Jurassic school assembly

By Phil Plait | April 13, 2011 4:43 pm

This is quite simply the bestest thing ever.

Man, if my school had an assembly like this for us when I was a kid, I might’ve stuck with studying dinosaurs. Also? I want one for Dragon*Con.

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  1. Matthew Gill

    I’ve seen these before.. They look like fun.

  2. Keith Bowden


  3. Scott Davis

    Everyone walk the dinosaur….

  4. Kage Murphy

    They could have all be killed… 😉

  5. Mike

    OMG! Fantastic suit!

  6. Jerome

    It needs feathers.

  7. “And then when I was about eight, a dinosaur came to my school and started chasing us around. No, not Barney, a REAL dinosaur, with teeth and claws. I’m telling you, doctor, it really happened! NO…PLEASE…NOT THE STRAITJACKET AGAIN!!!”

  8. John Reiher

    I wonder how many of those kids needed a change of underwear after that assembly?

  9. Irving

    Rats. We’ll have to change the “days since” on the sign again: http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/wwdnbackup/2011/04/raptors.html

  10. Geno Watson

    GEEZ!!! I want to be a kid again!!

  11. John Paradox

    I’m the Tyrannosaur, gotta love me!


  12. I don’t think that’s a real dinosaur. It’s got an extra pair of people legs.

    Hmm…. On the other hand, the people legs on a dinosaur may be definitive proof of evolution.

  13. Check out the boy in the blue shirt against the wall at the 0:38 second mark… I think he might be taking it a little too seriously.

  14. Trace

    Love the (teacher?administrator?) putting up his “quiet sign” fingers at 0:30. Yeah, that’s gonna happen.

  15. Stephanie

    One of my boyfriend’s friends worked as a puppeteer on one of the arena tours of this show. We got to go backstage after the show and see the puppets up-close. They are AMAZING.

  16. They had this as a moment of zen on the Daily Show last week, and I too want the suit!

  17. Wzrd1

    I want a suit too! On second thought, I’ll take two of them.

  18. ND

    The movements look really really good. Looks realistic, not that we’ve seen real dinos. Well maybe 6000 years ago our ancestors did 😉

    You know, it would be a great gag to get into that suit and start walking over to a crowd from a distance. You can imagine people trying to figure out if that really is a dino coming in their direction.

    Edit: Then again, you’d probably get shot. Especially in Texas! In which case, if you do this and you die, you disavow me of any responsibility. kthanx.

  19. JR

    That’s pretty awesome.

    But…some of those kids look genuinely terrified. And can you blame them?

  20. Steve (treelobsters)

    Huh. I tried to post a link to the website of the people who do these performances but it keeps getting marked as spam. Weird.

  21. Awesome!

    Can you imagine how cool it would be to be the guy in the suit? Whenever people ask you what it is you do for a living, you’d be able to say “oh, I’m a dinosaur” … AND THEY WOULDN’T BE LYING! Best job ever! 😛

  22. RCSI

    Would be the perfect Halloween costume.
    Now give me the plans for it so I can build one myself.

  23. Randy A.

    The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles has one of those tyrannosaurs (theirs has feathers). Plus a ceratopsian and a saber tooth cat. And in a year or two, the California Science Center next door will have a space shuttle! Woohoo!

  24. Chip

    I can see it now…Newspaper article saying…Local youth has night terrors after a dinosaur puppet scared him at local school assembly. Parents suing school district for $100 Million dollars for emotional distress…….
    Walking with Dinosaurs show was absolutely fantastic when we saw it. So life like. If you EVER get a chance, SEE IT!!!

  25. jess tauber

    Add in some virtual reality and long distance operation, later AI, really good armor and small nuke reactors to power the things and I can see armies of these things invading the territories of our terrified enemies. And razor teeth made of steel. I’d love to see Al Qaeda peeing in its pants.

  26. Jub

    There’s a show, Walking with Dinosaurs, that has the baby t-rex like that one there, and then its full-sized mama. Along with a dozen other dinos. I recommend it if it’s ever at an arena in your area.

  27. Nigel Depledge

    @ Jess Tauber (24) –
    It needs bigger guns.

  28. Sion

    It appears to be pooping out an earlier victim. Legs first.

  29. Jonathan Graham

    Kids are so lucky these days. If that was my school I image I’d have choosen a different profession.

    I want a costume like that for my next Halloween party.

  30. CameronSS

    This post has been up nearly twelve hours and we still haven’t had the troll pointing out that a tyrannosaur would be Cretaceous, not Jurassic. So I guess that’s me. Just sayin’. TROLLOLOL. 😉

  31. I think I once read a Ray Bradbury story in which a kid wanted to be a dinosaur when he grew up. Apparently it actually came true (after a fashion) for someone.

  32. Nomæd

    Awesome idea for Halloween 😉

  33. chris y

    Lovely. Of course what they never include in these reconstructions is what Tyrannosaur breath must have smelled like.

  34. Timmy

    My dinosaur suit would have a jet pack, rocket launchers, and a flux capacitor. Not that I’ve thought about it, much. Actually, I think about it every day.

  35. Kaylen

    I want to take off running in a mall with that suit on…

  36. Joseph

    SHAME! Shame shame shame on those school administrators!

    Now those children, when the time displacements hit, or when the the inevitable genetic engineering experiment goes awry, or when the hidden valley in the Antarctic is revealed by global warming, or when the underground warren protected over millions of years is opened through an inadvertent mining accident, etc. etc.

    Those poor children will not run when they see the T-rex or other similarly structured predator, they will squeal in terrified delight as it moves towards them. Then they will squeal in horror for other reasons.

    FOR SHAME portraying dinosaurs in such a friendly light.

    Be wary of the tall grass my friends, be wary…

  37. Poor king of the tyrant lizards. Reduced to entertaining children. Sweet, innocent, delicious children. This cannot possibly go wrong.

    OK now seriously, that is very cool and must have inspired a few of those kids into natural history.

  38. Gary Ansorge

    Phil, when my Son was three, he knew and could accurately enunciate the names of most known dinos.

    These days, he’s a senior software engineer at Apple.

    So, MAYBE you’d have gone for paleontology,,,or maybe you’d be working for Apple too,,,

    Hummm, maybe this is a good posting for this link,,,


    ,,,about evolution in action,,,

    Gary 7

  39. toasterhead

    Perhaps I’m cynical from arguing with creationists all the time, but the first thing I think of when I watch that video is “great, another prop for the Creation Museum to hijack.” I can just picture them taking costumes like this on tour around the country to demonstrate how velociraptors ate vegetables and let Adam and Eve ride them like horses before the fall.

    On the other hand, one could corner the trick-or-treat market with that Halloween costume.

  40. EKunsman

    I laughed so hard over this and the comments, I’m still wiping the tears from my eyes. Sue the T-Rex at the Field Museum in Chicago Twitters and is very funny. Last time I was in Chicago, I saw one of these at a baseball game and walking the Mag Mile, advertising her exhibit.

  41. fastpathguru

    Not realistic at all. Needs a saddle. And a Jesus sitting in the saddle.

  42. Trebuchet

    @42, fastpathguru:

    “And a Jesus sitting in the saddle.”

    Or a bearded zebrafish expert!

  43. Mike Torr

    What happened to the blog page just now? Weird.

    OK, cool video… and whoever is in that suit is VERY fit!

  44. PayasYouStargaze

    I’m really annoyed that I put a website link in my name once and it keeps sneaking back in there.

  45. catgoddess

    Oh man, how cool! That is a really great idea…can I have one for Halloween, mom??? Huh, Pleeeeeezzzeeee???

  46. jess tauber

    Re chris y (post 33), My guess is that TRex had lovely breath right up there with Komodo Dragons and old lions or tigers, only lots worse.

    This was a matter of courtesy for the prey- as they would pass out from the stench before the first bite.

    There is some paleontological controversy in certain quarters as to whether theropods were venomous. Thank God birds lost their teeth! Polly wanna paralyze you….

  47. From the very first seconds of the vid I could tell the video was shot in Oz. Apparently the school is in Bondi. I really truly hope this show is still going in 5 years when my daughter starts school. Knowing it is here in Sydney is awesome.

  48. flip

    #25, Jess Tauber

    Actually the puppets from this show are mainly animatronics.

    #26, Jub

    This video is of one of the puppets from the show.

    #49 Shane and everyone else

    The puppet is from ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’, and is an Australian-made production. It’s returning to Oz for the first time in a few years.

  49. Jacob

    omg… I want to see 50 of these running down the street at dragoncon.

  50. Stephen

    THAT is what they should have at Halloween Horror Nights. It would be horrifying.

  51. Fernando

    How funny. I wanted to be a paleontologist when i was a child, but then i changed my mind and now i’m studying astronomy.
    About the video, What could happen if someone dressed like that awaits you in a dark alley at night?

  52. Nick

    That is amazing! For a few seconds, I didn’t even notice the man’s legs coming out the bottom and thought it might have been some very advance animotronics (advanced as in, standing on its own instead of having an extra support system).

    I would have loved going to an assembly like that when I was in grade school.

  53. Peter

    Will this be on the standardized test? If not, then it has no curricular value and should not be in school. These children should be sitting still and quiet in desks learning from Texas State School Board approved books which had been vetted by concerned Creationist members of the community.

    I fear for the youth of our nation.

  54. Justin

    Scaring little kids is funny.


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