Llama ahora

By Phil Plait | June 25, 2011 7:00 am

Emperor Kuzco?

[And hey, remember the turtle I videoed a couple of weeks ago doing a faceplant off a log? That was featured in Boulder’s Daily Camera newspaper on Friday.]

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  1. Pete Jackson

    No, it’s just the dally llama.

  2. You’d better zoom the camera in, or he’ll start complaining again.

  3. Mykel

    It’s hard to say for sure, but judging by the necks I’d say those are alpacas not llamas.

  4. davem


    Edit: Doh! Beaten to it…

  5. Siobhan

    “And hey, remember the turtle I videoed a couple of weeks ago doing a faceplant off a log? That was featured in Boulder’s Daily Camera newspaper on Friday.”

    That poor turtle! You’re ruining the poor thing’s social life! It’ll become a laughingstock and won’t be able to meander down to the pond any more without other turtles pointing and laughing!

    And yes, those are alpacas.

  6. Hmmm, yeah, now that I looked it up they do look more like alpacas. But that’s not as funny. :)

  7. I dont get it….Is one of them missing a leg?

  8. David Miles

    Hey, I saw your snapping turtle photo on KCNC last night. They had a piece on the dangers of messing with the turtles, especially during egg laying season.

  9. MJ

    Clearly, they are not llamas. The casual observer may be tricked into thinking that the animals depicted here are llamas because – like llamas – they are larger than frogs. But if you learned all about biology from Monty Python, and I did, you would know that a llama has a beak for eating honey and fins for swimming. Olé!

  10. damn, and i thought that you were going to tell us that”Muerte desde los Cielos” was finally available in Spanish…
    La pucha que lo tiró, ¿ahora qué le regalo a mi sobrino para su cumpleaños?

  11. Heehee :-)

    A “The Emperor’s New Groove” reference. I love it :-)

    I remember when my brother and I saw that film. 3pm show. We were the only ones in the cinema and had a blast. Great movie, very underappreciated.

  12. Robin Byron

    Se parecen más vicuña.

    They look more like Vicuña (Vicugna vicugna) to me. Thinner, smaller animal than the Llama and Alpaca with short head, short hair and same hair color throughout the coat.

  13. Messier Tidy Upper

    Hmm …




    Llama, Alpaca or Vicuña – can any experts here tell the difference and clarify please?

    BTW. My former boss used to raise Alpacas as a hobby / business / competition as well. I met a few of the rather wonderful creatures including some babies. Sadly, it is far too long since I’ve worked for or seen her for that to be of much help. Sigh. :-(

    I can that tell y’all that those are from a species of domesticated camelids from South America but that really doesn’t narrow it down any! 😉


    PS. Totally off topic (Tho’ the BA will probably be posting on this issue just as I send this if Murphy’s law is operating as per usual) – but : Congratulations New York – well done and about time! :-)

  14. oldebabe

    Certainly not llama. Most likely vicuna.

  15. Roach

    I’d say alpaca. Vicunas aren’t really raised domestically, so they’re out. Llamas and alpacas look extremely similar, except that alpacas are rather smaller. From the distance there’s not much to tell scale, but compared to the grass they feel more alpaca-sized than llama-sized. Finally, the animals in the picture have been recently shorn. Alpaca wool is far more valuable than llama wool. You can shear llamas, but the wool isn’t nearly as good and many llama owners don’t bother.

  16. Regner Trampedach

    Hey, Phil, as to your turtle vid, did you see todays front page of the Daily Camera (I guess you did since you were interviewed for it):
    “Oh, snap! Trail users warned to stay clear of large [giant, ferocious, carnivorous, rampaging] turtles”.
    Run for your lives…
    Cheers, Regner :-)

  17. Mykel

    I’m going to agree with Roach. Vicunas aren’t widely raised, especially in North America. We can’t see the heads well enough to be sure, but it’s unlikely. Alpacas would appear thinner this time of year as most farms would have sheared them within the last month, perhaps earlier farther south (Canuck here). The neck and belly looks more alpaca than llama to me, but that’s a pretty ‘loose’ judgment without better perspective.

    Admittedly though I’m more familiar with alpacas than llamas or vicunas as my mother only raises alpacas, but that’s my bet.

  18. josie

    ooh! it’s a cuddly blankie farm!

    I am a big fan of alpaca wool :)

  19. Off Colfax


    Alpaca for a road trip?

    Alpaca up and nowhere to go?

    Yeah, there’s not many one-liners you can do with alpacas. Go back to turtles. Much more material to work with there.

  20. Jamey

    Sheesh – all this llama drama!

  21. Dalai Lama

    Gunga galunga… gunga, gunga-lagunga.

  22. Orlando

    ¡Llama ahora! -> Call now!

  23. jearley

    Al Paca? Didn’t he work for Capone?

  24. tudza

    Cuidado, no hay llamas!

  25. jess tauber

    Down Tierra del Fuego way, the Yahgan term for guanaco is amora. So there it would be amora ahora. Just sayin…..

    Any way you slice it- a return to camel-lot…. :-)

  26. Sudro
  27. jfb
  28. If you should see Llama where people are swimming, you should yell:
    Cuidado! Cuidado!

    Warning: There are llamas.


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