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By Phil Plait | June 23, 2011 10:50 am

A few months ago I posted about the Autism Science Foundation: an organization that funds real research into autism. We don’t know what causes autism, but ongoing research is making progress, and ASF is helping support that.

For today only, they are featured on the Philanthroper home page. Philanthroper is a group that helps raise money one dollar at a time. I like this idea. Giving a dollar isn’t all that hard for a lot of people, and the process is pretty painless: if you have a buck and a Paypal account, it takes less than a minute.

A lot of time, money, and effort is being wasted looking into a connection between vaccines and autism when we know no such connection exists. I’m glad there are groups out there trying to find the real causes, and that’s why I already donated to ASF.

So. Got a minute and a buck?


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  1. Sam H

    I got my minute, my buck (even my high-functioning autism :)), but no PayPal :(…

    Everyone else who is capable, I beseech you: fill in the void I have left for this noble cause!!

  2. gopher65

    Sam H: I wasn’t going to donate, but I donated a dollar for you.

    Also, you don’t need a PayPal account. PayPal lets you send payments without an account, using the same user interface that you do on places like (except that you can use a debit card too… I think).

  3. Bill

    Hmm…they want me to create a Philanthroper account? I’m not so thrilled with yet another organization getting my e-mail address, but I like the idea of donating for real research into autism.

    Think I’ll head directly to the Autism Science Foundation’s site and see if I can donate there without inviting more spam. If I can, they’ll get more than a buck outta me.

  4. Excellent!!! I doubt anyone can know how thrilled I am that you’re supporting real science so that we can make the proper accomodations for these individuals. I will also admit that I am on the Spectrum. So, Thank you for your support and spreading awareness. ūüėÄ

  5. Paul

    We hear ya Phil. We (the U.S. taxpayers) gave over $10 million to Paul Thorsen and those crooks from Denmark (papers published in Pediatrics and NEJM). Now we find out all their work was fraudulant (at least he’s been indicted on 21 felony charges). Now the whole process has to be done again. Then in 2007 the NEJM published another expensive fraudulant study (google “Dissecting a Thimerosal Study” to see how this study was rigged). It’s really a shame Phil to see how all this money was wasted.

  6. Kirk Aplin

    I’m very skeptical about autism research.

  7. VinceRN

    Thanks for telling us about I had never heard of them. Seems like a pretty cool idea. I’ll be watching them and sending in a buck from time to time.

  8. spameroo

    Send them money because they fund ridiculously awesome researchers, especially when it comes to their decisions to fund insanely smart and sexy predoctoral scientists!

  9. Done and done. Sam H, I have my paypal linked to my checking account, and it takes it right from there.

  10. Dan


    I’m afraid you were exposed to some bad information about the Denmark research. Those studies were NOT shown to be fraudulent. Paul Thorsen wasn’t a major researcher in those studies, and only later tried to steal some money and was caught. The other researchers have not been accused of any wrongdoing, and no doubt has been thrown on their actual published research.

    Here is an article from Science-Based Medicine that explains why the anti-vac hub-bub about the Denmark team’s research is not correct:

  11. Christopher Shoup

    Psh, we don’t need to donate to autism research, we need get people to stop vaccinating their kids with these drugs big pharma is pushing on us!

    I feel dirty for my irony.. I think I’ll have to donate 10…

  12. @Bill #3: That’s what throwaway Hotmail or Gmail accounts are for. Create a new account. Log into it once. Do your thing and never log into it again.

  13. Dewayne Brake

    Research into the cause of Autism is old news! The cause of Autism was found, February 14, 2010. Since that time, there has been no funding available for the development of this discovery. The “establishment” have no interest in solutions, the real money is in diagnosis and treatment!

  14. Makoto

    @Dewayne #13 – have a link for that, or further details beyond “was found”? If it’s true, that’s fantastic news, but a quick search for “autism feb 14 2010” doesn’t seem to bring up any amazing results.

  15. Dewayne Brake

    Makoto, as I said there has been no funding available to “develop this discovery”! The discovery will be made available FREE to those that have autism and that is where the problem lies. Until then the discovery sits tucked away in a vault. Besides all the good information, discoveries, and technology is owned by institutes and unless they recover the costs they do not release the data!

  16. Dewayne Brake

    Also, there’s a car that runs on water.

    But the oil companies own the patent!

  17. Gary Ansorge

    16. Dewayne Brake


    Next you’ll be telling us about the anti grav flying saucer at area 51,,,but that’s old news,,,

    Tanks. I needed a laugh,,,

    Gary 7

  18. KC

    Anyone interesting in giving without signing up for accounts, etc. can go directly to the autismsciencefoundation dot org website. Click on the “donate” link and you’ll see a link for direct online donations (no accounts or email addresses necessary) or even, for those who prefer it, a snail mail address.

    Phil, thanks for posting about this. I have a nephew with autism and I’ll certainly be making a donation.


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