So, moving on…

By Phil Plait | May 2, 2011 11:08 am

And now for something completely different:

[Click to see the whole comic.]

I’d assume that’s me, except I don’t wear cargo shorts. But he has perfectly captured my eyebrows.

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Comments (27)

  1. Scottie Davis

    Might just work..

  2. Of course it’s purely coincidental that I bought ad space on SMBC this morning. ūüėÄ

  3. Beau

    There’s nothing wrong with cargo shorts!

  4. Keith Bowden

    But can you still stand still for long periods of time? (Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t)

  5. Well, you know what? The Milky Way didn’t really want to merge with Andromeda anyway! Yeah.

  6. except I don’t wear cargo shorts

    But they’re so much more stylish than those plaid golf shorts you adore.

  7. mike burkhart

    Phil you are becomeing a celebrity don’t let it go to your head I don’t what to hear your acting like Charlie Sheen as for this idea I don’t think it would work most people in there teens and 20s boys and girls , have a major case of overactive sex hormones if any thing it would incress the speed of the merger by about 100% . Im not worried abot something the will happen 5 billon years form now. I will be dead and gone (to heven I hope) and theres nothing we can do about it so why worry.If theres any one around 5 billon years form now it’s there problem.

  8. Cobey

    Becoming a celebrity? Maybe to the 100 people who read his website. Don’t pump him up more than he’s already pumped himself up.

  9. Tobin Dax

    My first thought when reading the panel above was “Deep Space Nine made this joke years ago.” Then I read the comic. And I happen to be wearing cargo shorts today (well, close enough).


  10. Quiet Desperation

    No sound in space.

    Bad astronomy.

  11. Quiet Desperation

    Im not worried abot something the will happen 5 billon years form now.

    Unless reincarnation happens. Then you’ll be sorry you didn’t prepare for the Sun leaving the main sequence into red gianthood. Ha!

    The Milky Way didn’t really want to merge with Andromeda anyway!

    The shareholders voted it down.

  12. Mr. D

    So, if I understand correctly, it’s dark energy that makes potential mates recede from me faster and faster? And that energy comes from geekness?

    Good to know that geeks are responsible for the end of the universe.

  13. Fencedude

    Well, I can think of worse ways of averting a disaster that won’t occur for billions of years.

    *looks around for suspicious white rodent things*

  14. Matt B.

    The scientist in the comic looks like a cross between BA and Hubert Farnsworth.

  15. Angus

    Am I correct in saying that when this happens, the solar system (if it’s ejected) will be ejected as basically a coherent unit? And thus if it were to happen in its current condition (I know, red giant, human extinction, etc), we wouldn’t really be affected?

  16. Dave, England

    First thought that sprang to my mind was Kosh from Babylon5 : “The avalanche has already started; it is too late for the pebbles to vote”.

  17. Seth

    Did it become uncool to wear cargo shorts? I was not informed of this…

  18. Rory Kent


  19. Monkey

    Cargo shorts will never be uncool….they will always be the standard to which other shorts (and pants) aspire. Stylish, practical and no pleats. Stunning symmetry of practicality and looks.


  20. Jim Gallant

    Cargo Shorts rule!

  21. Ozprof

    I usually like to include cartoons in my classes. I would love to include this one when talking about galaxy collisions and Andromeda. But somehow with at least half the class being female………………………………..

  22. The cost of not doing anything…

  23. Joseph G

    @21 Ozprof: So? If they have a sense of humor, they’ll laugh.
    If not, they shouldn’t be studying astronomy – sometimes I think the universe is one big practical joke at our expense ūüėõ

    That said, a geek-friendly class that’s more then half female? I’m going to the wrong classes ūüėÄ

  24. Joseph G

    @22 Ken: That’s just sad…

  25. Matthew Saunders

    Wow Phil,

    you’re a pulp culture icon? :)

  26. Buzz Parsec

    @22 Ken: XKCD Rules! (@2 Steve: So does Tree Lobsters.) It’s been a few days since I had a good laugh. Thanks both. P.S. I scrolled back far enough in Tree Lobsters to watch Storm again. Thanks again!


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