Are you going to CSIcon?

By Phil Plait | August 2, 2011 12:25 pm

The Center for Inquiry will be holding a critical thinking meeting in New Orleans over Halloween. Called CSIcon (pronounced sigh-con, no relation to Maya’s home planet), it’s promising to be quite a fun skeptical meetup.

For a taste of what’s to come, CFIer Adam Isaak made a promo video for it. You may recognize some of the folks in it.

Since it’s over Halloween, you know there’ll be silliness… and I hear there’s a parade and costume party.

The list of speakers is pretty impressive, and registration is open. I hope to see some BABloggees there!


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  1. Keith Bowden

    In New Orleans? SHOW US YOUR… CREDENTIALS! :)

    I know it’s CSI, but it’s pronounced like PSI which makes it sound like a woo con. (See what I did there? HA! Comedy.)

  2. Turing E

    Is David Caruso going to be there?

    Also, if it’s pronounced like PSI, shouldn’t it be p-see-con? The ‘p’ was pronounced in ψ. Alternatively, they could have used ξ, which is pronounced k-see.

  3. Yoweigh

    i live in new orleans and would love to hear and/or meet a number of speakers at this conference, but these damned things are always so expensive… $100 minimum for one day? no thanks.

  4. Grand Lunar

    Beyond my financial and scheduling means.
    Hope others have fun there, though!

  5. Sean H.

    I wish I could go, but too spendy for this paycheck-to-paycheck poor boy.

  6. EJN

    I clicked on the registration link out of curiosity, even if I were interested in going (I’m not),
    no way at those prices. I gotta ask – just exactly why does it cost so much? To put it
    into perspective – I’m a member of the EAA (experimental aircraft association) and have
    attended EAA Airventure in Oshkosh – we’re talking an event which draws 700,000+
    attendees, over 11,000 aircraft – the campground there has over 15,000 campsites – an
    event which takes serious money to run; yet attending that costs less that the registration
    fees for CSIcon. For that cost, I could book a flight on the EAA’s restored WWII B-17 (which
    would be far more interesting & exciting).

  7. kkjayne

    Being in Australia and cash poor there’s an snowball’s chance in hell that I can go but I had a look at the registration site anyway… please tell me there’s a cover page I missed? That is one of the most unhelpful, unintuitive “shops” I’ve seen. There should be more steps to the process. Register, for which days, want some food?, would you like a tour or two or four?… As it stands I wouldn’t know which registration item to put in my shopping basket or if I needed to put more than one.
    Pet peeve = crappy websites.

  8. Oh, I wish Coy and I could go! Looks like it will be a lot of fun. Haven’t been to New Orleans since ’94…

    @EJN — The difference is the number of people the conference can accommodate or even expect vs the cost of the conference facility, speakers, etc. 700000+ attendees spread the cost out over a lot of people. For smaller conferences, there are simply fewer people to foot the bill. The speaker list is impressive and it takes money to pay for the travel and accommodation of the speakers and they may even get paid to be there (I don’t know, of course, what CSI’s actual costs are, but my company puts on a conference every year for our customers and it is not inexpensive to do).

  9. QuietDesperation

    I thought New Orleans was a lost city now?

    I’d go if I wan’t working 9000 hours a week to stay employed. Thanks, stinky global economy!

  10. TheVirginian

    I live in Baton Rouge and certainly hope to go. But I basically have to wait a while and see how the hurricane season goes. I’m currently owned by a house and new car, and have to engage in extended negotiations just to be allowed to buy an occasional Big Mac. Basically, they won’t let me spend my emergency fund, so until I know that the hurricane season isn’t going to be bad here, I can’t afford CSICON.
    Fingers crossed in an ancient superstition, I’ll make it.
    I must note that a friend of mine who is a native of Louisiana says that’s a peak period in the tourist season, so hotel prices will be at a peak also. He was, pardon the pun, skeptical of the decision to hold a convention in N.O. at that time.

  11. DrFlimmer

    …and I hear there’s a parade and costume party.

    Do they vote for the best costumes? Most frightening, most authentic, most accurate visualisation of a scientific principle?

    Maybe then, Sheldon can get his prize for “The Doppler Effect”. 😀

  12. RaginKagin

    Finally a place where skeptics can get together and agree on the common point that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

  13. DataJack

    We are definitely going to be there. It was nice seeing you again at TAM, Phil. I hope we get to see you at CSIcon, too.

  14. Bob

    Going! Presenting! Expected to be the high point of my life! Then it’s all downhill and one day I will die.


  15. Arturo

    Hmmm… a huge gathering of people that don’t believe in an afterlife with a final judgement in a city known for it’s rampant debauchery (when it isn’t being known for being destroyed by natural disasters)? Sounds like a recipe for a good time. Wish I could go!

  16. Lou Scannon

    This thing is a DEAL compared to James Randi’s The Amazing Meeting — and many of the same speakers. I’ll take New Orleans over Vegas any day…

    I hear the rock band, The Heathens, will be performing at the opening night ball. Should be a blast!

  17. Buzz Parsec

    A week after the Rapture v2.0? Shouldn’t you wait to see if you’re still here before buying your tickets?


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