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By Phil Plait | June 22, 2011 2:23 pm

Just as a so’s-you-know: the radio/podcast interview I did with Jules Sherred for Geeky Pleasures is now online for your listening nerdtainment. We talked about a ton of stuff, including the space program, Doctor Who, space colonies, Trek, asteroids, antivaxxers, and nudity.

Oh, did that get your attention? I figured it would. People love it when I talk about Doctor Who.

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  1. NAW

    You are really intense with the Doctor Who talks.

    By the way, the “How the Universe Works.” is out on DVD now. Finally getting to watch them, and see someone I somewhat kind of know from online.

  2. Tim

    I love Half Price Books!

    Gratuitous link:

    On a related note, I look forward to listening to the podcast.

  3. Collin

    The Doctor Who part actually was what got my attention…

  4. Which were the two “awful” Stargate episodes you refer to? My guess is one of them could be “Red Sky” (season 5).

  5. Zucchi

    Great interview!

    It occurs to me that another problem for a space elevator would be all the bits of space junk in lower orbit, moving at thousands of miles an hour relative to the elevator. Yikes.

    So the rope to the sky might remain a beautiful dream; I hope at least we can develop a much, much more cost-effective way to boost stuff into orbit. (If we make the investment to have a permanent presence on the Moon, we could start putting lunar material into orbit with solar-powered mass drivers. That would definitely work.)

    Guess I should give this quibble: April 13, 2036 will be a Sunday, not a Friday. Don’t even need to look that up.

  6. Zucchi

    Wait, I know — what you need for a space elevator is any lightweight material in a stasis field (from Larry Niven’s Known Space stories). That’s the ticket. Infinitely high tensile strength, compressive strength, and resistance to impact.

  7. FYI it would take a 747 19 years to ‘fly to the sun’ not 70.
    1 AU 149598000 Km
    Cruise speed of 747 893 Km/h
    149598000 / 893 / 24 / 365.25 = 19 years 40 days 9 hours


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