Save yourself, mammal!

By Phil Plait | June 29, 2011 10:53 am

I’ve been meaning to write a review of Zach Weiner’s webcomic collection Save Yourself, Mammal! ever since I got it a couple of weeks ago, but seriously, if you’re a fan of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal then just go and buy the book, OK?

And if you’re not, buy one anyway. His comics are really funny. Bonus: it includes a snarky "choose your own adventure" series of tiny cartoons.

And hey – I’m saying all this even though there is not a single, solitary instance in the book of his using one of his cartoons featuring a beloved red-bearded balding astronomer. Not one. And yet, somehow, the comics manage to be awesome.

Full disclosure: I was going to give this book a positive review even before Zach offered to draw my new Twitter avatar, which is me as a baby, because the way he draws babies always makes me laugh. The shirt he gave me in the picture though was totally a bribe.

Have you bought the book yet? C’mon, folks. This post isn’t going to pander itself.

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Comments (15)

  1. Alex

    What does your shirt say? Where did you get it?

  2. Worlebird

    @Alex It says “Save yourself, mammal! We will fend off the asteroid!”

  3. The picture is quite awesome. I was going to buy the book anyway, but now I’m going to buy it even more.

  4. Joseph

    Check hits bank; fingers hit keys; book hits shipping system.

  5. Thanks! Btw, the shirt Phil’s wearing will be available again at our store in the next few weeks.

  6. David B.

    Bah! I waited weeks for that T-shirt to come back into stock, only for it to go to “last chance to buy” without my size ever becoming available!

    Phil, you’re integrity will only be restored if you convice Zach to once again offer the full range of tees through his new store!

  7. Cindy

    So how will we be able to press the red button in the book?

    Too bad my birthday was Monday. Will have to wait until Xmas to give it as a suggestion.

  8. Got my copy on Tuesday. Awesome book, awesome comic.

  9. QuietDesperation

    Not impressed with the first comic I saw. Tossing symptoms into Google is hardly analogous to a well written specialized expert system. What? Too literal? It’s like saying I’m buying a good financial analysis tool, and telling me I’m wrong because the Yahoo Finance message boards are full of idiots.

  10. Phil, were you aware of the Jenny McCarthy Body Count website? Right up your alley. :)

  11. Luke

    Bought it, love it.

    I now know where babies come from. If you also want to know where babies come from buy the book and flip to page 30.

  12. T. Stefanelli

    Hi Phil – LOVE the picture of you with your friend’s book. I’m still enjoying both of your books, but perhaps I’ll pick up a copy of this one on your endorsement, and because I really like cartoons. My science gig is getting a bit easier, and your blog has been super helpful to me on more than one occasion. Take Care, Teresa : )

  13. Keith Bowden

    Drat. I want that shirt.

  14. Austin

    I love “SMBC.” It’s like the warped child of “The Far Side.”

  15. Sledge

    I want that shirt but it looks like they’re not made anymore. :(


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