featured in a positive mode on this blog?

  26. ggremlin

    Someone is really, really talented, I loved it! Where did they get the film clips from for Drew Barrymore and most of the others?
    BTW, ViewMaster 3D is real, I remember it as a kid. The viewer come with a audio disc that activated when you advanced to the next picture. I still remember the skip feature “The pyramids were built by the sweat and toil, sweat and toil, of five thousand, of five thousand, slaves, slaves.” :)

  27. Lee

    The creator’s web site gives a couple of details about how it was made http://robertblankenheim.com/

  28. DennyMo

    6. Snowshoe the Canuck Says: When is it opening, Feb 30th?

    Either that or April 1st. I almost wish this was for real, the production on the “trailer” was that good. But I’d have a hard time with ET’s cousins as vampire-fanged zombie-ish carnivores. Very nicely done.

  29. Mapnut

    Whew, I’m so relieved to read these comments and find out it isn’t true that ET’s aliens are evil.

  30. Calli Arcale

    Oh, that was hilarious! I busted up at the Skycranes spraying Reece’s Pieces over the countryside. 😀

  31. It makes me wish that it really will be a real film, done as a spoof, of course. Done properly, it could be hilarious.

  32. I might have been upset if my notions of benevolent, Spielbergian aliens were not shattered decades ago.

    LOL, Obama’s in it.

    M&M’s may have passed up mondo free advertising 30 years ago, but they’re vindicated now.

  33. Keith Bowden

    “Defense Secretary – E Z Reader”
    “ViewMaster 3D”

  34. mike burkhart

    Little known fact ET started out as a sequal to Close Encounters of Third Kind but then Spielberg decided to make it a separate film . By the way ET dose a cameo in Star Wars Episode 1 but he is kind of hard to see. he and others of his kind are in the seen in the senate if you have a dvd player with zoom and slow hears how to find him: In the part where Queen Amadala is giveing her speach , pause zoom and look over her left shoulder at a lower platform you will see several ETs standing there . Yoiu may have to do this several times there kind of hard to see.

  35. Stan9fromouterspace

    Glad to see the little shout-outs to Cloverfield and Mars Attacks; the Grey Gardens poster on Drew’s wall was a nice touch.

  36. NoAstronomer

    #20 Mike Mullen nailed it.

  37. Michael Swanson

    @15. TheRoboman

    “Please, please, please let some studio pick this up and really make it.

    This would be the best comedy in years! I’d really rather see this than yet another lame Adam Sander shipwreck.”

    Careful. They might make it with Adam Sandler.


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