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By Phil Plait | April 20, 2011 1:01 pm

This is just a quick note to let y’all know that the two radio interviews I did over the past weekend are now archived.

The Star Talk Radio interview with Neil Tyson and Leighann Lord is stored right here on Discover Magazine’s site, and you can also get it on iTunes.

The Think Atheist interview is available on their website.

They were both fun to do, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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Comments (6)

  1. I cannot believe my freaking favorite astronomers chill and chat with each other. I wish i could make the amazing meeting this year.

  2. toasterhead

    Good shows! And I hope Leighann Lord is a permanent comedienne co-host of Star Talk, and not just a temporary fill-in.

    Suggestion for your next SETI Skeptic Check segment: Did you know that the ancient Sumerians discovered Pluto, axial precession, the heliocentric model and some planet (Nibiru?!?) in a 2000-year orbit that’s retrograde to everything else in the solar system? And that they were far superior astronomers to all of our current astronomers despite the fact that they didn’t have orbiting telescopes in multiple electromagnetic spectra and 10-meter mountaintop telescopes with adaptive optics. Oh, and they got all this information via contact with aliens. Did you know any of this?

    I hadn’t until today, when I saw it brought up in a number of different Facebook threads. This seems to be a surging meme in the woosphere, though I found stuff going back to 2003 in a Google search. Just wondering why it’s coming back now. I mean besides the ongoing 2012 crazyfest.

  3. Michael Swanson

    “Think Atheist?” Oh yeah? Well, if there’s no god, then who made atheists?

    Hah! Check and mate.

  4. Michael,


    I really enjoyed interviewing Dr. Plait. The conversation wasn’t about religion, but astronomy, popular science, and skepticism. It was some great stuff and our listeners ate it up.

    Our community doesn’t have a defined position, it is just a community site for secular and nontheistic people (much like the James Randi Education Foundation or the Center for Inquiry). Many off them are apathetic when it comes to supernaturalism and do not care what others think. Rather than putting people down, they joined the community merely to talk with like-minded people. We are not Stalinists or eat babies or anything like that. I personally (and everyone who I have talked to on the site) respect everyone’s right to believe what they want and celebrate religious freedom. However, I do not want religion and government mixing or my daughter to be taught pseudoscience in school.

    Personally, I just prefer the tag skeptic because it more accurately fits my position. I know you were joking and what you said was an Edward Current joke (which I appreciate), but I wanted to clear up some possible negative misconceptions of other people.

    take care!


  5. JimB

    Just finished listening to the Think Atheist interview, and really enjoyed it. Thanks Greg and Phil. The Star Talk Radio one is further down the podcast playlist, looking forward to it too.

  6. Michael Swanson

    I’m a skeptic, humanist and atheist, Greg, and am very grateful that shows like yours and blogs like Phil’s are around. I’m also a smarmy little smart ass.

    I appreciate your comment and the time you put into it.



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