A dinosaur dish best served cold

By Phil Plait | August 16, 2011 1:58 pm

Is this the greatest t-shirt idea ever thunk up? Why yes. Yes, it is.

That is Zach Weiner’s latest idea, which he claims is based on this Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal strip, though it’s closer to this one, but of course is in reality based on my book.

And will I be getting one? Duh.

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Comments (4)

  1. Mothammad

    I’m amazed there aren’t any 1-point reviews to your book on amazon. Must be worth the effort and time eh? ūüėČ
    Curse you scientists and your fascinating books.

  2. Solstice85

    I think Vengeance would’ve been better than Revenge

  3. Matt

    The sun may expand to swallow the Earth one day. Is now the time for preemptive revenge?

  4. Peter Davey

    With reference to Reply no 3, Arthur C Clarke once suggested that astrology might actually simply be the wrong way around – that, so far from stars controlling the destiny of men, the day may come when men control the destiny of stars.


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