Doc Savage

By Phil Plait | May 29, 2011 7:30 am

Two of my favorite things in the world are Doctor Who and My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage™. So what could be better than a video combining them, and throwing in two giant Tesla coils and a Faraday cage?

I think I have nothing to add to this.

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  1. I’ve been hoping Adam would earn a PhD so I could call him Doc Savage.

    And let’s give a shout-out to Nikola Tesla and Michael Faraday.

  2. Grand Lunar

    Think you can do that one day, Phil? That would be great!

  3. Joel

    I would love to do this. Partly for the sheer awesomeness, partly so I could pretend I was in “The Prestige”. Bonus points for the music.

    (not as awesome as when I saw it done with a cage barely bigger than the person inside though…)

  4. davidlpf

    So was this an ex-wifes or jamey’s idea.

  5. Jon Hanford


    Is this in any way related to Lady Gaga and-or the Tesla Orchestra:

    [FWIW, the Tesla Orchestra IS looking for some original music to perform, see link for details] :^)

  6. Jamey

    Too bad, when they did the body painting myth-bust, they didn’t use bronze paint instead of gold. Then he really could be Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze!

  7. I would love to meet Adam Savage

  8. Messier Tidy Upper

    Hmm… on third thoughts, actually this one :

    is perhaps better One Of These Days~wise?

    With a tribute to ‘Space Odyssey : 2001’ too.

    (& *now* its 2011 oh-ye-non-existent-gods!! Time!)

  9. Michel

    Ah well, a bit more then.

    Doctor Who at the Proms 2010, Prince Albert Hall, London. (6 parts, 10min each)

  10. Sili

    Oh, that Savage. I was thinking Dan.

  11. John Sandlin

    That is so cool.

    There is something about the Doctor Who theme that just feels so right. The theme itself tells the story, if you listen.

  12. Rob

    So Adam is now a cage dancer, eh?

  13. Pete Jackson

    Definitely deserves a degree in arc-eology!

  14. mike burkhart

    I think I’d like to see A Dr Who Prof Quatermass crossover.Two of the UKs best scifi chacaters meeting would be great.Also there #2,3on my list of the UKs entertainment exports (James Bond is #1)

  15. Crux Australis

    Oh man, cage dancing would be so much cooler if it was done in a Faraday cage!

  16. samm

    Reminds me of these guys who do the music festival circuit around the world (amongst other things). Very cool:

  17. Bill

    Never fear, the man of bronze is here!

  18. JB of Brisbane

    Stereo Tesla coils – KEEEWWWWWLLLL!

  19. Murff

    Adam Savage is awesome…but the man can’t dance (in a small cage getting zapped)!

  20. Stephen

    I’m really sure, which is why I’m asking, but wouldn’t he have to be extremely cautious as to not touch the cage while a great amount of electricity is passing through it? Just wondering…

  21. Sinister Duck

    If the next version of the Doctor Who Theme song doesn’t use these tesla coil instruments, I’m gonna be very disappointed.

  22. Alan(UK)

    Adam Savage™ is just playing – just look at the first 3 minutes of this:

    Do not try this at home.

  23. Marko S

    A Crowning Moment Of Awesome!

  24. Grand Lunar

    @Jon Hanford

    ” the Tesla Orchestra IS looking for some original music to perform”

    How about George Hrab’s rendition of “Death from the Skies”?

  25. WJM

    At various points (like about 1:06 in) you can see what looks like his reflection to screen right… as if there was transparent enzapification prevention shield lining the cage.


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