Reminder: NECSS in April!

By Phil Plait | March 10, 2011 7:00 am

The critical thinking meeting season is about to kick off, and the first big one in the US is NECSS: The Northeast Conference for Science and Skepticism. It’s from April 9 – 10 in New York City, and has a pretty cool list of speakers. I’m honored to be giving the keynote address, and there are lots of fun extracurricular activities planned as well.

Still not convinced? Then listen to the smooth basso of my pal George Hrab in this promo he put together for NECSS. He’ll be there too, and I bet we can convince him to do a song or two from his latest album.

Registration is now open, and there’s an event page on Facebook if you’re into that sort of thing too.

UPDATE: George just let the cat out of the bag on this, too: we’ll be doing a live performance of his song "Death from the Skies!" Saturday night at the reception. Here’s a taste of what you’ll get:

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  1. Hmm. One is not like the others.
    There isn’t enough hat love in this group.

  2. Timmy

    Invest in a professional headshot, man!

  3. Grand Lunar

    Darn, don’t think I can make it. Not on my salary.

    Maybe if you hold something like this in the southwest?

    Of course, the insanity that is amuk here may prevent that….

  4. Will be there. I’ll try to say hi, if I can beat my way through the thronging fans.

  5. Kirk

    I’d like to go to one of these, especially since this one has such a distinguished panel. Unfortunately, I’ll be in Maui at the time. Not that that’s all that unfortunate, I suppose.

  6. Josie

    Grand Lunar…we have TAM in Las Vegas. I think there might be a deal or two for hotels/flights available ūüėõ

  7. Bobby

    Ooh, death-from-the-space man!
    Alas, I won’t be there, seeing as how there is an ocean and half a continent between me and NY, but I hope you have a great time.
    And _don’t_ get a professional headshot. This is perfect and sets you apart in the right way.

  8. Keith Bowden

    Sweeet. Much better than the autotune stuff. :)

  9. Apaeter

    Is that a broken crash on the ride? That looks cool – what does it do? I have some spare broken crashes, gotta try that!

  10. mike burkhart

    I don’t know what topics will be talked about but I hope science education in the U.S. is one ,its a crisis and needs to improve.Off Topic: For thoes over 40 who owned an Atari 2600,and have a Nintendo ds two volumes of Atari arcade and 2600 game have come out for the ds (thers a game of intelavision games to) volume 1 also has the verson of Battle Zone made for the Army volune 2 has a emulator of the Atari 400 computer (any one rember how to program a computer with BASIC I have’nt since high school).

  11. Jenna

    Sounds fun, wish I could be there!
    Also, that song rocked!

  12. Charles Sullivan

    Weirdly cool phrasing in the chorus section. It’s like 6 + 6 +4, then rinse and repeat.

  13. Joseph G

    Oooooo I wish I could go!!
    Is there a similar event in California? Preferably the San Francisco bay area? ūüėÄ
    We’ve got a huge variety of woo out here, so we can use all the science and skepticism we can get!

  14. Gary Ansorge

    I wonder if George gets “numb thumb” when he’s playing? I used to, until I changed my grip.

    New York is a fur piece to travel, with todays gas prices. Hopefully Y’All will have one of these in Atlanta. Some day,,,soon???

    Gary 7

  15. Tony

    Off topic I am sure, but what model of cymbals are those, particularly the ride. It looks like they are Zildjian based on the stamp, but I don’t what line they are. They sound good. Nice tune, going to have to buy it from iTunes.

  16. Craig

    I’m going to NECSS. See you there, Phil!


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