No on Comic Con, yes on Dragon*Con

By Phil Plait | July 19, 2011 7:00 am

Because it’s a FAQ: I won’t be at the San Diego Comic Con this year, but I will be at Dragon*Con.

For the past few years, Discover Magazine has hosted an increasingly popular and extremely fun panel on Science and Science Fiction at Comic Con, which I’ve been honored to moderate. Unfortunately, this year we won’t be doing the panel, so I won’t be attending. I’m sad, but we’ll be there next year for sure. I hate to miss such a huge geekapalooza, but we’ll have to figure out some way to make the 2012 panel extra-awesome. I’m thinking the panelists will skydive in. Or we’ll fight with bat’leths. Something.

In better news, I’ll be at Dragon*Con on September 1-5. In fact, I’ll be at the becoming-an-annual-event star party on Thursday night, September 1, where we raise money for cancer research. D*C has a very strong skeptic track, and I’ll be there as well as doing other talks and fun things (like having a two-person panel with my friend Kevin Grazier, where we rip on science in movies and TV). There are also tons of other things going on there, like the parties, the costumes, the dealer rooms, the general madness.

Read the links below in the Related Posts to get the idea. I’ll post my schedule when I get it, and if you’re a reader here, find me at one of my events!

… and I still want to bring a costume. I have an idea, but we’ll see if I can figure out how to pull it off.

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Comments (18)

  1. BillZBub

    I hope someone updates the skeptic track on the D*C web site soon. I’ve been wanting to meet you and a lot of other skeptics for years, so I have to plan carefully.

  2. I hope to someday make it to D*C. Always sounds like such a good time! I’m just happy to have made it to TAM this year :-)

  3. Stonez

    Looking forward to seeing you at both D*C and the Star Party Phil. Both are such a blast and a highlight to my year for sure.

  4. Grand Lunar

    I take it from the image here that you must be sure you don’t blink?

  5. JonF

    As an Atlantan, hooray! +1 to this. Also of note, your Close Personal Friend Whhil Whheaton will be at D*C, I’ve heard, along with some guy named William…. Shatener? Shartner? Anyway, never heard of him.

    Note to ComicCon attendees: yes, I know the Star Trek thing is going down there, too, and you’re first and bigger and better. Go throw yourself a party with 130,000 people. I’m just happy to get what we have here :-)

  6. Red

    Discover isn’t paying your way to Comic Con and you don’t get to be prominently featured at it, so you’re skipping it rather than attend as an average fan?

    Welcome to the middle of the pack. Jump on in, the water’s lukewarm.

  7. I’ll be at Dragon*Con. This year I’m going to see how many celebrities I can get to pose with two plastic lobsters. ūüėÄ

    Luggage is going to be a bit bulkier this year. I have to pack a costume, the lobsters, the light-up geek cuff links, and one other sooper sekrit item that won’t be revealed until D*C.

    Just waiting for those star party tickets to go on sale.

  8. davidlpf

    So how was TAM, did you meet someone, maybe in an elevator, maybe go out for coffe with them.

  9. Keith Bowden

    AAAAAAAGGGGHHH!!!!!! “That which holds the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel!”

    And just ’cause (even though it isn’t Caturday), Schrodinger’s Aftermath:

  10. Dedalus1953

    Looking forward to seeing you at D*CON. I promise NOT to corner you in an elevator in the wee hours and offer you coffee in my room (1, I hate coffee, 2, my room is in Marietta, and 3, I’d have to do something about that pesky spouse and spawn :-))))

  11. See you there. Very excited! Couldn’t you hold a panel like the one you did at ComiCon at Dragon*Con? That would kick ass. Good luck with yer costume. Will you walk in the parade? If you need any help, drop me a line.
    Wil (who spelled his name with one L long before he ever heard of Wheaton)

  12. Deanna

    See you at Dragon*Con.

    Any chance of a mini W00tstock during Labor Day weekend?

  13. Speaking of the Star Party:

    The info page is here:

    Tickets will go on sale very soon. The organizer has had some personal stuff to take care of, but we’ll get the ticket sales going ASAP with plenty of time for people to register.

    I hope to see all of you there! Except for the climate change denialist trolls!

  14. Hey, brother of mine! I’m glad you’re coming back to Terminus (Atlanta’s first name)! Maybe we can spend a little time together. I really enjoyed doing that two years ago.

  15. Ubi Dubium

    TAM rocked!

    Which suggests that Phil might want to go to Dragon Con dressed as Richard Wiseman. Or George Hrab. Or maybe as Richard Wiseman wearing a George Hrab costume!

  16. Zucchi

    Even though I live in Atlanta, I don’t want to do Dragon*Con until I qualify as an SFWA member. Haven’t made it yet. But, I’m gonna hate to miss it. Rock on, Phil.

  17. Scott Hedrick

    Go as the Naked Astronomer!

    Seriously, haven’t been to Comic Con, but I went to DragonCon and it’s taken me a decade to recover. What a trip! I’ve been to lots of conventions that had attendance of under 1000. DragonCon was like getting bumped from a high sch0ol to a pro team.

  18. Gary Ansorge

    “‚Ķ and I still want to bring a costume. I have an idea, but we‚Äôll see if I can figure out how to pull it off.”

    Be careful in Atlanta. Pulling off your costume could get you arrested.(except at a Dead show)

    Gary 7


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