Carnival of Space 188

By Phil Plait | March 13, 2011 7:17 am

I’ve been remiss in linking to the weekly Carnival of Space — the collection of the week’s astronomy and space blog posts. This week’s is hosted at AARTScopeBlog, and has links to great articles about our Universe.

Universe Today hosts the archives of all the past CoSs, too. If you’ve got some time and lots of curiosity, this is the place for you!


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  1. Messier Tidy Upper

    If you’ve got lots of Curiosity then NASA-JPL want you to return all those missing parts of their Mars Rover :

    (formerly known as the Mars Science Laboratory) ASAP! ūüėČ

    Sorry, couldn’t resist that – thanks BA. :-)


    “Curiousity and a drive to understand the cosmos have characterised humanity for as long as we can tell. Our telescopes and space probes are simply the most recent steps in a journey that began many thousands of years before Stonehenge.”

    – Robert Burnham, page 43, “Glorious Universe” in ‘Astronomy ‘ magazine, October 1991.

  2. Seth Kurtenbach


    You’ve got to debunk these conspiracy nuts claiming the sun “went dark” this morning.

  3. Michel

    Totally off topic but very disturbing. Japan before and after:

    Just move your mouse over the picture and the new landscape will show itself.

  4. Melissa

    Also on the quake topic…the news media keep saying that the plate occurred on the boundaries of the Pacific and North American plates…but if you look at a map of plate boundaries, it looks as though Japan is on the boundaries of the Eurasian, Pacific and Phillipine plates. The western boundary of the North American plate is on the west coast of …North America.

  5. Michel

    We leave that to the lawyers. First help and than we¬īll look into whose plate it was.


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