Bad Universe to air on Discovery Latin America Friday!

By Phil Plait | August 25, 2011 5:42 pm

Starting Friday, my TV show "Bad Universe" will air on Discovery Channel Latinoamérica, which I think covers Central and South America. Check your local listings. The name has been translated to "Mitos Del Universo", which of course means "universal mites"; a clear reference to the second episode "Alien Attack"… which itself was translated to "¡Ataque extraterrestre!" But then, my Spanish isn’t very good.

I hope they got Antonio Banderas to dub my voice, though. That would be muy bonito.

Tip o’ the asteroide to eltiocesar.

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  1. “Mitos del Universo” means “Myths from the Universe”. not as awesome as “Bad Universe” but close enough.

    Can’t wait to see it, i’ll be watching closely and i’ll report you if Antonio Banderas dub your voice.

    Greetings from Colombia. :)

  2. Fernando

    Yep, just checked. 10 pm Mexico City time. Though I think Antonio Banderas might be bu$y at the moment. Maybe you’d settle for Cheech Marin?

  3. At last! I´ve been waiting for this one since you started promoting the show, I promise to tell you how the dubbing was.

    Also, Mitos is “Myths”, so it would be: “Myths of the Universe”… yeah, the name kinda sucks but I think the network is trying to relate the show to “Mythbusters” so, hey!

    oh, btw, FIRST!… and hoping not to be the only one.

  4. JohnW

    I hope they got Antonio Banderas to dub my voice, though. That would be muy bonito.

    “My mother… was a pure woman, from a noble family. And I, at least, know who my father is, you pig-eating son of a whore!”

  5. MacRat

    When will it be available on Hulu or elsewhere on the web?

  6. Futura Black

    owww! letme think… it would be something like:
    Estaaa nocheee (tonight!) …Felipe Trenza (that’s phil’s name! OMG!) … nos llevará a descubrir los Mitooos del Universoooo (yep, discovering myths alright)… yadahyadahyadah ¿Acaso Tooodos moriraaaán??? (and that’s your soup opera cliffhanger!)

    ^_^! There! Completamente traducido!

  7. Diego

    Mitos del Universo translates as “Myths from the Universe”. The second episode name is indeed right (and I loved the use of the opening exclamation mark!)

    Anyway, I’ve always wanted to watch them, so I’ll be there!

  8. Elian Gonzalez

    It means “Myths of the Universe.” But I suspect there is a tongue in cheek involved in this post…

  9. Well, if i can’t reach M1o1 (it’s a little… below the horizon from where i am) i will have to settle with this.

  10. Giovanni

    heheheh universal mites as a reference to the alien attack was a good one, but as was pointed out, it means myth

  11. Tomorrow, 10PM, I’ll be watching from Mexico. I normally despise dubbed programs, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt until I watch it.

  12. Mikah

    I bet “Holy Haleakala!” will be translated to “Ay Caramba!” or something like that.

    Btw, someone noticed that “Mitos” is translated “Myths”? N0body? alright then :)

  13. i think all tv shows based on alien attack stories are…well.. mainly stories and less science proved facts or events.. still nice might be a nice to watch show

  14. bento

    yep, it’s on brasil too as “universo implacavel” (something like “merciless universe”). it’ll air saturday.

    if i can’t catch it, do you mind if i bit torrent it ? or should i wait for the DVD ?

  15. Paulo Matos

    Will we ever get this in Region 2 DVD or on British TV?

  16. From a fan in México, its great to have your show over here. Not that I haven’t seen it downloaded from internet) but I will see it again here!
    Thanks for making the show, it is great!

  17. QuietDesperation

    Someone has *got* to YouTube this so we can see Dubbed Astronomer! :-)

    I bet “Holy Haleakala!” will be translated to “Ay Caramba!” or something like that.

    I vote for “Santo Mierda!” (apologies to actual Spanish speakers)

  18. Keith Bowden

    I’m watching my DVD now (finally!) – and holy Haleakala, you really DO say “Holy Haleakala!” a lot!

  19. Pescao


    “Santo Mierda” is wrong, it should be “Santa Mierda” to be right, in spanish “mierda” is a female, so the first word must be female, ending in A, ending in O is male.

  20. Mikah

    There you go, a little sample of Phil Plait or Felipe Trenza as Futura Black suggested in the comments:

    Hope you all enjoy it.

  21. Lucas

    Holy Haleakala! It’s on Brazil! *-*

  22. Fernando

    Awesome show (I loved the making of the crater). It got 3 reruns in 24 hours!. It seems Morgran Freeman is taking your spot next week, tough. Any news if your your show will be on a regular basis?

  23. Tom

    Great program. loved his wacky style of delivery. Only thing that got me a bit sad was Phil’s apparent lack of understanding of acceleration. His assertion that space travel at hi-g would make you sick is ridiculous. We’re all pulling 1 G now! Pulling 2 G would make you tired; everything’s twice as heavy, but the reason he felt ill in the aircraft was of the change in direction, not the G.

    He also said that it would take years to get anywhere worth while at such a low acceleration. Piffle! At a constant 1G acceleration – very comfortable for the crew of this hypothetical craft – Mars would be yours in less then a week. (2 days acceleration + turnover + 2 days deceleration depending on where Mars was in the sky and if it was coming at us or running away from earth at launch) Nowhere near fast enough for inter-stellar flight, but hacking around our solar system would be a breeze if we could achieve that.

    I’m sure if Phil had thought about it, he would have spotted that, so I don’t blame him. Some script writer somewhere has goofed. Good program, but get the science right!

  24. The show started at 9 pm for Central America and was repeated on Saturday at 3 pm.

    It was a great show and very funny. The only thing we all missed was the right voice tones and the tasty jokes you do in English.

    The evil laugh when that 25 tons telescope came into life was “lost in translation” :(

    Can’t wait to watch the second episode! :)

  25. nagol

    In Brazil is “Universo Implacável”

  26. blue dragon

    well its a awesome program, but still the experiments that their doing its not the same as when the laws of gravity that apply in space…. and still a lot of questions that need answer


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