Two Sunday radio interviews

By Phil Plait | April 15, 2011 10:49 am

You know what you don’t get enough of? Hearing me blather on about astronomy and skepticism on a Sunday. So you’re in luck: I’ll be doing two interviews on Sunday:

1) At 6:00 p.m. Eastern (US) time (22:00 UT) I’ll be on Star Talk Radio with my old pal and all around cool dude Neil deGrasse Tyson, and my new pal, comedian and all around cool chick Leighann Lord (we’re the three on the left of that pic with producers Helen Matsos and Leslie Mullen on the right). We’ll be dissecting the science in science fiction movies and basically having a good time with it. You can listen to the show when it airs, but keep in mind we pre-recorded it when I was in NYC last week for NECSS.

What I will do, though, is listen along when it airs Sunday, and then I’ll be on Twitter making dumb jokes and snarky comments as usual. So join me there and I’ll answer your questions if I can.

2) I’ll be on the Think Atheist radio/podcast at 8:00 Eastern (US) time (midnight UT), and this one is live! So you can call in and ask questions. If you need more info, a pink unicorn will help:

So there you go. Mark your calendar! Twice!


Comments (20)

  1. Keith Bowden

    Shouldn’t the pink unicorn be invisible? :)

  2. @ ^ Keith Bowden : But then how can it be pink – simultaneously?!? 😉

    Much easier to believe in Russell’s teapot in independent solar orbit! 😉

    Or the Flying Spaghetti Monsteria Delecia which at this hour and in this state of inebriation I’ve probably mispelt. 😉

  3. PS. Um .. note for those who don’t already know – I reside in an Australian timezone. Now execeedingly early in the morning. Like 3 am ~ish.

    What am I doing still up? Why finishing this beer of course! 😉

  4. @ ^ Keith Bowden : But then how can it be pink – simultaneously?!?

    Ah, but that is one of the divine mysteries! Blessed be her hooves!

  5. Christopher Kandrat

    Some great interviews. And come on with the pink unicorn gimmick lol.

  6. Tim G

    @ Keith Bowden,

    What unicorn?

  7. Keith Bowden

    I’ll see your Invisible Pink Unicorn and raise you a Flying Spaghetti Monster and one Garden Fairy! :)

  8. @Keith: Alfredo or Marinara? Choose wisely, lest ye be marked a heretic! 😀

  9. It is going to be a fun time. On TA radio, our live Q & A should be a very lively chat about popular science and bad astronomy. Not to mention ways we are all going to die :)

  10. Gary Ansorge

    Gee, why does atheist also spell A Theist ???

    Just one of those language peculiarities, I guess.

    Isn’t the universe a wonderful place to live? Especially if you’re really quick at ducking.

    Gary 7

  11. Renshia

    @ Keith Bowden

    The unicorn on the left is invisible, the one on the right is just showing it’s true colours.

  12. Messier Tidy Upper

    @12. Gary Ansorge : Gee, why does atheist also spell A Theist ?

    But you only get that if you stuff up your spacing and capitalisation.
    Which would make an ‘A Theist’ a mistaken atheist who can’t type properly I guess. 😉

    Not that I can talk on that score. :-(

    Actually, aren’t Theists also often described as Deists instead or is that a separate thing again? ‘Religious’ is usually a better term to use I suspect, maybe?

    BTW. I’m agnostic (A Gnostic? ;-)) myself. I have religious friends and atheist friends, read widely about and have seen good arguments for both sides and believed vehemently in both Atheist and Deistic sides in my life. Now I guess I’ve mellowed and come to accept that religion is an uncertain highly personal and contentious area where we just don’t have all the answers. I’m not a believer in God much and think there probably isn’t one although I hope that there is and I don’t rule out that the possibility could exist. I don’t have any trouble with people having and expressing their own faiths provided they don’t impose them by force or inappropriately push them on others. I think its the extremes – both religion and atheism~wise – that cause the problems. A middle road of sorts? Balance?

  13. Gary Ansorge

    14. Messier Tidy Upper

    As our atheist Aunt, Kate used to say ” I don’t say there IS no God. I just say I don’t BELIVE there is a God.”

    I tend to paraphrase the Delai Lama, who said “Buddhism only says, if there is a God, we’re it.”

    Which would also explain why no E.T.s have visited us,,,they don’t want to piss off the Old One. :)

    Gary 7

  14. OMG – I just clicked the first link for Phil and Tyson interview and there’s some HILARIOUS hippy dippy nonsense playing about astrally projecting to yourself in past lives “because there is no such thing as time” and helping the old “yous” find peace and solace.


  15. Matt B.

    I checked my color palette, and that unicorn is actually purple. To qualify as pink, the hue needs to be between magenta and red.

  16. Minos

    @#16 tideliar: Star Talk is on the network formerly known as Psychic Radio. I’m not sure how Neil deGrasse Tyson wound up there, but I’m sure there’s an intersting story behind it.


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