The elusive skeptic in the wild

By Phil Plait | June 3, 2011 2:00 pm

University of Colorado communication and journalism major Ted Burnham put together a short, semi-tongue-in-cheek video about skeptics, following some of the members of the CU Secular Students and Skeptics Society. As Neil Gaiman sometimes says on Twitter, "Warning: features me." And by me, I mean me, not Neil.

The SSaSS folks are a good group. If you’re in the Boulder area, you could do a lot worse than seek them out.

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  1. Ezra

    Do you guys meet in boulder? I live in Boulder and would be willing to come (especially if there is beer!)

  2. Colin Jagoe

    Wonderful. Wish my uni had had that when I was there (cough) years ago.

  3. pedro
  4. Too cute for words! Salutations to all of you in the Republic of Boulder from my romping grounds in Washington Park.

    Discussion topic: The video claims that skeptics are “invisible.” How true is that? Is there a skeptic analog to “gaydar” or are doubters really harder to identify if they don’t actively and openly identify themselves?

  5. Phil, I just sent this out to MBH, Lindsey, and Chris to clear up any ideas they might have, especially MBH, about what Skeptics really are and how they (we) (I) think. The video is fun!

    @ohwilleke, MBH (my better half) thinks we Skeptics (I love to capitalize that word) are “doubters”. That word is a serious misrepresentation of how we operate. I hope you were using that word in jest, but I wish you wouldn’t. It confuses others who come to this site and don’t truly understand what a Skeptic is. I think that’s really what the video is all about. Using the term “critical thinkers” is much better.

    @Ezra, there is a group of Skeptics that meet somewhere in the Boulder area. Go to for more info.

  6. Tracie F Gib

    How may I view the video? All I can manage to see are the associated ads.


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