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By Phil Plait | March 9, 2011 7:00 am

This made me laugh.

funny gifs

If you don’t get it, this might help. Well, this too.

Found at BuzzFeed who actually found it at, of all places, Hemant Mehta’s Friendly Atheist, who heard about it from Rebecca!

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Comments (54)

  1. Brilliant! :) Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Allecher

    In my world Carl Sagan is as sexy as Isaiah Mustafa. Well, almost!

  3. Melissa Dowd

    There’s a Grover version as well…”Smell like a monster”.

  4. Aubri
  5. Sam H

    Dangit…photo’s blocked :( Anyway, I’ve noticed your new banner. Who came up with that, I wonder?

  6. Murff

    Sorry to have to say this, but the little astronaut in the “Bad Astronomy” header looks like he’s takin a pee…

  7. I kept expecting it to say “THE PLANET IS NOW DIAMONDS!”, oh well.

    I can’t decide whether I should have that guy’s voice or Sagan’s voice reading the lines in my head. I suppose Sagan wouldn’t be quick enough.

    BTW, your new banner…why is he in a spacesuit when he’s so clearing standing on a bright sunny Earth day?

  8. Jeffersonian

    same reaction
    can’t get anything to load that explains the horse
    just a deodorant commercial?

  9. Caleb

    Am I the only one who thought this was gonna be a Dune reference.

  10. That’s too brilliant. Oh man, I laughed so hard at this!!

  11. Nigel Depledge

    @ Caleb (7) –
    No, not just you.

  12. Jenna

    When I first saw this title, I thought it had something to do with Dune. I was wrong, but still very happy when I saw the .gif!

  13. I prefer the Sesame Street version of the Old Spice commercial (especially because it has my favorite muppet, Grover):

  14. Jenna

    I see I’m not the only one. Also not the only one who noticed the urinating astronaut. =)

  15. Sam H

    @7: Same.
    And I must agree Murff that the astronaut actually does look like he’s doing that…so who designed this, Phil?

  16. @Jeffersonian
    Scroll down to “The Man Your Man…” and play that one.


  17. elonin

    thought it was a dune reference too.

  18. jearley

    The Cthulu version is funny too.

  19. David W.

    I also thought of “Dune” when I first saw the title. I am happy to see that I am not alone in thinking that. :) GMTA, I guess. LOL

  20. Technogeek

    I’m going to add myself to the list of people who were expecting a Dune joke from the title.

  21. Pete Jackson

    @15 Well, it’s appropriate since he is apparently at Uran-us.

  22. OtherRob

    Amazing how many of us read “spice” and immediately thought of Dune…

  23. madge

    I just snorted coffee out of my nose! BRILLIANT! :)

  24. Bart

    That’s not an astronaut in the banner, it’s Adam Savage.

  25. Minos

    @7 Arick Rice:
    “BTW, your new banner…why is he in a spacesuit when he’s so clearing standing on a bright sunny Earth day?”

    The trail of his urine goes all the way around the planet, so he’s either in orbit (and had a very full bladder) or it’s a very small planet (I bet the Little Prince has problems like that).

  26. Liath

    26 Bart Says
    That’s not an astronaut in the banner, it’s Adam Savage.

    Yes, and don’t try this at home. He’s what you call an expert..

  27. Regner Trampedach

    Minos @ 27: Man – you beat me to it, about Adam’s urine going into orbit… Too funny!
    Cheers, Regner

  28. Steve Metzler

    You couldn’t fool me with that BA logo. Everyone knows that spacesuits don’t have flies, because they’re unisex… well, that, and the escape velocity of urine. I think.

  29. Chris Winter


    You probably mean specific impulse rather than escape velocity (although escape velocity gets the meaning across.)

    I can’t remember title nor author, but there was a science fiction story in which the suit’s urine repository was the key to getting a drifting astronaut back to his ship.

  30. The guy who does the amazingly funny ‘Engineer’s Guide to Cats’ also does a take on the Old Spice commercial:

  31. Steve Metzler

    You probably mean specific impulse rather than escape velocity (although escape velocity gets the meaning across.)

    Ha ha. Now that you mention it, the idea of the astronaut trying to blast himself into orbit by taking a leak is a whole lot more funny than the way I mentally pictured it, which was as a stream of urine orbiting the planet (thus the escape velocity allusion). Go figure.

  32. A misleadingly Dune-ish reference and a peeing astronaut? “The urine must flow.”

    Now I want to send a letter to Old Spice complaining that I’ve been drinking ther product for years and it hasn’t slowed down my aging or enhanced my prescience one bit.

  33. Chief

    Wow, imagine starting a new topic and all the critical thinkers are in the toilet. Kinda off base for the topic at hand. I have “The Pale Blue Dot” on mp3 and listen to it every so often. Can’t say I remember the spice side of things though so the humour is lost on me on this one. bummer.

  34. Steve Ulven

    That is pure brilliance. I am still laughing over that.

  35. Daniel J. Andrews

    I didn’t see an astronaut urinating. Now I can’t see anything but. Thanks. Thanks a lot. :)

    As for the gif display, quite funny.

  36. Jeffersonian

    (After I posted, the post was changed. I was referring to:
    @6 I, too, first thought it was an astronaut peeing; still looks like it
    @10 Thanx for update. Earlier, the link went to a different Old Spice commercial, sans horse)

  37. Joseph G

    This is 99.9999% pure, refined win.

  38. Joseph G

    Regarding the astronaut – it looks like s/he’s standing on a surface, in an Apollo-type suit (as opposed to floating in an orbital EVA suit), and the background is green and blue, as if the astronaut is on earth, but there are planets hanging from strings in the background, as if they’re props. Is this a reference to the “moon-landing hoax” conspiracy theory? And if so, why on earth would Phil make it his logo? Unless I’m missing the intentional irony, or something.

    Jeez, I didn’t even see the astronaut as urinating until everyone brought it up! Bah!
    Now I’m trying to picture a urine-ring around a planet.
    Actually, Phobos has an escape velocity of about 40 kph, so if you stood on a high point and peed in the right direction… Of course, in a pressure suit, I’m not sure how you’d do it. You’d need to design a compression suit, probably one that’d only work for men. One that’d cover absolutely everything except for a very tiny hole for the end of… er… ok, I’m gonna stop right there.
    *trying to get the image of vacuum-bruised genitals out of my head*

  39. Awww, Carl. Back when Science was still popular.

  40. katwagner

    @42 Joseph G, end of second paragraph: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hahahahahaha! Gawd. And I also thought it was about Dune.

  41. JB of Brisbane

    At the risk of offending language purists like myself –


  42. mfumbesi

    Great one for Carl, enjoyed it.
    As others have mentioned it, on your new Astronaut looks like he is taking a leak.

  43. Scott B
  44. Griff

    I read this in Isaiah’s voice…

  45. Jeff

    Nice one! I’ll be passing it on :-)

  46. Well done…

    I’ve got the Old Spice – but no style.

    Best Regards,

    Frank Hatch
    Initial Mass Displacements


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