Marian Call's heading to the bay

By Phil Plait | August 26, 2011 2:04 pm

My close personal friend Marian Call™ — nerdy indy singer/songwriter extraordinaire — will be doing a whirlwind tour of the San Francisco bay area from September 1 – 7. If you live in that area, you should check her concerts out. She sings about being a geek, and Firefly, and Battlestar, and zombies. Seriously.

She’s also chipped in a song with a bunch of other nerdlings (like Molly Lewis and MC Frontalot) to do a cover of the They Might Be Giants album "Mink Car". The original was released on midnight of September 11, 2001. Yeah, then. So all the proceeds from the cover album will go to the FDNY Foundation, the official not-for-profit foundation of the Fire Department of New York. You can read Marian’s account of the whole thing on her blog. You can also listen to the songs, too, before you buy the album if you want.

I imagine in the coming couple of weeks we’ll be hearing a lot about the tenth anniversary of the attack. Here’s a chance to see something good, charitable, and honorable come out of it.

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Comments (6)

  1. Keith Bowden

    I’ll keep an eye out. Is there an addy for checking out her appearances here?

    Edited to add:
    Found it!

  2. Woot she’s coming to Sonoma County!

  3. Brian

    Mink Car is hardly one of the best of TMBG’s albums, but it’s a cool idea nonetheless. And the list of people involved is probably enough to sway me.

  4. Guysmiley

    If you’re in the Bay area I heartily recommend catching one of Marian’s live shows!

  5. Mink Car may not be quite up to the level of their titanic circa-1990s releases or the new Join Us, but I listened to it in my car so often in the mid-2000s that the songs are burned into my head.

    “Hovering Sombrero” is a classic just for the mind-twisting “Time is flying like an arrow…” verse, one of my favorite John Linnell lyrics of all time. There was also an even more bizarre alternate version of it released as a bonus track on one release of Here Come the ABCs.

  6. Hi, I’m Blue from Hello, The Future! and I’m part of the Mink Car Cover team. Thanks for the write up, and for those of you on the fence re: “whether Mink Car is a good enough album to merit buying the cover,” um… yes, our cover is THAT GOOD. Give it a stream at Bandcamp. :)


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