Moon over Afghanistan

By Phil Plait | August 25, 2011 11:13 am

Posted without comment: the waning third quarter Moon over Afghanistan, as seen by astronaut Ron Garan on board the International Space Station:

[Click to embiggen.]

You can follow Ron on Twitter and see these amazing pictures as he posts them.

Image credit: NASA. Technically, I saw this on Nancy_A’s Twitter stream before I saw it on Ron’s, so tip o’ the spacesuit visor to her.

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  1. Luna menguante sobre Afganist√°n : | August 26, 2011
  1. Gareth

    Kinda expecting a great big Star Destroyer and some TIE Fighters to go flying past…

  2. I like it when they shoot with long lenses that don’t exaggerate the curve of the Earth. Gives you a better sense of scale.

    But yeah, in my head it’s “pew! pew! pew-pew!”

  3. Keith Bowden

    Shouldn’t be over Parma?

  4. Wzrd1

    Funny how it looks JUST like the Moon over Miami (OK, less a certain hurricane right now).
    It puts life into perspective. ūüėČ

  5. As soon as I saw that I said, “Oh my God what a picture!”

  6. Brian Too

    Shouldn’t it be:

    [Click to afghanate.]


  7. Astrofiend

    6. Brian Too Says:
    August 25th, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Shouldn’t it be:

    [Click to afghanate.]

    The term ‘afghanate’ is already taken – the Oxford dictionary defines it thus: ‘to cause something to go completely to sh_t’.

    On the photo – incredibly beautiful picture. It is mind-bendingly frustrating to contrast the ethereal beauty of this image with the incredibly violent, ignorant and petty feuding on the ground. Afghanistan – beautiful from far, yet far from beautiful.

  8. Beautiful. :-)

    From above all of Earth – and our largest natural satellite – are so gloriously splendid.

    Shame about the war and some of the horrible things happening below in that Taliban and warring tribes plagued failed state. If you hadn’t said this was over Afghanistan I’d never have guessed.


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