Time lapse: The skies over Poland

By Phil Plait | May 6, 2011 7:00 am

I’ve been posting amazing astronomical night sky time lapse videos, but how about one that shows a time lapse about astronomy?

Check out this video from cinematographer Patryk Kizny showing amateur astronomers preparing for the annual Astropolis Star Party in Jodlow, Poland in 2010:

If you’ve ever attended a star party you’ll know that it really does look like this (lots of extremely rapid, frantic movement while there’s still light, and then, suddenly, astronomy). Patryk did some special effects with the actual deep-sky images, adding the 3D star fields, but the shots of the sky movement at the end are pretty much as-is, and quite nice.

If Patryk’s name is familiar, he did the amazing video called The Chapel, showing an eerily beautiful decayed Protestant chapel in Poland. He used HDR (high dynamic range) techniques which gave that video an astonishing, mystical feel to it. It went viral quickly; I remember seeing it when it came out and it really is worth seeing the whole thing.

Having seen so many of these videos now, it’s clear that the music complements these videos tremendously. The visuals are moody and draw you in, but the music adds a dimension, a depth, that is fascinating to me. It makes a big difference, and I really do like a lot of the music the photographers choose.

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