OMG! They killed Mimas!

By Phil Plait | April 14, 2011 12:28 pm

You know, over the past couple of years I’ve compared Saturn’s moon Mimas to the Death Star, an egg, Pac Man, and even now Rick Astley. But while I was prepping the image for that last one yesterday, it suddenly hit me that yet another comparison was in order.

I’ll just leave it here without comment…

… except to say that finding an image of Kenny from the side was almost impossible. At least one where he was still alive.


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  1. Marina Stern
  2. Keith Bowden

    Drat, Marina beat me to it. :)

  3. Robert S-R

    Gosh. I thought maybe a supervillain’s scheme had come to fruition, but why attack Mimas?

  4. I guess that makes Jupiter … Cartman? He’s not fat, he’s just ‘big cored’.

  5. DrFlimmer

    And who’s responsible?


  6. Jim Johnson

    Mimas must respect Jupiter’s authoriti!

  7. Patrick

    Lol gotta love it

  8. Other Paul

    Harumph. At least two of us beat you to it in yesterday’s comments. J Major and I claim priors!

  9. MAC

    Kenny kinda looks like a cement truck from the side. Part of one, anyway.

  10. alfaniner

    My first thought from this angle was “Kenny!” but someone beat me to it on the earlier post. Although, it does also look like the globe from my Litter Robot.

  11. @ #8. Other Paul: Ha! I was going to leave it be but heck, you said it. 😉 Priors all around!
    (Actually I had first said it back on February 1 in regards to a similar side-view of Mimas: )

  12. Richard

    I think I came up with this first. I tweeted the resemblance to Carolyn Porco on April 11th just after the image was posted. See here:

    Do I get a prize? No! Screw you guys, I’m going home! :-)

  13. When South Park finally comes to an end, I think the perfect way to close the series is to destroy the town of South Park completely and kill everyone in town… except for Kenny. Kenny climbs out of the wreckage, the soul survivor. Yeah… that would be cool.

  14. Rex Bob Lowenstein

    Not even close. I must have been in a coma, when did Discover turn into Discovery Channel?

  15. Other Paul

    @IMForeman – an arm, clad in a red coat, punches up and out from the rubble. Fade to silhouette against the sky.

  16. Messier Tidy Upper

    OMG they’ve … turned Kenny into a Saturnian moon! 😉

    @11. IMForeman & 12. Other Paul : Yes. Agreed on both there. :-)

  17. Messier Tidy Upper

    @3. Robert S-R : ” …but why attack Mimas?”

    Because its the Death Star of course! 😉

    Compare :

    with :

    The only difference is a light coating of frost! 😉

    Oh & see here :

    What it will do to you if you don’t attack it! 😉

  18. This is pretty funny! I literally did think the image looked like Kenny as I was writing the older post, and never saw the other people claiming it looked like him. Clearly the resemblance is strong enough that a lot of folks thought of it independently.

    As for the people who don’t see it, well, YMMV. But a lot of us do.

  19. @Other Paul, And then they fade to 20 years later, with a “Wonder Years/Stand By Me” narration from an adult, millionaire Best selling author Kenny says “I still think of my friends and our crazy days in South Park: Stan, Kyle… even Eric. And while I miss those guys, that town was just nuts.”

  20. Other Paul

    @IMForeman: Now if I say it finishes with Kenny in an old folks home, aged 130, a la D Hoffman in Little Big Man, that’ll be the end of it, right? Or do we go all Babylon 5 with Kenny reconstructed in ‘live’ histories of past millennia? Gaah!

  21. It ends with Kenny, having lived for trillions of years, gathers energy into a vast starship he’s built over history and says “Let there be light” and he reignites a new universe… and maybe becomes Galactus in the next one.

  22. Other Paul

    Ending with ‘To be continued …’

  23. Wzrd1

    Phil! You were SUPPOSED to WAIT to shoot the teraimactor at the damned thing!
    You bastard, you killed kennyprobe!

  24. Matt B.

    Accidental double-click.

  25. Matt B.

    If you draw a perfect circle on Mimas, you can see that the impact left a very thick layer of material around the crater, to a distance of about 60 degrees of circumference. Even the abyss of the crater may not be below the original surface.

  26. Gorden Russell

    Yes, IMForeman and Other Paul…we want Kenny to see the singularity and transcend.


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