Mashup of DEATH!

By Phil Plait | June 15, 2011 6:30 am

Perhaps you’ve seen the video of George Hrab and me performing his song "Death from the Skies". And perhaps you’ve seen my own show, "Bad Universe".

Now, thanks to Dana Peters, you can see them together:

After all, these are the real ways the world will end.


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  1. Can’t wait to get home to check this out.

  2. DennyMo

    BA has often commented on the odds of a GRB hitting Earth: wonder what the odds are of a GRB taking out *two* planets, as shown in this video.

  3. Pete Jackson

    The world can’t end soon enough if this is going to be the trend of music. :-)

  4. Lucas Costa

    So freaking awesome! That’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen in here and that’s saying something!

  5. Keith Bowden

    I keep thinking that I really need to get this album… :)

  6. Crux Australis

    Funny, I haven’t heard anything about the May 21sters for…oh, almost a month now.

  7. Derek

    Had to shut it off. The music was too loud and ridiculous.

  8. Grand Lunar

    @2 Denny Mo
    “BA has often commented on the odds of a GRB hitting Earth: wonder what the odds are of a GRB taking out *two* planets, as shown in this video.”

    IIRC, the beam of a GRB within fatal range would be wider than the solar system, so the odds are pretty good. :)

    I was hoping for a dedicated video the the music. Outstanding!

    Now, I just need to catch more episodes of Bad Universe!

  9. Joseph

    Can this video be downloaded?

  10. Alastair

    How were some of those odds calculated? They seem rather…….low

  11. Messier Tidy Upper

    Superluminous clip – nicely done. :-)

    Prett sure I recall reading about these somewhere! ūüėČ

    Like (#10) Alastair, I’m surprised that the odds of dying from terrorism and shark attack are so low as to be equal (or less) with dying from Gamma ray burst and asteroid impact respectivley.

    Of course there’s “lies, durn lies and statistics” as they say isn’t there – and some groups will be more at risk from some things than others. Living in Oz and loving swimming, my chances of dying in shark attack are probably raised above the human average. Being a Western my chances of dying in terorism are higher because that’s who the terrorists are after. Those living inland who rarely go for a swim aren’t likely to fall victim to sharks and those who aren’t Westerners aren’t as likely to die in terrorist attacks so .. yeah, I”m curious as to how they calculate those odds.

    Cosmic hazards – supernovae, gamma ray bursters, bolide impacts etc. – are, of course, global & undiscriminating (for want of a better word) and while highly infrequent would potentially wipe out huge numbers if they happen.

  12. Me likey.

    For those who want to buy the music it’s on iTunes and CD Baby. Album is Trebuchet, by George Hrab, track 11. The other tracks are also good, more diverse and less funky.

    For those who don’t like the music, there’s the mute button.


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