Caturday napping

By Phil Plait | March 5, 2011 7:00 am

It’s Caturday! What better day for a nap?

Despite any folk tales, Leo did not steal any of Mrs. BA’s breath. But you can still tell she’s planning something evil. I know what she’s capable of.

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Comments (26)

  1. A blanket, a jacket, *and* a cat? It must be cold in Phil’s house!

    And yes, that cat is planning something.

  2. Grand Lunar

    It’s obvious what the kitty is planning:

    “I shall revel in the comfort of this location and commence REM sleep! Bwha ha ha ha!”

    Could be worse. The cat could be kneeding. I think cats take pleasure in causing pain that way.

  3. Did you see that other picture? He’s obviously planning the future cat empire, and I for one am looking forward to our new cat overloads.

  4. Thameron

    Despite any folk tales, Leo did not steal any of Mrs. BA’s breath.

    How do you know? They don’t do it while you’re watching. Just a couple of breaths gone here and there and no one is the wiser.

  5. She’s either cold or rubbing her paws together with glee. I’d err on the side of evil.

  6. G

    Great Scott! That cat is enoooormous.

  7. Michel

    It´s a take over. She´s clearly planning to make a run with with the fur.
    I had two sister cats that had the annoying habbit of dragging the bedding of me during the night. One night I woke up when they were at it. They would pull, wait to see if I moved and then drag some more bedding of me. They were ever so patient doing it together. So I let them and kept peeping through my half closed eyes. They woul pull, check, wait, pull, check, wait etc
    That´s when I found out how I could wind up totally uncovered and shivverig. And those two next to the bed all rolled up in my sheets and all.

  8. Dr. Plait, your wife seems to follow the same dress-code mine does. If the house is below 72, layers pile on until she runs out of clothes it seems…

  9. Jeff in Tucson

    Maine Coon? Looks like it. Best. Breed. Ever.

  10. She (the cat) is camouflaged in that blanket. That is always a bad sign when they camouflage themselves. She’s definitely plotting something … although I’m not completely sure your wife is not in it with that smurf camouflage.

  11. Sam H

    So that’s what your wife looks like…anyway, if she’s layered up then how cold is it down there? We’ve been having windchills of -30°C up here in Calgary (or -22°F for all you Americans…dang. Never got exactly how the conversion works…)

  12. thetentman

    I predict that Mrs. BA will not be pleased that Phil put that picture on the web. My wife would have my head if I surrepticiously took a shot of her sans makeup and posted it for all to see. At least she’s not drooling. Good luck Phil.

  13. Cindy

    I’m more amazed that your couch is still tan color with a dark haired cat around. I have a black cat about the same size and we had to go with a dark color scheme to hide the cat fur.

    Happiness is curling up with a warm furry on a cold day. Until the cat starts to knead it’s claws or decides to torment the dog.

  14. Susan

    I live in Michigan and we dress like that all winter long. Is Leo a Maine Coon?

  15. Joseph G

    Awww! That’s my preferred napping style, too – on couch, with coat hood pulled up, with evil-looking kitteh on board. Of course, we like to think of cats as lap-warmers, when in reality it’s we who are the cat-warmers :)
    If only we could train cars to use telescopes! I’m positive that they can see in the infrared.

  16. JB of Brisbane

    @Sam H #12 – to convert degrees Celcius to Farenheit (spelling?), multiply by 9 over 5 and add 32, or in equation form,
    To convert the other way, subtract 32, then multiply by 5 over 9.
    In Oz we haven’t had to do that since late 1972.

  17. justcorbly

    The cat was obviously just waiting for Phil to leave the room…

  18. Mrs. BA

    @#13-thetentman – Being an intelligent and experienced husband, Phil got my permission to use the photo. I don’t know whether to be insulted or flattered that you think I wasn’t wearing makeup – I’m going to choose to be flattered. I actually was wearing a little (with my Norwegian ancestry I actually won’t show up in a photograph if I’m not wearing any). And the cat had already spent about 15 minutes kneading my lap before she settled down – it’s one of her more charming behaviors.

  19. Joseph G

    O hai, Mrs. BA! Awesum caturday to U!

    Good to hear he got permission to use the photo, though this dashes any hopes I might have had of getting some embarrassing at-home anecdotes about Mr. BA (by way of revenge) 😉

  20. Pete Jackson

    @17JB: A better formula for temperature conversion is to first add 40, multiply by 9/5 (C to F) or 5/9 (F to C) and then subtract 40.

    This formula takes advantage of Fahrenheit and Celsius both being the same at -40 degrees! And it is better because you don’t have to remember whether to add or subtract the 32, or whether you do either before the 5/9 or 9/5 or after.

  21. Paul in Sweden

    Leo has similar coloring to the cat that just crawled off my lap.:)

  22. Joseph G

    Speaking of evil cats! My basement cat just climbed across my bookshelf to jump onto my lap – in the process he knocked a largish lamp off the shelf. It’s amazing I caught it before it hit the ground.

    I know it’s part of some sinister plot, I just know it.

  23. thetentman

    @Mrs BA,

    I think it was the best photo he has ever posted and not because of the cat. And I am glad he got your permission, I know my wife would have freaked if i had tried to do that without permission. And thank you for letting Phil spend so much time with us.



  24. mike burkhart

    Cats want one thing ,a nice jucy rodent for dinner the rodent can be a :mouse,rat ,ginne pig, gerbil,or a hamster. Now when it comes to hamsters I like hamsters and own one and if I see one of the strays in my neighborhood eating my hamster they will lose all 9 of there lives. I warned them. Besides hamsters are high in fat because there well feed and are unhealthy for cats.


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